Attuning Psalms! ~ Part 2!

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English [Auto] Lord bless these Ward and plotted this course I think with it. Truth of My Heart that soul exists inside your house anger and costume. Have disappeared from my life putting out only one then that flows within the same man. He springs from my heart to all life from the blade of the creation to my heart. The Lord highest this year the love the pulse of my heart flows inside my blood the Ruby of the soul. My eyes like light blue or since purify everything the gaze in violet out of their thoughts inside my mind from the same wisdom that to download my buddy reloaded highest Hey witness your white presence where anything dirty is absent. What I presume has disappeared it is that that purity springs dates middle loaded to spring and silence like your flowers the flowers of silence I have collected that the divine Holy Spirit come inside my mind and my soul so finally my walls with their eyes and before this Sun saying and hope my heart will also say so the Leafs of God will be fruitful trees so I can love you so you can love forever like now the Lord highest your purity teaches me with gratitude I sink to you my pray is releasing the prey of the water police and laid thieves in the huts listen they laugh and they enjoy let the ones teach the others and let the others help their once they blessed this months need to as long as men will look inside he the tree of life is God and the unconditional love water the seed God and my Lord Creator of all youth that create worlds and heavens so we can live where we can let the miraculous squawks create an ability to come and stay inside me so my soul will love that with seed looks so she kind of weakness that truth but will no longer get insects may. Witness the truth. They still love me forever to believe I can for it is faith. The first great all 50 would get and build that and they have a will to build a wall for love to live. And the president would say that for this you have taught me as a whole with gratitude. They stand before you I am father and I am your son the warmth of your arms that eases me to the heaven providence of grace and spirit is among the love of the sacred. No leads into May Dear God to unite the rhythm of love with the buzz for my vibration saw the frequency of mobiles will be released blessed these months need to it it is purely the one or will it come in letters and I am willing purely state loaded with I am good student bless this they said until it is fulfilled life has been balanced blessed that it sealed off this world filled with love they came into this life to make love attack upon love blessed is the good I did in my heart it is the one that teaches me to bless Amy the divine blessing that springs from the heart of the human God may feel this little the divine presence may illuminate this space with its same to teach whoever it looks the purity of love like a portal opened from the hand of God so pure angels and then voice will offer that it protects you with warmth will its celestial caring feeling this little let the atmosphere of this space become the white light gold embrace the flow say the hug everything that then is the space the divine presence there one since pieces are separated day with love is his world with sinks in the earth that blessed is the one who listens for his apprentices the lowest the mortals and the old. Is creator of all bless this space with love so love it may become itself let the hand of the great difficult and luminous Lord bless my food soul cleansed. It will endure inside me anything dirty let it be disappeared. Let Putin light in the clear and Love Field my food my heart with gratitude to enjoy this meal in May I will be satisfied. May this love let the hand of the Lord the old keeper of the laws to bless my drink so cleansed it will flow inside me every harmful and dirty essence to become pure and clean. Light at the hand of the Lord remove all entrances from my food into my drink let there be only one. A.S. lack of love for only love can fool me only love can satisfy in Amy blessed is the water light and out of the once pray for thee may love surround this Black in May this love of God to have the people of the world as idolized for they raised and inside this house themselves so let them bless their home whether we speak about is by whether a bulk get belonging blessed is the one caucus consciousness he lends to be righteous to avoid the mistakes he learns and did his love for him becomes it. Blessed is the world of the humans moving miracles arising and upon it like there ought to be blessed as well so they will know what they want so they will know what they ask let their actions be blessed as well so they will know what they do so they will know what they create Lord bless this glory. Soon the truth s saying bless us to be capably to witness everything clearly with wisdom so this truth that we seldom see we so blessed with love as well Amy.