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How to drive traffic using articles and blog posts on LinkedIn.

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English [Auto] Everybody what is going on with this section we're going to show you how you can drive traffic using articles and blogs on Linked-In. And this is going to be super valuable because linked in itself is a content platform and social media network that allows you to connect with millions of people all around the world. So if you can create content for these audiences you can get more traffic onto your LinkedIn pages and then from there you can convert that traffic and get those people to go onto your own Web site where you can do pretty much whatever he wanted to do there. So with that said let's go ahead and dive into linked in so you guys have a better understanding of what I'm talking about. All right guys so we are on LinkedIn and today we are going to dissect Gary Vaynerchuk and cannot go through some of his content strategies when it comes to using Linked-In. Now of course he's been going really hard when it comes to LinkedIn content and how you can actually see that is if you scroll down over here he has two million followers. Gary's articles and activity then you can just press all activity from there what's going to happen is you're going to get to this page where you have articles posting activity. So let's go ahead and just look at all the activity that he's posting. The first thing you see here is this trip in Asia. So it's a video. It's just pure content that gives value to the audience because he has two million followers a fraction of them are going to see this on their feet. And that's a concert that he's providing. Now over here is so it a little bit more. He has a little blurb on what the video was about. Got a couple of hashtags. Then you have the video over here. So so far he's not really doing any right hooks as he call them or making you take an action. He's purely just creating content to provide value in that one day maybe you will actually take an action when he actually needs it. Scrolling down a little bit more you can see here. He posts a link to his Gurry audio experience on Apple podcasts. So he's trying to drive traffic from Linked In onto his apple podcast and get people over there. So essentially if that's the case if you have some type content on your own web site or maybe it's a podcast you can simply just posted as a link in post and then put the link in there and people can actually click on it and engage it and then go onto whatever platform you want to drive them to. Scrolling down some more. Gary has a little bit of a motivational blurb here when your surroundings aren't that your insides got to be positive that he just goes off on what he believes in and at the end you can actually do in this type of post is that you could all go over here and he says when you learn to blame yourself blindly you can learn how to be happy. Then there's going to be a link to his website. So that's just one example of saying something of value that people care about. You know that you can see here it has over 4000 likes and 166 comments and then put a link at the bottom so that people have something if they're interested in that content. They can click here and learn more about whatever this content is about. So if you click it it's going to go to his YouTube page and from there he might want you to be a comic subscriber and maybe that's just trying to drive people from his Linked-In page onto his YouTube channel. So anyways going back to his page more videos more links to different Web site to sneakers news. So it's pretty obvious how you do that you're essentially just trying to provide as much value as you can to your followers or connections that you have on LinkedIn. And then whenever you want to get them onto a different Web site whether it's senior news or your own web site you just want to link it to the bottom and make sure that link is relevant to the content that you're providing So it's like a one two punch. Provide the value and that put the link and the bottom where they can learn more. And another thing to know is that we're looking at all activity right. So there's going to be a difference between posts so posts are basically posts where you can just put little blurbs and put in some type of link at the bottom or if you just try on a purely drive traffic you can do it that way. So over here if you go on post these are all the posts he's putting out then there's going to be a link at the bottom and then you know it allows a video to auto play when you're looking through your feed. Now there's a difference between a post and article because an article essentially are linked in article so please don't redirect to another page linked in itself is a content platform. So what you can do is you can create an article and put it on the Linked-In platform and then when you put it there if it's actually getting people engaged will fit linked in will actually push it onto more people and then your article will get more exposure. So let's go ahead and just dive into one of the articles that we have over here. And as you can see here we're in the article the discipline needed to make that one piece of content so it's creating content about writing content. Ironically at the end what happens is there's going to be a call to action that say you want to get more people to be talking to you on Twitter so you can write this long article that provides a lot of value at the MP and you could provide a hyperlink to Twitter. So let's go ahead and open that right there. And what's going to happen is that once people open it's going to automatically show this hash tag of an activity. Then if I was logged in I can just tweet this right away. So this is an example of using LinkedIn articles and having a call to action at the end to get another person to take an action whether that's to give you a shout out on Twitter. Go onto your Web site and opt in to an e-mail opt in or will sign up for webinars whatever it is you can use Linked In articles and provide value and then have a call to action at the end. So let's go ahead and dive into another example so we're going to go into here. So announcing vainer mentors vainer media's new offering to grow and scale your business. Ok cool. So it probably is going to provide a lot of context on what this is all about and how they can help grow your business. And then there's some strategy strategy. Boom boom boom. Then when you go all the way down what's actually going to happen is that because the action is you want to apply you can just click on this image right here and it's going to take you to the application page. So as you can see here you can actually you don't always have to just provide value and leave it at that. You can always have a call to action at the end. So if you've got something valuable like you're launching a new program and you want people to sign up you can write this article provides a lot of value to your target customer. And then at the end include some type of link for them to click on. So when they actually click on the link this one sends them to a Google sign up page and that you just put in all your information here. So it's really simple as that provide value then have a call to action at the end whether you're doing it in video form long content form or maybe short content or maybe you're putting a picture there and writing something short and then with a call to action at the end you know there's many different styles on how you can do content marketing. But I just want to cover the basics of how this is going to happen. So again you know there's articles right linked in articles. Polls are different. And you know just go ahead and look at your favorite influencers on LinkedIn to see what type of content that they're creating and see if people are engaging with it. And look at what type of call the action that they have at the end. So from there what you can do is you can kind of take their structure or take inspiration from it and then create your own content for your own target demographic and then have your own court action IPN. So with that said That's everything we have to cover when it comes to creating articles and posts to generate traffic on Linked-In and then drive them to anywhere you want whether it's your website or any type of sign up sheet. So with that said I'm going to see you guys in the next lesson.