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We are in the Age of Content. Make your own Time Capsule.

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Podcast in The Classroom - Kindergarten to High School

How to Engage your Students on Their Smartphones, iPads and Computers

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  • Understand how teachers can use a Podcast to increase communication with their students, substitute teachers, and parents
  • Create an oral history for their class
  • Engage Students and Parents at a deeper level
English [Auto] Well I have a lot of reasons why I think everybody should be podcasting. But Dave why don't we start with you. What what are your top reasons for people to be podcasting particularly teachers and educators. Well Scott I think you know some of the reasons why people should podcast is what they want is the ease of use. They're both easy to consume and they're both easy to make easy to consume is why you know audible is becoming so popular. Other podcasts becoming so popular because it's just audio you know and when you're busy doing other things like mowing the lawn going for a walk even going to the gym you know people realize they can just pop those your buds in and dig in you know download one of their favorite podcasts and they can listen to a while on the treadmill and easy to make because you know now you know your phone it could just create a podcast you can create podcast with your phone because it's just you know most phones have a microphone. Now most tablets have a microphone. Most laptops have a microphone now and it just become so easy to record audio and we don't have to worry about the video now because we have to worry about lighting and it just really cuts out a ton of time and it just is so easy to make now. And the third podcast thing is it's a great tool for learning. You know some people are you know audio more and more audio than visual but you know it's also a great tool for anybody because you know as I was just saying about you know easy to consume kids you know at home they can pop it in and they can listen to it at their at their leisure for in Ukraine their lesson libraries. And the fourth reason is to sum up you know the current age that we're in right now. In one word that word would be content. Content is King across all mediums whether you look at Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or YouTube iTunes everywhere you turn now it's about creer content and how that content is being consumed and how easy it is to get that content to people. So creating a podcast for your classroom is creating a bonus for yourself because now you create your own lesson library. And also it's a bonus for the students because they can listen to those lessons at their house. So if they're having maybe a problem with a particular problem for instance they can just pop on that lesson from that day and they go oh that's what my teacher was talking about. Now I got it. And I think you know these are some great reasons why you create a podcast and I really hope that a lot of educators get a lot out of this course Scott. Yeah me too. I totally agree. The other thing I was thinking when you were talking Dave was the parents rights if that if the parents have. We really have a hard time keeping up with it with the education with what our children are being taught. So if we have a lesson library that we can access then we can say OK OK I know my child is having a problem with history so I can listen to the last couple. History lessons that we've gone up there and then I'm able to understand you know what's going on and I'm able to better support my child and their education as well. So I think it's a great way. I mean there's we're going to get into a lot of different ideas for podcasts that would be actually be like separate shows because you don't really necessarily want to mix them up. But you know the idea of the principal being able to communicate with all of the teachers just by putting together a 10 minute podcast that the teachers listen to the idea that the teachers can put together you know a 10 minute short little summary of the day or a summary of what they want the students to be doing that the parents can hear about. Like ok. Or it could just be the principals talking about. We've got a PTA meeting coming up. We've got this coming up. We've got a sports day coming up so that they keep the parents informed. And it's a more personal way of doing it than just e-mailing them or hoping that they get the piece of paper that you give the kids to get home. Right. So this is a really great way for communication. And in my opinion in terms of communicating from the school to the parents to school to the students if if the child is sick and misses a day of school then it's like well you know you have to do is download and listen if you're doing the lesson. It is a lesson library ideas that we're going to give you then they are not going to be behind they're going to be able to listen to the teacher teach them the court teach today teach the lesson and and catch up. So the and I really want to emphasize again what Dave said the podcasting itself is really easy. The teachers actually have it easier in terms of podcasting than just about any other group in the world when you think about it because every day you get up and you talk. So to put a microphone on your lapel or to have a microphone nearby that catches your talking is a minor step because most people have problems with the talking part. So you don't have that problem. You get up you talk all the time. So it's just a matter of being comfortable with the fact that it's actually being recorded. And after about 30 seconds you forget that you record it and then you're done. Right. So you're already doing the hardest part of podcasting which is your mouth and having words come out that you really require you know the recording is push the red button and if you want to edit it it's just like highlight something and hit delete and you've taken it out. So the software is incredibly simple and then the actual process of putting up a podcast is also easy. So we think it's a great way for you to create a legacy it's a great way for you to communicate at a deeper level with your students and with the parents of your students. And that's why we're excited about bringing this to you.