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LinkedIn Ads for Beginners - 2020

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  • Create Sponsored Content
  • Create Sponsored Text Ads
  • Create Sponsored inMails
  • Use Linkedin Campaign Manager
  • Find, Write and Post Popular Content
  • Design The Perfect Ad
  • Targeting
  • Design The Perfect inMail/Message
English [Auto] Guys welcome to this video and you're very welcome to this section of the course on linked in advertising. So this is probably the most important lecture this entire course. So it's the things you need to know about Linked-In appetizer before you begin. So in the following lectures are going to be walking through the different products that limited offer where you essentially you cannot begin your link in advertising until you know about these things. So we're going to dive straight into this. So firstly and you need a business account and to advertisers of they did. So you need to sign up for Linked-In premium account and you're able to sign up for a free trial and if you wish. But the key thing is there is no point buying this course or going through this course if you do not have a business account where you can manage your campaigns because and you know the advertising he did this. So the first thing I want to talk to the boat is the difference between that company page admin and an employee for that company. So on the left hand side here you can see that and this is our Copley page animation explainers this is or you the McCabe. Now there's differences in what Cheryl is able to advertise using the Lincoln and business account and with this here. So you need to just be where you are going to be go to within the next slide. And so the key thing is the difference between sponsored content and direct sponsored content. So with sponsored content and it's it's a company or state traded by company page oddments which advertisers can choose to sponsor to gain greater distribution. So in this case my employee Sheryl will be able to sponsor and contex from the company page put direct sponsored content sponsored content that does not appear on the complete show at showcase because it leaves advertisers to create content to sponsor on behalf of the company they're closer to the company or showcase page. But I first posted the update so the company updates I want to hear and hear so this is a recent update that we used and it was an article on my new video so crucial and so in this case Cheryl would have been able to post the sponsored content. This this right here and both of Cheryl wanted to sponsor her own content and this is the direct sponsor content. So this is the difference between a company and Ottman on LinkedIn and if you're able to physically manage what goes on the company page and just being an employee for the company and so you need to you know understand what are you to your to your business and the next thing I want to talk to you about is your target audience so this is entirely down to your business and who you want to target who your potential customers and who want to see your content who wants to go onto your Web site who wants to receive messages from your company or emails or emails from your company is entirely down to your business what products or services your business offers. So the tips I give you are to look at your current customer base. So look at who your current customers are and you know what are their interests and you know where are they from. How old are they and what role do they have in their company. And all of these things are really important. Also check out your competition. So if you're a dentist and there's another local dentist nearby you may maybe going to their link. Did you know who their customers are who's engaging in their content and they did. And you know it's about finding out you know what your competitors are doing as well. And then therefore it would be much easier for you to fall inching down your target audience. Also it's important to analyze your product or service so and you know you can really look inwards and look at you know what you offer. You know wassup what difference is your product or service make to the lives of your customers. And and you know really thinking about you know who is going to use your product or service. You know and it's about choosing specific demographics a target so where are your here and your customers and based. And how old are they and what interest do they have and what skills do they have. Because within the limits and targeting section you're able to specify all these things before you go and do your marketing. It's important to have a rough idea. I'm not saying to you know to know for sure who your target audience that would have a rough idea of who your target audience are today when we go into the targeting and at a later lecture you'll be able to know you know where are they where are they from what their interests and etc. will be going to the future and flexible it's important to look at all these different takes and evaluate and who your target audience are maybe write it down somewhere. You know you'll be you'll be able to test this and chew your link did an appetizer later on so first I want to talk with the campaign manager and I know there's a subtext here guys but it's just for the rest of the lectures there's nothing to be watched at all. And I just want to go through the different things that you need to know about each each section so and so the campaign manager you're able to see your account overview page the groups all advertising you can't copy the page showcase page. You're able to use the campaign's search which allows you to easily search for and identify campaigns by name and target. Your odds are with her improved options you're able to use Linton's detailed reporting to get a break here and of all social actions are irresponsible campaigns you're able to see detail charts that show the industry's job functions and seniority level of members who click when your odds go back to a campaign news and draft mode and either the ports lounge able to schedule a for future dates and you're able to experience improve performance of the interface so you can build up those things more effectively. So basically the way to think of it always is the campaign manager is the higher it is the heart of your links and advertising all your odds and 6 all your ads and campaign ads sit with it because they manage it. And within the campaign manager which I'll be showing you later you're going to be able to see you know how many clicks you're getting and how much you're spending per campaign per set or so it's leader the import feature of that it did into this. So when it linked the industry different types of products so there's the sponsored content there's text ads and they're sponsored in that. So I'm going to go through each of them quickly so we're doing sponsored content free them to promote content with targeted native advertising. So as you can see here and sponsor content is what comes up on the news feed. So it's really it's quite a large section here and it comes up as you can see in this laptop here and it comes up you know where everyone's scrolling looking for for content interesting post etc. it's a droid and the heartbeat of the LinkedIn home page. So it's important that your company do sponsor content so within sponsor content you're able to publish your content in the location most new building to visitors related feed. You have to target your audience based on your first party down in the professional profile. Raise awareness drive quality leads and Bill customer relationships second section is sponsor tech starts so its sponsor tech subtribe to drive traffic from desktop easy to create ads. So within tecs are able to easily create your odds drive quality traffic only to pay for only the work and per click or for impressionable talk about without a few modes and as you can see here and this is this of text that appears on the right hand side of the screen depending on the device. But you know you Arabs say you know propell your job search fast or simple prototyping or the obvious Texas skritch on them and they manage on the left hand side sponsored emails. So with sponsored emails and able to send targeted messages directly to people who matter most to your business so you can drive convergence with personalized messages. You can reach all the things that matter most to your business across desktop mobile and you can do ab split testing and we'll talk about that in a second and which can compare and which adds a word or which emails are working or which ones are not. But it's very very personalized emails very hard and you know we target exactly who you want to target. It's and you get charge on the cost per send basis. So there's some key terms that you need to know it's a paperclip. So this is the price you pay for each click when a member clicks on your AD. So you can specify the maximum amount you're willing to pay for each click cost per impression. So within the din and Kaspar impression is the cost per Tozan depression and so you pay up to your maximum bid each time you're on the shelf for each one times and times of day no matter how many clicks you receive. So for cost per impression I'd recommend using this and pricing for when you're trying to build up brand awareness. So when you want to get out there and you know make your company and they've known about your industry will not necessarily have to go to your website or coach or landing page you know just build up the brand awareness and I'd recommend the cost per oppression and with the cost per click more and recommend doing notshe if you want them to go to your landing page and or if you want them to you know convert if you want to convert visitors into need to recommend a click and the cost per cent is for that. And they did email feature which we were talking about earlier. And so linking charge for every single e-mail that is said and it's nothing to do with the open rates how many people click on the button down the bottom of the e-mail. And you know if their employer or not and Clinton tried to Per and for every single day in that sense that's something to notice it's a lot cheaper than the cost per impression of course perfect for them. It is important to note that it's a cost per cent basis. Nick also give you a daily budget option and so you can decide yourself what your daily budget is based on your own business and finances of what use are willing to budget into your old activates and the start I'd recommend that you keep this as low as possible so I think we're linked in the at the lowest daily Borgir does €10. And the eurozone Buckcherry what it is and in a they're Their but it's €10 and bully will be shown to you within your own company. And same with the bid so that's for the bids you know it's what you want to spend per and per click or per impression depending on what you want to do for your for your cats and books again for both these two here daily budgets and bids I'd recommend to keep these as low as possible at this time. And then you can if you see that they're working and or if you get a little bit more of a bonus to spend you can increase both of these. So we're going to be talking a little bit about the state testing as well. So within this section I have to show you how to use Google. You're Wellcome pain builder. So with us and what in-born ad campaign for example you're able to create many ads and test which ads are working against other sites. So this is the Google campaign you're elderly. So we're going to be showing you how to do this later on for us and for each of you can create a new doc G.L. link. So this is just a sample link and then that means that when you type in that link and also type in dosh info Yogesh and analytics based on that page you're going to be able to to be able to see it inside. And the campaign manager they did anyway. This will just give you more detailed information on how well your odds are do against each other. So it's important at the start to you know test each charge and what the company or it each e-mail or whatever else you want to advertise. Of course using this Google campaign you rebuilder it's quite easy to compare. And I also want to talk to both campaigns today. So at the start and you're gonna be a little bit lost on. And you know what what's working what's not working and getting to grips with the campaign manager. But if you notice something that's getting new leads or something where you're getting a lot of engagement or you're starting to see a return on investment you should invest more money into this. If you start to see that you're spending lots and lots of money a long campaign. It's just not working. No matter what you do then you should kill the campaign altogether. I don't recommend and use investing money into campaigns aren't working and the public create the laws for your business. Also it's important to note as well too and specify an end date for each campaign so that your company doesn't overspend on your campaigns and you know the company doesn't know the debt or anything like that. And do we want profitable campaigns that are going to work and generate leads for your business. And that's the end of this lecture. And I'm looking forward to the next one and where we're going to take a dive into Linked-In. I'm paying my legit.