0101 What Is Cinema 4D? And Who Uses It?

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English [Auto] So what is cinema for D and who uses it. Well cinema for me is a 3D modeling animation and rendering application developed by Macs on computers. The techie answer is that it's capable of procedural and polygonal modeling animating lighting texturing and rendering. Now as far as I'm concerned it's just a really fun program that I can lose a whole afternoon in. So who's using the program. Well I'll come over to the max on Web site so that you can take a look and see for yourself. Only some of the biggest movie studios in the world just take a look. Surf's up by Sony Pictures. Open season by Sony Pictures that we all know this one Polar Express. This type of film work used to be the domain of 3D packages like mio or 3D Studio Max but cinema 4D has definitely jumped into the race. Over here and take a look at some architecture with some beautiful buildings all created in cinema 40 over here and take a look at some of the other engineering men you can do some very detailed modeling. The tool set is extensive and compared to other 3D packages it's very easy to learn. I mean wow look at that. And one of the best parts about cinema 4D is how well it plays with composite programs like after effects and actually works with the whole Adobe suite. So after you've built your animation in your models in the 3-D package it's easy to take these out export them over to something like after effects and do all your composing work in there. This is a really nice workflow and probably one of the reasons that a lot of the big studios are starting to use it more and more OK with that in mind. Let's move on.