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Learn the top 3 (free) marketing strategies that have been proven to work for life coaches 10X better than any other methods (hint: they're not a website, social media, or business cards).

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  • A synopsis of the life coaching industry
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English [Auto] Heart centered coaching that offers specific results through a coaching package that is designed specifically for your ideal clients is what allows you to stop wasting your money on ineffective marketing strategies that target to broadly target the wrong market or don't communicate the benefits in a way that attracts the right clients. Once you develop your magnet message that speaks directly to your tribe you have to get in front of or in contact with these people. In this video we want to show you that marketing doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. There are three proven marketing methods that work for life coaches above all other methods and they are joint ventures. Speaking in front of the right audience and free sessions first as a coach. The most effective method of gaining access to your target market is through collaboration using other people's audiences. Also known as joint ventures. So think about this. There are people and organizations out there that already have an audience that is dying for your solution. They're just waiting for you. All you have to do is figure out who already works with your tribe. It's so simple. Here's how it works. You know who your tribe is. You know where they do business. You create a partnership with those businesses. And the best part is that this works both online and offline. So for example let's say you want to coach people how to overcome a divorce. Where do you think that these people might be. So here are some examples of where to find them. Perhaps a Women's Resource Center a divorce forum. Divorce lawyers and if you're a health coach who specializes in helping people create healthy diets. Where do you think those people might be. So for example a more direct connect in this situation would be partnering with personal trainers because you already know that those people are interested in health so one reason joint ventures are so powerful is because they're free. The other major benefit is that it's a shortcut because you get immediate direct access to a large number of your ideal potential clients. Second the most effective form of joint venture ever is to have the opportunity to speak in front of an audience of your ideal potential clients. The truth is this can be someone else's audience through a joint venture or you can host your own workshops. You could even collaborate through a multi speaker event like an online webinar or summit this method is so effective that some people even pay to speak on the stage when the audience is the right fit. So here's how it works by offering an introductory program through workshops or speaking gigs. You have the opportunity to provide value for the audience. Get them results and then offer them services that help them take it further. But here's the best part. If you're like most life coaches you hate selling it feels awkward and inauthentic. And the good news about speaking is that you can do it without feeling or sounding sales. So the secret is a little trick called seeding and here's how it works. 1 pick one piece of your larger coaching program that gets people rapid results. This will be what you focus on for your presentation or workshop to show the audience how this one step fits into the bigger picture. So maybe your bigger picture has three to five steps and this is the part that is the seeding process because it puts into the audience's mind that there is a comprehensive program or an entire process that they're going to need in order to achieve their desired outcome. 3 Tell them something to the effect of due to time limitations. I can't cover everything in detail today but we are going to deep dive into and then fill in the blank with your topic for the day. For those of you who find that you want to know more I promise to let you know how to take this further at the end of today's presentation. So this is the other part of the seating. It suddenly lets them know that you're going to be talking about your coaching program at the end for during the presentation. Deep dive into that one topic. Give them everything. Give them your best because doing this provides real value and develops trust with the audience and then five at the end tell them as promised I'm going to tell you a little bit about how you can take this further and then do a quick recap of the big picture. Explain how your program walks them through those steps and then tell them how they can sign up so because the audience a wants the results that you can offer because you've chosen the right audience and B got tremendous value from the presentation and see sees how you can help them reach their goal then they're naturally going to want to know more about your program and some of them of course are going to want to sign up for it. Then what do you do with the person that you attracted through your joint venture or you're speaking. This is where the third marketing strategy for coaches comes in which is free sessions offered the right way. That's right. The best way to convert an interested potential client into a paid client is to give them an opportunity to get to know you and see what coaching can do for them by offering them a free or highly discounted introductory session. This free session is also important for you because it gives you an opportunity to see if this person is a good client for you. But it's important to know there is a right way and a wrong way to offer free sessions. First you need to structure your session around clearly defined outcomes so that your potential client receives real value and experiences what you can offer them through coaching. Second you want to avoid doing what many coaches do which is to finish a great coaching session and then fail to make an offer. It can be awkward. So it's important to have a preplanned strategy for making a compelling offer so you don't leave it up to chance. And this is another reason why you need to have a well-structured coaching program to offer so that you know how to describe the outcomes. And lastly you need to set a fee that reflects the value you offer by not evaluating yourself by negotiating down your fee. Even if the client claims that they can't afford you charging what you're worth. Build your confidence in your offer and increases your client's level of commitment to following through so I know all of this can be overwhelming and you might feel like it's a lot of information to take in. We totally get it. It was really hard for us to squish this much into this video considering how much we have that we could be sharing with you. So I bet you know what's coming next. Of course for those of you do it yourselfers we have a program that gives you a step by step process to follow you that walks you through all of the secrets of building a thriving coaching business in much greater detail than we covered in this video series. The good news is that while many other coach training programs charge thousands or hundreds to share these exact same secrets we believe in making what works available to all coaches no matter what stage that they're at or where they live in the world. And that's why we keep our prices accessible. Our life coaching business masterclass a.k.a. our client attraction Mastery program includes six courses that address what you've learned already in much much greater detail. The first course is called Find Your profitable purpose driven niche remember the first step to attracting clients is heart selling which means focusing your coaching on a niche that is truly what you care about something that you love and are passionate about. In this course we take it a step further and help you identify your greater purpose by exploring your specialized knowledge or skill your experience overcoming a life challenge or a process that you can teach. A Purpose Driven need not only targets a tribe of clients you can uniquely relate to. It also ensures you're offering the best possible value based on your unique gift this course helps you identify your tribe and your gift. And of course we want to help you make sure that you are setting the right price that honors your value and fits your target market because the goal is to find a profitable purpose driven niche when we finally identified our purpose driven niche of indie producers who want to live their purpose and make a difference. We realized we had been sitting on a goldmine all along. We had processes and insights we could coach our clients with that would unlock their success. But it took us a long time to realize we had this value to offer and we want to offer you a shortcut to finding your goldmine. The second piece of the client attraction Mastery Program is results. Remember the second step to attracting clients is focusing your coaching and your marketing copy on the results that your clients will receive. They don't want coaching. They want their problem to be solved which is why your elevator pitch or magnet message needs to express the outcomes they'll experience when you help them solve their problem so the second course we're including is called write epic marketing and sales copy. This course goes more in depth with the process for creating your magnet message that attracts your ideal clients by speaking their language and expressing the results that they will experience. It also teaches you detailed processes for conducting market research identifying keywords establishing credibility and writing web site and other marketing copy that leads to sales. The third piece of the client attraction Mastery program is targeting remember the third step to attracting clients is communicating the right message from the second step to the right audience. Finding your tribe of ideal clients is the key that unlocks your ability to both create effective marketing material that targets a specific group and create a coaching package that targets your tribe's specific needs. The purpose driven niche course will help you identify your tribe and the third course it's going to help you create your signature coaching package. It's designed to help you put it all together. You'll develop a curriculum for your package and decide how to structure it including what to include how to set your price and our favorite part. The client ascension process this simple insight that helps you keep clients longer by continuing to add higher levels of value is what will take your coaching business to the next level. If you're just getting started as a coach and you're looking to get your first clients this program will help you avoid the years of mistakes that we made because we're giving you everything we have learned and what actually works that we've picked up in a decade of coaching. And if you're already a coach and you've been working with clients but you're tired of feeling stuck on that hamster wheel of client chasing or simply not knowing what to do to grow your business further this program will help you clearly identify exactly what to do differently how to package your services in a way that sells and how to feel confident that your coaching is getting your clients the results that you want to offer. So let's recap that. That's the Find Your profitable purpose driven niche course the right epic marketing and sales copy course and the create your signature coaching package course. And like we mentioned before there are three marketing secrets that most coaches overlook even though they've been proven over and over again to be the most effective methods for getting new clients and even better getting your ideal clients and they're ultimately free. And so we're including courses on all three of the marketing strategies that we discussed. So that's joint venture partnerships getting life coaching clients with workshops and public speaking and free coaching sessions that convert to paying clients. Plus we have a bonus course that teaches you how to create a marketing campaign including opt in pages sales pages webinars email automation and more. This is like an entry level look at what it would take to do more traditional marketing if that's the route you want to go. And because we genuinely want you to succeed we're also including in that bonus course the exact goal setting program that we use in our own business so that you can create an action plan and chart your course to success. So that's seven courses and one check. The last lecture of this course for our special offer and to get started implementing the three secrets to attracting your ideal clients so you can build a thriving coaching business. Starting today.