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English [Auto] Some people are what we call light code carriers. They are either born with this gift or receive it through their lifetime like code carriers have received an improvement from the higher sources or the Masters which allows them to download the light codes express activate and decode them. Of course everything with its demanding practice for the ones born with this gift their souls Guiding Light codes from higher realms and planes. Or they might receive new ones through their lifetimes through higher communication and meditation. These souls are usually aware of their deep and long journey in life. Throughout all their incarnations even if there's no lids existence the subconscious state of mind only for their ones can become light code carriers at some point in their lifetime. The same information may still apply and be veiled they as well might be wise. Long travel souls. Or they may simply insist that it's the point of enlightenment that allows them to become carriers. They can also receive new light codes through higher communication or deep meditation Internet exploration. In both situations with practice the lifeboat carriers might learn to actually write speak and translate the coded language by Will the sort of thing is that since someone receives or carries a light code he would simply willingly offer it to another soul in another individual. And help others bring balance and prosperity in later life. The key point in this beautiful journey is the moment when you receive your attunement to become a light code guided or if you already are the moment when this attunement is activated within you even if you received your attunement in another lifetime and now you are more as a light code carrier you might never know it. If your inner gift is not activated in this lifetime as well as it of course then it is a healing modalities like reiki and attunement lasts for a lifetime. But when you reincarnate you will probably need to reactivate the attunement. You will feel like you already know everything about Craig. But you will simply need a small push to allow all good in the divine. Let's come to the surface usually this attunement is given to the individual at the very starting of his or her spiritual journey to reach enlightenment. This is done by the ascended masters the spiritual guides. It can be done by the Guardian Angels or archangels by the creator or by divine sources which express an idea to raise like Reiki. The Holy Spirit is the modern light and so its chances are that you may have received good attunement to be a light God guided if you already occupy with spiritualism or and it is a healing but if you don't have awareness on it it won't be of much effectiveness. The reason to become a light coat carried this for a large amount of possibilities and the multiple gifts that the life codes may offer you and this is why people mostly become carriers at the start think of their spiritual journey so they will be able to receive the divine guidance at its fullest even if they don't know that this is happening. When you begin your journey you need all kinds of help. Information locations connection with certain people guidance wisdom no lids activations or the nation's involvement and the list goes on. Light codes can offer you all of these and even more to take if you are a light code carrier you will do a simple exercise you will try to write your name in light code language. Now this exercise will be done. The next lecture if you had a light code carried you will be able to harness the power of the light language sign the flow of its energy through your hands and fingers the flow of the energy will move your hand fingers and dependent. You call in very specific ways and that will allow you to translate the motion in the flow of the energy that comes from the power of the light language into symbols signs and the written language is keep in mind that if this is the first time that you do something like this it might take you a couple of times to be able to channel the flow of the energy from your spirit to your finger. If after three to five tries were not able to do this it means that you haven't received the attunement to be a light code carrier yet. But don't let that frustrate you at all. We will do a guided meditation later to receive your attunement and then begin your practice So to sum up above the light language as all unique gifts of creation likewise light language has its own wisdom and power. This power and wisdom can be understood by us as a flow and as a motion this is the flaw in the motion of the N C of the light language. You can harness this flow in motion so you may translate light language into light codes and further roll to symbols signs and written languages when you will practice for a while. It will become easy for you to simply let your hand write coded light language you may not understand your writings with your logic but your spirit will know everything that you write because it is the flow and the motion of the light. Code language that you try to understand and not the light code itself had to go to beginning. It will be easier to understand the light code in its message. But when you will understand the flow and the motion of the energy of the light language that is the moment and the state of throughout word in this once this is achieved. You may proceed further and use the same flow in motion to translate your inner will to light called language's you might want something in this life and maybe there is a blockage in an area in your life or in an aspect of yourself that prevents you from manifesting that which you desire. You may use the flow in the motion of the light language to create the specific light called to help you with this issue and bring you closer to freedom and your true manifestations of your will. More information about creating your own light codes and how you can use them will be explained later. Last note to keep in mind is that because every soul is unique until we reach a collective state of enlightenment like code language this may be different for its individual in their expression. This means that for the same light called you in die might express it differently in different languages also different people might receive light codes from different sources so again their expression might not look alike at all. Finally the attunement to the light language is provided to its soul from a unique cooperation between the creator the ascended masters the Guardian Angels the divine rays of wisdom and love and ourselves. Once we reach our divine timing of readiness in the guided meditation later I will guide you to connect with this mentioned cooperation. Bring your attunement in manifestation and become once and for all a light code carrier or if you are to activate your potential.