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  • How To Start A Wildly Profitable Life Coaching Business From Scratch
  • How To Build A Solid Foundation For A Successful Life Coaching Business
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  • How To Build An Effecting Coaching Program That Helps A Lot Of People
  • The Sales Script To Turn A Complete Stranger Into A High Paying Client
  • How To Know If Life Coaching Is The Right Business For You
  • How To Deliver Amazing Coaching and Results
  • How To Specialize In One Area Of Life Coaching
English [Auto] Hi there and welcome to the third video of module one in the life coach certification Master Class the course that teaches you how to become a highly paid life coach and have a lot of fun in the process and in this video we are going to understand the business model of a great life coaching business because if you don't have a great business model you are going. You are going to burn yourself out. You are going to get a lot of difficult clients and you will feel like giving up and that's the way I felt when I first started my life coaching business because I didn't know how to structure it. I didn't know how to run it in an efficient way. So that's why I'm making this video so that you understand exactly how life coaching works in how to run your business. So let's start with understanding the business model of life coaching for the first step is to generate awareness of their services and what they mean by awareness is that people know your services people understand you people connect with you people find about you and they they basically they hear or see your your services and what you offer. And we do that by you know you can use social media you can use podcasts we can use blogs or blogs or we can use you know just going to meetings and networking event. Basically we can We can choose one or two channels through which we can do that. We in my case when I first started I used only Facebook I posted videos daily videos and daily posts like codes and advice and stories. And at the end of every video I inserted a call to action. For example I would say you know after after giving some advice or offer after sharing a testimonial on my page I said you know if if you want to learn more about this I will I'm offering you. I'm offering you a free consultation. Just send me a message and and we'll talk all the details or something like that and I will. People were sending me messages and I was having a quick chat with them on WhatsApp maybe or messenger on whatever or over the phone. People sometimes would call me and I would have a quick call with them to book a free consultation. So the purpose to generate awareness is to book free consultations because you can post a lot of videos. That was my mistake when it first started. I posted a lot of videos but I didn't include a call to action. So people I had like millions of views people know me knew me. And basically I've got a lot of potential clients but I didn't turn those potential clients into actually paying clients. So that's why that's why we have we have to do this with a purpose. We don't have we don't want only likes or shares or views. We want people to book a free consultation with us. So at the end of every action to generate awareness we insert a call to action that you know you wish we can say so on the latest call to this number or leave your email or send your message or whatever you know to so that we can arrange and basically book a free consultation with us. And in that free consultation that free consultation has the purpose to see if the client is a good fit. Of course before we book the free consultation we ask some questions on the quick chat or in the you know in the chat box or whatever to see if the client is really a qualified client because you know some clients will only want our free time. They they only want something free from us and they are wasting our time and we are wasting their time. We are. It's not the ideal client. So before we are doing the free consultations which can take up to one hour for example we don't want to waste our time. So before booking the free consultation we want to see if the client is a good fit and we do this by talking with them on the phone with on a quick chat or we we chat on you know on on Facebook or a messenger on what's up. Whatever we we answer like those questions like hey assuming I can help you with this I do. Are you really interested in investing your financial resources and time and energy into this or you know what would you like to see happen in the next 12 months in your in your life or your business or what is your biggest problem right now. What you feel is missing from your life and you know how committed if you are accepted into my coaching program where you can get started to see like the level of motivation and the level of determination and to see if the client is really committed to investing their time and energy and financial resources into this. And that's why it is very important to quantify our prospects before giving them our free free time so after we book our free consultations with Chris a free consultation with a prospect we then turn that free consultation into bank into into it. So basically we turn that prospect into a paid client and we do this by asking lots of questions. So basically that free consultation is we only ask questions. We we we see and we we try to understand and get complete clarity on on their current situation and what their desired situation is where where where where the prospect is right now and where the prospect wants to go. And if we can help them then we sell them we pitch our offer we pitch our coaching program but if we feel like we cannot help them if we feel like this client is not a good fit we then refer them to someone else who can help them. All right. It is very important that we sell only to the people that we help because we cannot help everyone and some of the client some of the prospects won't be a good fit. So then after we sold them we then deliver results to our clients through our coaching program which I'm going to show you how to build one and how to structure a coaching program. OK so let's start with the first step is to generate awareness of your services so we can with social media to post tips you know solutions and stories. And at the end of every piece of content that we do we insert a call to action. Don't forget about that. You're not in this business for likes and shares you're not in this business for you know getting viral. That was my first mistake when I first started I only I wanted to know people to know me. I thought that if I have millions of views I would get a lot lots of clients. That was a mistake. You don't get clients by you know boasting of you know pictures of your food or pictures of your card or vacations. You get clients by actually showing your prospects that you care about them you understand their problem and you have a solution for their problem. Okay. And another thing that you can do is to help people in Facebook groups and Reddit threads and that are related to your niche. Let's say that you are in the stress and anxiety in each. I just picked one out out of thin air. Let's say that you are in stress and anxiety in each and you you join Facebook groups related to that. You go to Reddit threads related to stress and anxiety you and you start helping people there and at the end of every you know every post you insert the call to action hey if you need additional help for me I'm I'm I'm offering you a free consultation or free free session or free clarity session what a free discovery session or a free breakthrough session. You can make that free consultation however you want and then some people will say yes some people will say nothing. So people who say no and but the people that say yes you schedule a free consultation with them and then you you try to sell them your offer. All right. You can even go like search of videos on YouTube related to your niche for example how to overcome stress and anxiety and you click on the most like watched video and then you go at the comments and then basically everyone that is commenting on that video has problem has a problem with stress and anxiety. And you know that in those in the comment section there are people that are struggling with stress anxiety and you just leave a comment to help them. And then again you leave a call to action then there you know hey you want help with this just find me on Instagram or find me on Facebook and send me a message there and I'll be happy to offer you a free clarity session to see if I can help you with this or not. OK. And like I said you can do podcasts. You can do blogs blogs again where you share your life story where to share a problem shared the problems and solutions that people have. You know when when you can talk about the problems people will start to see you as an expert and as an authority because they can see that you can understand their problems OK you give advice you share stories and testimonials. For example if you if you already have a life coaching business I'm sure that you have some clients that you've helped in the past. And those clients can can you know make a testimonial video for you or you know send your messages and tell you how much you help them and you can screenshot that and post that on social media or you can share that on your podcast on on your blog. All right so the next step is to book free consultation and you invite people on a call to see if you can help them or not. And you can do this call over Skype or over the phone or you can even meet with people face to face. All right that helps but it's not very it's not time efficient because you know you have to drive there you have to like you go to a coffee or meeting you meet at the office and watch or whatever and it takes a lot of time. OK. And you turn those free consultation free sessions into paid clients. And I'm gonna give you the script. I'm going to give you like everything you need to to make those free consultations. OK. And then you are going to help your clients through one on one coaching to get positive results. So you develop a six to 12 week curriculum based coaching program. What I mean what that means is that you basically create like a like a like of course like you know you you know what you you're going to do in the first week and then the next week and the third week and so on. You know what the first step is the second step is. And the fourth step is in five fifth step is. And you basically develop a program you know because you cannot like if you don't develop a program you want to get your client's results. For example let's say you are in the -- addiction niche. OK. So in the first week you say OK in the first week we are going to start to see what your triggers are for your addiction. Maybe maybe when you think about about it maybe when you see a girl on the street or maybe you when you I don't know maybe you can. So the first week you can say that we are going to identify the triggers that keep that keep you stuck in this addiction. Then the next week we are going to isolate and remove those triggers. So we we that we we re reduce the the possibility or the probability of you relapsing. All right. And then the third week we are going to heal past traumas and heal pain and heal you know self self-image issues and heal and forgive ourselves and you know develop a healthy relationship with ourselves so that we don't feel the need to cover cover that up with you know which with -- or any addiction you know the base of every addiction is pain and suffering. So people indulge in different activities because they have like they have a pain inside of them and in their bottling up that pain and they want it and when they feel the pain they want to like cover it up with you know a bad habit or something that gives them pleasure on on in the moment. That's basically the the the source of every addiction you know is pain and suffering and you know and emotions that we haven't resolved. All right so we didn't we didn't develop this coaching program. We know exactly what we are going to do with our clients and we give them like worksheets we give them everything they need to do to to go from their current situation to their desired situation. And that is to become -- free or to like remove overcome stress and anxiety or to like save their marriage or to build confidence or to you know get a new career or whatever. You know there are many niches out there and there are many problems. You you can solve. And then we are going to schedule calls with our clients and coaching them. We can do this on a weekly basis or UN or every other week. It doesn't matter. The most important thing is that at the end of your coaching program your client get results. That is the most most important thing. If your client doesn't get a result then it means that your coaching program is faulty and needs some improvement. And you need to eliminate some of the classes or some of the strategies that you've included that you that you feel and you not not only feel but you have you have tested that they don't produce results for your clients and then you replace them with something that you think it does in the get results for your clients. OK. And don't forget to give your best. You know you are in this for your clients results first and then to like for yourself. And then when you focus on helping people you have a lot of fun in the process. When you when someone comes to you and says you know thanks for helping me things I wouldn't have I wouldn't be able to do this without you. And so on you are going to feel amazing and you will have a lot of fun in the process. And it is very rewarding to do this and I hope that you get by now that you have a complete class you have complete clarity on how life coaching works don't forget. So this is the business model of life coaching is generate awareness. And when is when I say I want this is traffic or their services then turn though the turn that traffic into consultations but qualified first then those that turn those free consultations into paid clients and then deliver results to your clients. Thanks for watching this video and I'm looking forward to seeing the next one.