The Almighty Outline View in PowerPoint

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1.) Using the outline view.

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English [Auto] And this video we're going to be focusing on using the outline view. So as you can see we have all three slides here. And what we want to do in order to access that is if we are to view it now we can select out and you just hear. And as you can see those three slides or vinyl slide pen have now been structured differently. So as you can see these icons just have represent each slide. And what we can do is we have several options available to us so if we wish to click for example we can collapse and expand so if we were to collapse this for example all bullet points are no longer showing. So you right click again and if we select expand as you can see now we've got opposite points showing again and as well as that if we was to now just de-select this if I was just to select this second bullet point just here and if I right click and now you have the option of promoting and demoing. Now if I wish to promote this that bullet point has now become its own slot. So promote internes bullet points and slides. And now if I was to Right-Click that and if I was to demote this slide it goes back to a bullet point. So that's a very good feature that you can use to work with. And we can also if we wish to Right-Click as well we can add and delete slides and we can actually change the order of our slides as well. So if we just go square I can just have and when you have the four arrows if you click and drag and Touche the gray horizontal line and release as you can see you can change all the slides as well.