Why Learn Ruby on Rails?

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Ruby on Rails is a wildly popular web framework and is used in tons of web apps. But why should you learn it? This lecture will discuss the importance of Ruby on Rails and why it is relevant today.

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Learn Rails: Quickly Code, Style and Launch 4 Web Apps

Kickstart your web development career by building 4 functional web apps in Ruby on Rails with Heroku, Git and Bootstrap

02:42:58 of on-demand video • Updated

  • Style with Bootstrap themes
  • Use Git and Heroku for deployment
  • Learn Rails Scaffolds, Controllers, Models, etc.
  • Implement several popular gems (devise, social_share, etc.)
English [Auto] Arts I want to take some time to create this video so that you can learn. Why are we learning Ruby on Rails in this course. What are the benefits what makes it so good to learn. And first Ruby on Rails is popular and this is mainly because it's one of the more established web frameworks. So there's a lot of learning resources a lot of help if you get a bug or if your application has an error and it's used in a lot of websites so FBN be Twitter a good hub. Kickstarter and all of the Web sites shown on the right also. Ruby on Rails is easy like really easy. The motto for Ruby on Rails is development. That doesn't hurt and it really doesn't hurt. So in this course we can cover a bunch of subjects very quickly. Which is really cool. And one of the better features. And this of course makes it great for beginners. So you can go slowly from novice to pro without having any growing pains which is really nice. A lot of web frameworks don't have that. Are you convinced yet. Let's get started.