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English [Auto] Hello friends welcome to the course in this lecture we'll be talking about what is the why we need the and why it is getting so popular. On the other hand why it is so popular. So let's start what Jeter do what gene pool is exactly all about. If we say in a layman language we can say that Gita is a tool which handles project management or backtracking what actually is project management and book tracking and why we need a tool for them. Actually in today's scenario suppose in a project there is a team of 15 posters so it may be a case that half of the team would be sitting in India and half of the team is sitting in new is also out of those 15 team members. Are you with assurance professionals some are all abuzz some are thinly. There comes a situation that doing testing a lot of bugs are created when a bug is created it goes to that it is fixed then moves back to Q8 then it is closed so there's various cycles. There are project requirements. They are continuous change requests so within a project there is so lot of work lots of requirements a of issues handled in such a big distributing themes such issues true. Mail is not possible. If we communicate in the mail a lot of information won't be shared or will be unread. We maintain a tool which is known as project management tool which handles all this stuff. So if the supremacy Gina is a book tracking or project management let's see what exactly that hearer's backtracking Zerah is popularly known for backtracking. But cracking means that whenever cueist testing any bill and he finds some issues he locks a defect in the and assign it to develop. When developer fixes it assigned back to you personally verified during the testing of a product that it is used to handle and manage all the defects is known as cracking We can not handle it through mirrors because in a but there can be polls and of books so handling these thousands of books in a distributed analyst is not possible. So that's why we need a book tracking tool and Gita is a best and a popular bragging to issue tracking. So it is not gays that only but I entered in the system during the project management. There can be issues issues like there can be change request. There can be requirements they can be let's say a new added feature that task which are assigned to a developer is also an issue. What actually developer needs to do. We need to track all those stuff so you can be anything as a team leader. I want to know that during the start of a project what our task is allocated to my team the one me is that I open a notepad and write my developer's name and in front of them assign OK these four four four task they need to buck those to us which means using the Prozac. Those dogs would get a bit so handling those awful stuff in or pardon me that is not possible. So all is done through a portal issue tracking system and that is due to during a project manager there can be various cases of requirement the is starting of a sprint. So all those project management activities are done through Jira point regarding the project management is managers need reports management are not interested in how a single bug is going in a system. How many bugs are closing they know they need reports that in a month home any number of issues or bugs was raised and how well were closed. So Jeeta is a best tool to track these. It generates really fancy reports which helps the managers and the upper management to drag their project activities requirement management you know does it work well. Also it is done by a company known as the NSC and they have developed a product deara so similarly that the lesson company has developed some 10 to 15 more tools and have integrated them so that they can help each other. So requirement management at Lessin has run off of popular software and nowness on Flynt's which does the requirement management. We have added injera because more of a we talk about deara as a whole ecosystem. Virginia has this capacity because we can integrate the API. And conference with each other if you by the conference also it will automatically mean to get it ready to go. So requirement management is done very well. 3G to help that's really all know about this and all the people who are been calling us in day to day life when we have any shall we call customer care. So there is a portal which is managing all that stuff. Its a helpless portal which that provides in simple words we can say in and let you prioritize assign track and ordered your issues during all your project work. It handles your project. Whether its a requirement your project management your issue tracking if you have a project Giwa is a must you need to have. For now I can say that if you are in software industry specially if you are in software surance we then Jira is a must to which you should learn every companys every major companies are all using the Jeta. Once you go to Gitta you follow a process when you're not using a Jiya just an instant. Let's fix this issue Dollhouse's OK I will fix it and just test it. But if you go to the Jira if you log that bug into a cheetah it will be sure that it is fixed. It goes into the barrier and you know in which it is was pressed. So deara tracks all those activities. It makes the process in your project smooth. When we are talking about Jira Yes it does but tracking issue tracking project management required management of there. So for Henderson project requirement management there are other plugins we need to use Jeeta it can handle our day to day activities. I know many persons who are using Jiddah in their daily activities like you maintain a tourist so they maintain it on the dieta so that they can track their activities they can estimate their activities. It depends upon you how much you want to use in your life. Even easy language. It will ease your task which you are doing whether it's a project or anything. No as the we have Gerardia other project management tools other backtracking tools the other tools available. So why the customized issues as we have thought that indeed you can create bugs you can create issues. No Jira has not come up with the definite approach of the defined approach that you need to step the step in this you have to only do it like this. No Gielda is totally customizable. How the process goes in your project how it should go. Any change in this process feels or anything is totally customizable. So when I said before that you can use Jira in your personal life as well as youra in your project. You can use so definitely provides provide Somas customization so you can adapt it as per your needs. So every issue is customize reports. There are other tools available but detre don't love or really fancy reports as a professional when you're doing testing or data retesting B.S. our test reports. So it's a big effort of a tester to find how many bosy received how many test gets executed how many defects will log how many defects were closed today how many defects were reopened today. So there is a huge lot of data and management can anytime ask for any of these data. So to keep track of these records is not possible but with the help of Jira we can not only get the data. You can just have within a few seconds. Click to read a report that hijacks any type of chart. Very different jobs really fancy tocks having all the details within seconds you can generate. Attach it to your mail and you can just mail to the manager win and that is possible and within seconds that is one of the main reasons you get so popular notifications. It has a very powerful notification. You get instantaneous me as if someone is performing any activity on any issue created by you if you're getting confused. What is this dumb issue I've been talking about. It will be cleared in the later on lectures when we're talking about what the issue really is just now this issue maybe can be a defect. OK so you can subscribe to any defect that whenever any activity or process is changed in the effect I should receive a notification powerful search as we have discussed who can generate reports for the reports you can need data you can have very powerful search you have very powerful filters available. Secure the security in its own towns these days are very big companies. Popular companies majority of the software is using Jiya brac. You can easily track all the places extensible by extensible I mean that DEA has hundreds of plugins. Dina is a clear open source a licensed open source. You will find a number of plugins available. Some are free and some when you need to pay for it will be covering in a later lectures and what are these plug ins and all that stuff. Open Source D-Rays open source. You can download the code and start coding on it but it is a license software that is all about Deara. What is ZERO idea is a tool which helps in your day to day activities to maintain to manage your project.