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In this lesson, students will the best tips and tricks to optimize their LinkedIn profile to gain maximum visibility.

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English [Auto] Everybody what's going on now in this section we're going to specifically talk about how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile. Now why this is going to be incredibly important because you want to think of LinkedIn almost as an online resume. This is where people are going to get their first impression on you. So we want to make sure that you're able to control the perception of how people perceive you and make sure that you're optimizing your profile to get the maximum amount of views. And one important thing to know is that if people don't like your profile or maybe it's not complete or maybe it just doesn't look that great. It's going to be difficult for them to trust you and actually do business with you. And so that's why in this section we're going to show you all the tips and tricks when it comes to optimizing your profile. Now before we even jump into the Linked-In the first thing you got to know when it comes to crafting your online profile on linked in is that you first want to define your goal what's the purpose of you being on LinkedIn and what exactly are you trying to do. So some examples of this could be maybe you're trying to generate leads for sales or business development. Maybe your recruiter or an entrepreneur who wants to build the LinkedIn profile to recruit people to join your company. Other times sometimes you want to generate leads by getting a lot of traffic on LinkedIn and redirecting it to your Web site or in some cases maybe you just want to purely have an online resume that people can look at. And whenever they are going to talk to you or do any type of business with you they're going to check it real quick and it's going to be your online resume that just lives on the web. So whatever your goals are everyone's going to be a little bit different. However when it comes to crafting your Linked-In resume the strategies remain the same. The foundations are the same. You've just got to tweak it to exactly what you want and something to really help you guys when it comes to crafting and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to make yourself look as legitimate as possible online is that you don't always want to talk about yourself. You want to talk about how you are helping others achieve whatever it is you're helping them achieve. So the x over here is who your target audience your potential prospects are customers and then achieve Why is desired results that you are going to help people achieve. So it's a very simple formula and how we're going to do this. You're helping people cheat or get y result. And so with that said let's go ahead and jump into Lincoln right now. All right guy so right now we are on my personal Linked-In page and we're going to go ahead and dissect my leaked the page as well as a couple others that I have seen online and I think are really good. Now the reason why we're doing this is because I'm going to show you how I do it and how other people have done it. So you guys can get some inspiration and how you can do this yourself. So it's a lot easier than starting from scratch just kind of model your profile how other people do it. Take some bits that you'd like and parts that you don't like you could go ahead and omit them because there's no correct way to build your LinkedIn profile. You just gotta do it your way that you feel comfortable with. But I'm just going to show you some of the best practices. Now over here obviously you have the profile picture which is going to be one of the most important elements when it comes to crafting your LinkedIn profile. The reason is because before people even click on your profile the first thing they're going to see is your face. And because that's the first thing that they see you want to make sure that it's good. So what makes a good profile picture. Well essentially if you look at mine it's very clear shot of me and my face and a little bit of my body. You could only include your face if you want but if you want to have like this torso shot that works too. And you want to make sure that your background is just not distracting. It doesn't really matter what color it is whether it's this cement background that I have here or if it's green or blue or pink whatever it is you just want to make sure that it's not distracting and that it makes you pop out in your picture so as you can see here I have a gray dull background while I'm in the front with this red suit and black faces over there so it's very clear that that is me. And there's no distractions here. If you go ahead and just look through some of my connections on LinkedIn as you can see here like this one it may not be the best one because you can't really see this guy's face and it's like it's like somebody who hits you on Facebook not necessarily something that's common on a social media network for business right. This one's pretty clear right. You can see your face plain background this is very clear as well. It looks like it's professionally shot going down. This one's pretty clear. But it's hard to see this guy's head. This one is really dark in the background it looks like he just got a random picture and cropped it out. And so you don't really want to do that you just want to make sure it's like these professional style photos where it's just a clear picture of you and your face and a little bit of your torso and a plain background like this one is pretty good. This sounds pretty good. So you kind of get the theme here of what I'm going for. And again there's no right way to do it. But I'm just saying that the clearest profile pictures are the ones that are these headshots with a non distracting background. Now going back to my profile itself what's going to happen is you're going to see this tab over here where you can write your headline. Now the headline is a second thing that people are going to see. So if you can look on the right people so viewed here. So let's say Shirley Chen she's a buying assistant at Tovey or let's say let's say Fedder regally who is a senior analyst at this company over here. So you can just put your title like if you're an account executive you can put executive at whatever company if you want however that is the standard vanilla way to do it there's nothing wrong with that it's very clear. But what I like to personally do is show how I bring value to other people. So in my headline I say inspiring others to start and build their own wildly profitable consulting business so that's essentially the core of my business as an entrepreneur and I just want to make it clear that these are the people I help I help regular everyday people and I inspire them to build their own consulting business. So it's very clear what the value proposition is there and I just want to make sure that you know I could put something like entrepreneur or CEO or founder or you know something like that but for me it's not. I like to make my profile less about myself although that's OK. And more about how I help other people and my mission and what I'm about going into some recession. Basically it's just your time to write whatever it is that you want about yourself. So for me I'll start out with my mission and that is I'm on a mission to help everyday people start and build their own wildly profitable consulting and coaching business and make a living helping others doing what they love and the kind that goes in a little bit into my history. After a lucrative sales in Silicon Valley. Blah blah blah. And then it basically tells my story of what I'm about. What kind of world I've came from. Some of the results I've achieved. For 2000 students all around the world some of my specialty is entrepreneurship B2B sales lifestyle design and then at the end I'm going to show you something really interesting so whether people read this and they get a better understanding of who I am. I like to have a call to action. So I like to drive people to my personal web site. So I say so to learn more on how you too can build a life of true freedom. Visit my website Petrik t dang. Anyone that looks at my profile. I probably get like 500 or 600 profile views a month. If they look read this and they see this they go onto my Web site then I can do whatever I want from there for me because I travel around the world a lot over here. Currently travelling in Holcim in Vietnam that's where I'm currently recruiting does video actually and next month I might be in Thailand next summer. I might be in Russia you know. You never know. And I like to do this because I like to connect with people around the world and if they see I'm in the same country that they are they will reach out put my website information here my Instagram account here and for business inquiries. I put my email contact me at Patrick etting dot com. Now obviously depending on your goals right you can have different information. For example if you are a salesperson you could put your phone number and email address so people can automatically contact you. Or maybe you could put something like hey to learn more and schedule a meeting with me. Contact me at. Then you put your email there. So basically you just one thing give it like like a signature like you would in your email like you're just all the information that you just want people to have in case they are more curious on how they can work with you and scrolling a little bit down here you can see your dashboard. How many people viewed your profile. How often you are appearing in search appearances when people typing your name in search and as you can see here I'll tell you the level of your profile Sorento. I'm at the All Star level which is the highest but if you haven't filled things out it's not going to be in the house her level self can fill them out until you actually get this tab. You don't necessarily need it's not obviously it's something that you only see but it's just a little benchmark to know whether or not you've filled out enough information for Linked-In. That's something I mentioned actually at the top of your picture. Before we go any further is that you also have this option to put a background picture so it doesn't really matter what your background picture is. Just make sure it's something that's not distracting. Could be a picture of the beach like I have for here. Could be an office you know or use speaking in front of a stage. You just want to think about how this picture helps you look better on your profile. So my mission in life is to inspire others so that's why I put the words inspire others here and then it's like this. Tropical vibes follow your dreams and live life on the beach kind of thing because I do hope people start their own consulting businesses and a lot of times my customers are people that want freedom in their financial life and their personal life. So that basically portrays that lifestyle that I'm going for. And you could also see here that I'll use this little emoji here to kind of represent that as well. Now you don't have to use an emoji I just use it because it's just in my nature and it's a little more fun. But if you want to keep it more emoji less then that's totally fine too. Going down obviously you put in your experience and you know you don't really have to put too much here you just put like a little bit of information on the company you work at or the or the company that you started. So here at founder published course author and speaker letting people know that I am speaker. A recent by starting with live with the mission to inspire others to make a living doing what they love. Since its inception it's evolved into an e-learning media company changing over 20000 students in over 100 countries in specific skills like sales to be sales business development lead generation. Basically all my skills and to learn more. Call the action and visit Petrak today. Come now you can see here. I actually left my other work experience blank. Like when I used to work at a startup in strategic partnerships and then when I used to be an accounting secretive Oracle the reason I purposely did that is because I want people to focus on what I'm currently doing what not necessarily what my past is about. As long as they understand that that's the ROI was in. That's totally fine by me. I don't really have the need to add more information to that. Some people do add more just because they feel like it and they want to provide people with more context. For me I just want people to focus on my current things so that's why do it that way. So obviously it's going down. Education volunteer experience skills and endorsements people can endorse you for certain skills like social media. I have over nine am for social media sales public speaking. So to be honest I would say that even though there's all these things like recommendations and all that in the words and whatever the most important thing is your profile picture your headline and this summary section. And I would say the first thing in your experience that's going to be the most important part. Everything else. Most people actually don't look at it. They just want to get a brief understanding of who you are and what you're about and whether or not they should do business with you. And so if that's the goal then just work on your profile picture your headline making sure you're offering value to people. And the little gist of your story and what you're about and how you can help with a little call action at the end your you're gets ago so don't even like get hung up on filling out all this information because honestly it's just not that necessary to be honest. You just want to make sure you're looking good. And basically people are going to look at your profile for like 10 seconds and let them be like OK and take a meeting with this guy. So that's really all there is to it when it comes to crafting your profile. Let's go ahead and look at some other examples so that you get some more inspiration on how you can do this yourself. So as you can see here Anthony Sarrio was somebody I met while I was at Oracle. He's one of the top sales leaders here. He doesn't say he's like a salesperson. He says helping the world's top H.R. teams deliver high impact talent programs and loving it. And so then from there he goes in with a story. There are 168 hours in a week. Here's what mines looked like on a regular basis so he does something really interesting where he's telling a story about who he is and how he spends his time. Which gives you a really good understanding of whether or not you want to do business with this guy right. So again clear profile picture background not distracting. Doesn't matter what your background image is so he has a waterfall and then he goes into you know he's a senior manager and a price sells in Oracle and that's pretty much all people are going to look at. Another example is Gary Vaynerchuk So someone who is entrepreneur who has many different businesses you can put in all the different titles like Chairman of inner ex-CEO of intermedia. Five times New York Times best selling author. And then it just goes into a profile about himself and all the accomplishments that he has had. And when you scroll down to his experience tab and Intermedia that's his main thing you can kind of get a understanding of whether or not you want to work with him right. Because he's a CEO. So that's good. If you're talking to him and you can see how big his agency is it's over a hundred people in the last eight years which is crazy. And these are the big companies that he is working with like G.E. Pepsi Toyota. So automatically you've got to think like if a potential customer who wants to work with Gary goes on his LinkedIn profile page he can see like oh you know he has a really big company. He has work experience with a lot of the biggest companies in America and he provides all these services. That's the understanding that people need to get to decide whether or not they want to work with you right. Again doesn't have to be crazy complicated or long. This is just very simple straight to the point. And at the bottom we could see a call to action that there's some social proof where if you want to work with him and you want some case studies and you go to his website. So very clear on how Gary V is doing it everything else. Honestly it doesn't really matter. Just focus on the beginning stages of this. And over here his picture in the background is all the companies that he owns. The next example is someone that kind of takes it really far when it comes to call to action. I'm not necessarily recommending you do it like this. However I think some of the things that this person does. Her name is Greta Van Viele are Archie quite innovative in a sense. And you could kind of take some inspiration from her. So in the beginning she's all about social proof right. So Forbes 30 Under 30 five times founder 60 million combined followers on Instagram 1 million e-commerce sales in a day. So it's just like click Beatty's stuff. I mean I shouldn't really click click bady but a lot of attention grabbing titles that make you would make you want to click on her profile and then immediately in her summary. She is like tap this button over here and then hit fall and that's how she's getting her followers. So she's asking for a call to action right in the beginning and then she goes into like all her credibility and blah blah blah. And at the end of this she puts in that she's interested in speaking opportunities podcast and interviews. So what she's actually doing is that by putting all her accomplishments up front people may search for Arlington and that they may reach out to her and for speaking gigs or to interview her. And that's essentially what she wants to do to build her brand which is great in this example. Her profile is optimized to develop her personal brand and because she had a lot of business experience and a lot of people want to speak with her and learn about how she did it. And so her you can see clearly her profile is tailored for that specific reason. And here it's all the Web sites and companies she started and then go down here. She's founder of this. She's open to speaking opportunities obviously she wants to make money doing that leading workshops podcasts or interviews. And so this is an example of someone who's going to really hard core on LinkedIn when it comes to building their brand. And there's something wrong with that. You know you may not want to have all these call to actions especially right in the beginning before offering any value and that's totally fine. But other people who may just want to do it for the sake of doing it and maybe they'll get some people to tap that more and follow and that's totally cool too. So again there's no perfect way to Linked-In right this person is a very. Call to action oriented person and that's fine. Whereas Let's say Gary Vaynerchuk doesn't really have any call to actions until the ending of whatever he's talking about and which is to go to his Web site to see these case studies. But even then it's not really his strategy is to have a call to action on his profile it's just to give you a better understanding of who he is. So there's no best way to do it. Obviously everyone has their own strategy and based on the examples I showed you think about all the other people that you look up to whether it's also gay TV or maybe it's just Alba Ashton Kutcher Ty Lopez right. See how they're doing it. Take the bits that you've liked and just omit the bits that you don't like and then that's going to be how you're going to craft your profile. And so from there again you know there's no right way to do it. Do it any way you want but I just wanted to give you some examples of how I've done it and how other influencers on LinkedIn have done it as well. So with that said that is everything we have to cover when it comes to optimizing your LinkedIn profile page to look legitimate on this platform. And so with that said I'm going to see you guys in the next lesson.