Modeling the eye ball

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Eyeball is not round, I will tell you what it is in this lecture. I will show you the process to model a realistic eyeball. I have attached maya file with this lecture.

1. You will be able to create a realistic eyeball after completing this lecture.

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  • Create good facial topology
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  • Ear modeling
English [Auto] In this letter I'm going to more than Bible first. So let's understand I will say I will is basically a beer but not a perfect sphere. We can take that here. I will has it boiled like I said in this area you can see this here. So we have to put this out so that it captures the reflection exactly in this area and it has other benefits which is refraction. It will perfectly reflect your ideas because the outer outer layer is a transparent layer. It worked transparently so our eyes as to our last one is what I'd like clear which is transparent. And the other is that eyeball itself is just ideas and people. So let's start doing the model let's take a spear as a starting point in place this perfectly nice this idea of setting and don't x there so that you can see to then rotate the spear in x axis so that this fall first front is rotated 90 degrees. Next the ball. So then we can easily get this by using the line and scale it appropriately to tribal area. Blessitt exactly at this point to the right is the center of the people. OK skilled enough so that actually it's bigger than we can see here. It's much more bigger than the Skelly. OK so we are set. And this line will represent my ideas here. You can scale a bit more feed into yes go to the side view. Move on to the proper lookism dealers go to these balls. So before that you have to duplicate it. We have to call it outline out. The duplicated control be for the player could change this name to. Right but inside the in say OK so you have two layers of gear there and then select out I select all those sent the first slip the first sentence and the word tax. Then you go to select grow Gruyere selects and then convert the sum to first control. When this does occur to convert phase. So I have selected this area makes you OK the next ex-child is by clicking on the site going to go to morning here so that you can access all the morning books good Wakeman's extreme. So just ex-student great. And then up set it so that it narrows down the. There you go. Then go to is more than double click go to the site. We don't want this. Big small around. Let's get this. That back again we have done a smoky mess and we can smoke then do the exact opposite. Try this idea in the inside. I should be inside or should go inside. So again let's select this vertex system then to grow selection then control if we learn to convert to first relax and then eschew the selection but this time inside and upset it so that it narrowed down or we can skip large and again seemed less then two strings selection so that they can move these things so that I can get this complex up here. Let's move a little bit more on I smoked it. So this is my outlet. Let's get the material right click and fabric material choose from it here which is this very same material that you were ready to click on your good fun. We just applied this material and go to the transferences grabbed this bar to the end then we made the object transparent so we can see it's a transparent object. It will capture the specular. So just to go down and bring this speck brightness. OK. So this is my eye and for now obviously there are some things missing may lead to your doc. And people have been taxer this is put this lesson. And the next letter we're going to hear surrounding.