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There are many coaches in the field of life coaching, but most of them fail to get their business thriving. We will give you the reasons why you want to go into niche coaching and the power behind it. Niche coaching can truly transform your life and we will tell you why. 

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Life Coaching: Find Your Profitable Purpose-Driven Niche

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  • Know what separates the 10% of coaches who make six figures from the rest and how you can duplicate their success
  • Identify your unique gift and how to turn it into a coaching gold mine
  • Develop your own purpose-driven niche based on your authentic personality and passion
  • Find your tribe of ideal clients that you’ll love to work with every day
  • Target your marketing so specifically that clients come to you
English [Auto] So why niche coaching. So let me tell you nobody wants to buy coaching. They want to buy solutions. And I could hear somebody rethinking my weight. Everyone can benefit from what I have to offer but in reality even if what you could offer helps anyone. The reality is that not everyone wants it. Not everyone wants to transform. Not everyone wants to change. So not everyone is going to actually want what you have to give. And I know it sounds rough but that is part of the reality. So there's only two things that people will pay for. The first one is things they want in things they need. They will never pay money for things that they should or something that you have to explain that they want for example coaching and then try to convince them that they needed because it does not fall into those two categories so will not work. Plus at a practical level you cannot reach everyone. Even more importantly if you try to market to everyone your reach no one and you waste a lot of money. The only way to successfully get coaching clients is to target specific group of people who are uniquely interested in what you have to offer. Willing to pay for it. So if you do a simple web search for life coaching you will notice that there's over 20 million results. Of course not all of those will be completely correlated with specific coaches whether there are many that there's that many life coaches out there because there's not. However it does tell you that there's a lot of information under the term which makes it harder to stand out when you're marketing yourself. So in survey of coaches the majority of them believe that one of their biggest challenges is to developing a successful business is not having a niche. So you may have heard or experience that most coaches fail. And this is ultimately true and I'm not trying to make you depressed make you feel like you can't succeed because reality is that coaching is a 2.5 billion dollar industry and it's growing. So someone's making the money for who. So let me tell you what separates those who are successful and those are not. So the top 10 percent of coaches with six figure annual incomes market to one specific target aka They have a specific niche that they work with. On the other hand the other 90 percent of coaches that are mostly general coaches are making significantly less money with the majority grossing only 20 to $50000 a year. So that is a major difference whether you specialize or not will determine whether you will be able to develop a thriving coaching business or a struggle like the majority of coaches. So the bottom line is that in the rapidly growing field of life coaching focusing on a tangible highly motivated niche market has become a key to success. You see this coaching utilizing core coaching principles allows along with highly specialized process focus on a particular area that is going to help and assist kinds towards achieving their goal is what people are looking for now. Again maybe when you started back then when coaching was brand new is easier stand now. But that's not working in today's economy when it comes to coaching. So in your case this specific area your focus would be based on your experience your expertise. So the question is why is niche coaching so much more successful. And I'm going to give you 10 reasons why niche coaching is the key to your success. One share your unique give you see your niche focuses on your passion experience or expertise you get to do what you love. You get paid for it. An is going to keep you motivated because by lying to your coaching with your own inner purpose you make a difference in your own unique way. Another way is you have something that people are looking for that you came here to do and you are able to share that with other people. Wow. Also creating a life of freedom and flexibility that you desire. So the number two thing is that there's no more selling. Yes you heard that right. No more selling. So by working with your ideal clients unit. They already specifically want what you have to offer. You can focus on serving them rather than selling them because you can target your market and message them directly making them automatically get it. So you're speaking to someone they say hey he's speaking my language. So they get excited so you're not selling something you're just sharing your passion. And they recognize that you can speak their language and you have the solution of what they're looking for. So it makes it a lot easier and a lot more empowering for you. The third part is that you understand your market better because your focus on working with one group rather than many is easier than the standard needs and how to meet them. Plus you have your own experience related to them. So there are your people these are your tribe. You get them and they get you because they are your tribe and you enjoy working with them too. So that's the beauty we love working with our tribe. We love the people that we work. We actually get excited about work with them day in and day out. So that's very powerful. The fourth part is that marketing is easier because your niche is highly targeted. It's easier to find your client and your marketing copy and communications strategy or focus on a narrow target market and are therefore easier to create. Plus you get a better return on investment or marketing because you're not targeting just general population you're targeting more precisely they understand your message and they actually won your service. I know a lot of people that just throw a bunch of darts and they're hoping that somebody will read it and like it. But again it's just a waste of time a waste of energy and a waste of money. And the first one is that it takes the guesswork out of coaching. First you're coaching based on who you are your unique kids. So it comes natural to you. Second since your coaching process is focus around a specific outcome. It's easier to create a structured program or process that's easy to follow with your clients rather than having to customize your coaching to each client and make it up as you go along. So as there's not this big guesswork or anything like that you already have a proven process and you follow it time and time again and you can keep modifying and making it better and improving it as time goes along. So number six it increases your expertise. You can't be an effective coach if you're trying to help Kaiser solve every challenge in your life. People want coaches who not only know how to be a great coach but also have a great deal of expertise or experience in their particular niche. So by showing your expertise in a specific field by focusing on that you are establishing yourself as a leader and boost your authority. Your coaching also becomes more effective because you're assisting clients what a specific goal they you know to great details about because you do it over and over again. So you don't have to be the best coach just one that knows more than your clients about where you're coaching them about. So by focusing on a specific niche at a you keep growing and developing in that sense. The second part is that there's less competition. So focusing on a particular set of skills tailored to specific groups of people will set you apart from the competition because your niche is specific and small. So another good thing about this is that larger companies larger firms well-established coaches will most likely not be perusing your market or competing with you directly because you're offering your own unique kiss. So ultimately no one can truly compete with you because you're offering your purpose in your own journey within your coaching. Number eight It also builds long term relationships. You see you have the ability to create a unique brand that creates client loyalty. So as they see you as the expert in a specific field a specific niche and because you're focusing on a tribe of clients who really understand you and you understand them you develop a close relationship to them. So then you're able to create additional services you continue to serve these people long term because you start learning OK so if I solve this problem then there might be other problems and you can keep developing other solutions that's going to help long term. And number nine more collaborative opportunities since you're meeting the needs of a narrow easily targetable market. You have the ability to easily force a TDK. With collaborative partners and joint ventures. We're meeting the needs of the same market. So easy for you to spot them is a lot easier for you know how you can help the joint venture partner. It's a lot easier for them to see how they can help you. So number 10 is more profitable. You can charge higher fees for your niche coaching. So in many cases and because you specialize you can easily create multiple products at the same niche. So at the end of the day you're going to make a significant a lot more money with a lot less time with a lot more purpose and loving what you do. So if anything follow your niche follow your purpose for what you love is going to give you more happiness. That is going to help you thrive in every aspect of your life. So really there's no reason not to have your own niche. Thank you.