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English [Auto] In this lecture we will be studying how we can install the Iranian system on google type Jira but this link that is at the last go at last in a company which has its one office product as Dida. If you go to the Appalachian in products you can see they have many products. They did a software conference conference is for documentation big book it is for code management repository source tree. They have that as a team. We are chatting and sharing software. So similarly they have many products. Some of them are popular like Visa and consulates are the most popular products of them all. Let's go back. So that this Wazira what they say. They say why that is so useful. They said that this tool makes blind and track the activities it handles all the pieces and it generates a very good report. It also says that you can choose of flow of fuel or Buffalo means that how the process should go in that depends upon you how you want to make it. They have many add ons and with add ons as deara is an open source license and open source. So there are many edges on available export. Adults have to. Let's go to the market place. So many of them are free also. And so many are paid. But they do provide a trial so you can just first try before buying go to 1 3 8 1. Add ons are present only for the loss of so many deals. Legan's this is a zephyr it is well known for popular ad and it is useful if you want. Right. Best guess is also ended up because you are does not support Bashkirs writing that it is not their skills writing tool but with a relation of the Z put in you know you can make this case also similarly there are that I don't know all you can use the last of byte Also it is used by many big companies that you can see here. And also it comes with the seven days replan. Now see it's pricing so that comes with two options one is cloud and another is self-hosted gloater means that all the GSR will be hosted on the cloud itself. You have just to create your own code then stack looking was self-hosted means that all the software would be installed on your local servers. Let's check the pricing for the cloud. Yes. For the cloud if the goal for 10 users then it would be $10 Bohman while for big themes it is like $75 for 15 users. So we can see that if your team is small and they are charging very less than $10 per month is very less as the number of users increases their prices also increase forces. You can see it is for $300 or you see the combat isn't what extent Nolla and Porterfield just stress free and so this is where the crowd Freising want to go for cheap pricing then you can go for self-hosted you can see for tenue that it is then dollar and it is a one time payment not the payment. And if you want to go for let me open for 500 users so that you can easily come up for €500 it is $18000 a one time payment and for 15 users if you want to pay then it is thrown thousand. So if you say the server ended up one time payment then its fine. It is very good. You are being just an $18000 and you are using life long. I will suggest you use the cloud. They give us 7 this trial we did subscribe to it practice it it you want to practice more. It's just $10 you can just buy it for more a month and can practice. It's not a very costly tool. Yes it is costly when the number of users and breathing all of you can start just click on try for free. We are interested in software documentation is gone and so we're not interested in other words. At last in protest we are only interested in the software so you can say it right for the so you can enter the details. Name email Bosler. And what is disclaimer your site what. Create your code it creates your Web site. It makes you your good. So Mike Yes I have and then help investors not at last inordinate. So when you start to see something like this that really come to at last in cloud that in mind is your new site is helping Tester's sort. At last in ordinate that you can just click on it and ready fiery. So let me. I have already verified it. Once you click there will be four to five minutes of processing going and then you're going to recreate it. Let's open it to my own asking me to log in use your password and log in to the software. A zero g as long as you can see that you are illis helping testis daughter at last inordinate this will be your dashboard looks like when you visit that first day. This is how you can install the. One more thing that for the learning purposes that provides two products to build type projects already simple products so you can just import that and start learning so you can import. You can go to create project. So I want to create a real data likely comes from software development. So it would be scrotums simple project and let me create another project also. That would be this simple project. Government project let me see you all projects so now and let me in June. Its name also in simple sympathic. So no we have the products that this scum assemble project and commence project. So this is how we can install the. And also we have imported two of the simple products as you can see now that dashboard is appearing to be just so that was all in the session in next session. We even start with that. What are these options and how to start working with it.