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An introduction to building your own LinkedIn Lead Generation Machine.

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LinkedIn Machine: The LinkedIn MasterClass to learn LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, Business Development, B2B Sales

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  • How generate a massive amount of leads using cutting edge sales & marketing LinkedIn lead generation strategies
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to get 10x more visibility and generate leads
  • How to convert LinkedIn leads and conversations into REAL meetings via phone or in-person
  • Access to the MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Cold Outreach scripts and templates you can use in almost any situation
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE LinkedIn Marketing strategies to capture your audience’s attention and convert them into warm leads
  • How to send cold LinkedIn Messages and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies
  • How to create a LinkedIn Group and a LinkedIn Company Page to build your profile credibility
  • How to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn Videos and LinkedIn Blog Posts
English [Auto] Everybody on what's going on. Welcome to the section where we're going to start to show you how to build your LinkedIn lead generation machine. Now you've already optimized your profile you already have an ideal customer profile as well which is the people that you want to reach out to. Now in this section we're going to show you exactly what to do and what to say to generate leads on LinkedIn. So with that said let's go ahead and dive in now to get started. Here are some of the things you got to know when it comes to building your lead generation machine. So all these strategies in this particular section they're going to be considered outbound strategies meaning you're going to reach out to different people on LinkedIn. And the good thing about this is that there are millions of people on LinkedIn that you can reach out to and can potentially do business with and how we're going to primarily do this is you can do it all using a free account and I'm going to show you a powerful strategies that you can use to connect with somebody on LinkedIn and send them messages and then generate leads that way. And we're going to break it down to an exact science. You know exactly what to do and what to say and exactly the words you need to use to get a meeting with your potential customer. And of course I've tried this myself and I taught this to thousands of people all around the world so it will work. However you got to understand that it takes time. You've got to put in the work to actually get results. But I'm telling you if you actually follow this guide and understand it to a science and take action you're going to have the potential to generate leads for your business and generate sales. So with that said let's go ahead and move forward. Now the whole goal of outbound regeneration using Linked-In especially linked messenger is that you just want to generate a meeting rate that is a lead because in any type of beat to be scenario whether you're an entrepreneur or a freelancer consultant or a coach you're going to have to get somebody over the phone and actually have a real conversation with them in order to sell to them and then close the deal. So this course is all about how you can generate leads using Linked-In so that you can actually get the meeting. Why that's important is because nobody is going to buy anything from you unless he talked to you over the phone. Especially if you are selling a B2B product or service at a high price point. So that is why it's going to be critical to generate leads using Linked-In. Then once you get the meetings then you can go and close and do whatever it is that you need to do to generate sales. However this course particularly is focused on generating meetings for your business. And so this is how the linked in machine methodology works. The first step is that you want to send a connection request to somebody on Linked-In right. And we showed you how to optimize your profile and from there you're going to find different people that fit your ideal customer profile and then just simply send them a connection request. Now if you have a paid account you could just directly send them an email which read aren't necessarily going to cover in this course because it's all about how you can do these strategies for free. Your first connecting with somebody in some way whether you're in the same group as them or it's an individual one on one connection and then you're going to send them a message absolutely for free. So then the next step is that the message is sent and they're going to get it in their inbox and then they are going to see your message and this is important because it's not enough just to send messages because everybody gets messages. But you need to make your message stand out and make sure that people actually read it and understand the value that you are providing them. Once people read your message the next step is that that prospect meaning the person that you are trying to do business with. They are going to respond to your message. They might respond positively they might respond neutrally or they might even respond negatively and that's totally fine because you're going to learn as you go on. So hopefully they're going to respond to you positively. And then from there you can finally schedule the meeting. So as you can see from this methodology we're unsure how to connect with people. We're going to show you how to send messages and exactly what to say. And I have a lot of different templates that you can use that are proven to be successful. And once you use it for your business or for your services then you're going to send it to your ideal customers and then people are going to respond to you. Some people are going to say no and that's totally fine because you don't always get. Yes. If you constantly keep doing this and you improve with every message. People will say yes and then they will want to take a meeting with you because you're providing so much value. And then from there they're going to schedule a meeting and then you can actually talk to them over the phone or in person whatever your preference is. So that is the basis of how the Linked-In machine methodology works so from start to finish and we're going to show you how to do every one of these things step by step. And I would say the most powerful portion of this course is the templates are proven to work that you can basically use almost copy and paste into your own linked messages and generate leads that way. And then once again all these strategies that I'm going to show you in this course are going to be for free. So don't worry about getting a premium account having a normal account a free account is just fine. So the first thing we're going to show you is the Linked-In machine hit less this it's going to be an excel sheet that is downloadable in this video and I'm going to show it to you right here. So as you can see here this is a simple hit list that I have for you guys. And again you guys can download it in this course. It's broken down into some different categories and how I do it is you want to have your company on the top. First name last name at the prospect their position at that company. Their e-mail if you get it later with her phone number if you get it later and again in the beginning you're not going to get it right away so you could just leave those blank. You want to also put in the day on which you connected with somebody over Linked-In. How many times you reach out to them. The last time you contacted them and if you're working on a deal how big that deal is and your note section can be over here. And finally there are web site. And of course you don't have to fill out every single detail of your potential customers but fill out the most important ones like the company name. And when you're reaching out to them. So this Excel sheet what you want to do when you're do when you're building your linked in lead generation machine is that you want to identify all the companies first that fit your ideal customer profile on a company level and you just want to write them all down here and then later on what you're going to do is you're going to go on Linked-In find these companies and you're going to find the people that work at these companies that fit your ideal customer profile. For example if you're going for marketing people you might want to have the director of entertainment marketing and you want to put it out here. So as you're adding people on Linked In. Not only do you want to just add them on LinkedIn but you also want to add them on your own excel sheet whether it's using Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. You definitely want to add it down because that is how you're going to keep track of when you're sending your connections requests when you're reaching out and when the last time you contact them on. Because if you don't stay organized it's going to be difficult for you to keep track of all the people you're connecting with and sending messages to. But using it. So she is a very simple way to get this done. Now you might think might be thinking Is there a C or am I to do this well right now. There isn't really a linked in S.R. and that you can use that will sync with Linked-In and in sync with a software. So the best way I found to do this is to just keep a simple Excel sheet. It does take a little bit of work to fill out the details but it's going to be extremely valuable in keeping you organized. And another thing you want to keep in mind is that how people are going to be viewing your message. So as you fill your excel sheet of all the people you're going to reach out to you want to understand that people are either going to look at their linked in messages over their phone or their computer. So let me go ahead and go on Linked-In to show you exactly what I mean and what you need to be mindful of. OK. So as you can see here we are on my personal LinkedIn profile right now and if you notice on the bottom right there's going to be this message tab here. So when you get to keep in mind that when you are sending the messages to people what's going to happen is when you click on somebody who sends you a message then it's going to pop up like this. It's very similar to how Facebook Messenger works. So that's why you want to make sure that if you send something long you better not make it too long because they only give it you're only giving this little box to send it in. But you can obviously expand it. But even then it's going to be this little box so that is why throughout the entire course you're going to see me show you how to write your messages in these nice punchy ways are very short and easy to read. Now the other way people view messages is that there's the message tab over here. People sent me messages and this is basically how it looks. And if you notice that you're only really given a small box so don't think of it the same as an e-mail because an e-mail you could obviously write a lot more but when it comes to Linked-In you want to write in like these little short bursts that are really easy to read and you always want to make sure that what you're writing is mobile friendly. Because a lot of people do view Linked-In on their phones so you can kind of see it's going to be a small box so whatever you write it's got to be short straight to the point and really captures somebody's attention. So just keep that in mind as you learn the different templates throughout this course but I just want to make sure you're in the right framework as you're getting started in building your linked in lead generation machine. So now throughout this section on this show you the best strategies and how you can find people to message and exactly what to say to them and I'm going to give you my best performing templates. So if that sounds good I'm going to see you in the next video.