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English [Auto] Say you're secure shell it's a popular mode logging tool that encrypts both the password and that transfers between the servers. The most popular S-sh said that implemented Sensage brothel call is open as this age and it's usually by default installed on the server. There are other modes Logan protocols like Net and virtual network computing or Vieni see unfortunately they exchange everything unencrypted even the passwords. So anyone who wants to monitor your network traffic can get those sensitive data. Now the configuration file for open S-sh is in the C S-sh SIAC the config. My dad usually works very well and you don't need to make any changes on this flight. It contains a number of options and most of them are common. What is left out uncommanded is usually enough to work well. However there are a couple of options you might need to know if you want to increase the security of your server. One of them eats of with indication which you sit on. Ass and it's an option that specify if both indication using passwords is supported. Another option would be probably key fob key both indication which comes from public Quijote indication at the end it's set on yes and it's an option that allows you to connect to the server using a public key. Instead said the password another option for security reasons. It's a very important option and it's better to make a route logging and then they to comments like yes without password for commands only and no. In the previous versions it used to come with yes as a default value. No it's with password in order to increase the security of the server. And it's an option that if it's set on yes allows anyone to log in using the root account by setting this option to no or do without password it will make anyone log in as a local user force. And then acquirer's with privileges. This might prevent someone who has got the root password to logging into the server. Unless they have a local user Firstly or if they only have public keys now to log in on a server or using the password then Diggnation It's quite simple and it's S-sh and rude. And the IP or the name of the server. But these aren't work because on the other side what I'm trying to connect the connect right now they have the Paromita route logging set on without passwords so it doesn't work so I'm going to try it with a local user. No it worked and control the to disconnect to close the connection. Another way to logging into a set work through SS Sage is using the encryption keys and that is a pair of keys one public and one private and that related in a way that that by encrypted with a public key can only be created with the bading private key. This method improves the security of the server. Since that is Pskov cracking the password they eliminate the encryption keys are almost impossible to decipher. And additionally you can set the passphrase on the private key also. So let's get the generating the keys first. The I'm not on the client machine the machine I'm going to initiate the connection from and I need to add on. And CCH Tietjen minus the US A and I need to answer a couple of questions make the fire in the safe. The key and then I'm going to press enter because the default while it's already suggested within the brackets. And then a passphrase. Now this is optional. As I said having a passphrase set up the private keys good team someone who steals your private key cannot initiate connections without then letting the past pass grace through. However it has a downside that you need to type it all the time as if having a password so persecuted that he didn't say I'm going to set up a past race to. And again and the key was generated. Now the next step is to copy the public key to the set of where you need to connect to and you can accomplish this by running. S-sh called the stage copy and use thub for the complete and Sensage copyright. And the user went to the clinic. On the other set with the was on such these three and all the public was copied on the other set of all. Now we can go ahead and logging into the destination said what we thought. Entering the password. However it seems I had set up a passphrase I wouldn't need to type that every time I connect. Now I'm going to try to connect this sh Carmin 192 68 plus 133. And though I need to add that the postulates if I hadn't set up a boss raise I wouldn't have typed anything that way I would have been looking at the.