3 Core Principles of Using LinkedIn

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Save yourself a lot of time, and effort by adopting these 3 core principles when using LinkedIn

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  • Convert Your LinkedIn Profile Into Low Friction Client Attraction Machine
  • Know Who To Connect With And Why (Its Not Who You Think!)
  • Use ALL of Our Templates For Creating Compelling messages That Drive Conversation
  • Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend On LinkedIn, While Increasing Leads!
  • Use LInkedIn & Third Party Applications To Identify Red Hot Leads
  • Identify The 4 vital Elements Of The Red Hot Prospects
English [Auto] The first or principle is the minimum effective dose. Now I expect this to be very popular with everybody because it's also known as the least amount of work as possible. If we were to get bogged down with all of the detail all of the features and all of the possibilities around League team we'd never get anywhere we'd carry on using that platform and developing our own ideas on the platform for ever and adapt what we're concentrating on the core principles and core activities that are proven to have generated leads sales branding opportunities across a variety of sectors from finance to publishing to OT marketing automotive retail and many many more. And when I say proven to work I'll give you examples of how they've worked previously with our previous students or case studies that I can share with you. So what are we going to concentrate on is literally the least amount of effort as possible in order to get the maximum amount of imports. This course is not in all honesty the most comprehensive Linked-In course available it simply is not that we never ever wanted it to be that linked. Instruction is probably one of the most effective Linked-In courses around. And simply because we only concentrates on the stuff that's of vital importance to me. Apparently perfection can be achieved when there's nothing left to take away. Not when there's nothing left to add. And that's very much a maxim that we've built this course by the second co-principal is quality quantity then quality. And what we mean by that big group big networks help you grow profitable networks. Now probably listening to this video you're thinking that you should only connect with the people that you know very well your clients the people you've got a very good relationship with the you premium contact and that is the common mistake that's made with the victim because if you know these people really well and they're already clones of you and you already communicate with them via phone or email or whatever you simply do not need to add them onto to lead to an issue Kanab them because they can give you a secondary benefit which I'll talk to you about later. But if you want to deal with them and you're to talk to them you don't need to have them on Linked-In you don't need Linked-In to be the place where you can continue that conversation with them. What you do need is a wide and deep network of people who you don't know that when people who are initially you might think in a very limited benefit for the benefit of connecting openly and widely is the fact that it enables Linked-In as a platform enables you to access their little black books their contacts. And that's where the real real value is in linked instruction. We will show you hey boy in a wide and diverse network of first degree connections can give you access to almost anybody on LinkedIn that you want to give you an example of a second degree connection of Barack Obama. They're in no realms of reality prevailing theme would all be a second degree conviction of Barack Obama. We talk about all we've talked spoken about for years the Six Degrees of Separation. So apparently we're connected to anybody else on earth born no more or no fewer than on average six or connections. As a result of LinkedIn and Twitter and other social media platforms that fingers officially become four degrees of separation and we're going to show you how having these wide deep and Darvocet which really does benefit you I don't expect you to listen to me blunder on that will be much more information on that in one of the two modules. The third principle is very very simple Linked-In rewards action if you put garbage in you will get garbage out. So it really is THAT simple. If you're looking for a solution that will enable you to achieve instant success no matter what your objective is just by watching these videos and completing their activities. This is not the solution for you. Link to work and upright Linked-In successfully you do need to put a certain amount of effort in at the beginning and you do need to maintain a certain amount of it. However that effort has been poured down to the absolute minimum that can be expected. So we estimate with 20 to 30 minutes worth of additional work to start with per day and a couple of three minutes ongoing after that you will be able to achieve the success that you are after. So you can explain to you exactly what you should be doing when those 20 or 30 minutes and those two or three minutes as we work through this course what you are going to have to put some effort in at the front end in order to be able to get the reward at the back and.