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In this lesson, you'll learn the reasons why you should start learning Japanese, and how to get started. There are countless reasons, but perhaps the biggest one of all, is that it could actually change your life! Learning a new language unlocks new pathways that are off limits to you now.

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English [Auto] I welcome the introduction to Japanese. My name is Aleesha And I'm joined by. Hi everyone. I'm RiseUp industries. Yunan everything you need to know to get started. Nine in Japanese. That's right. And we're here to help guide you through your journey in this lesson. You'll learn the reasons you should start learning a new language why you should learn Japanese in particular and how to get started. Let's begin with the most obvious question. Why long a new Langleys. There are countless reasons but perhaps the biggest one of all is that it could actually change your life. Learning a new language unlocks new pathways that are off limits to you. Now there are certain things that you simply cannot do without having the technical or cultural skills that come from learning a new language like walking or living in another country knowing another language provides you with greater job opportunities. You have the freedom to move to another country halfway around the world and earn a living or even better yet build a career from it instead of just being stuck in one place. Language allows you to visit or live in places that you may never have even considered going simply because that wasn't a possibility for you. Knowing another language simply gives you more options to choose from and learning a new language also helps you to be more open minded and to see to learn from a new perspective. Language and Culture go hand-in-hand. The world is a big place and by broadening your understanding of other cultures it allows you to be more empathetic and understanding of the many different ways that people live their lives. With language you're able to see and experience more which helps you to grow as a person. Learning a new language also improves your memory. Several studies have consistently shown that those who study another language have improved memory as opposed to those who didn't learn another language learning another language. Also keeps your brain healthy by significantly delaying the onset of Alzheimer's and dementia. This difference can be as much as four to five more years of quality life. And those are just some of the reasons you should learn another language. The list just goes on and on. Now you know the benefits of studying another language. But why should you learn Japanese in particular. Have you ever heard of Gimel Mario or PlayStation where they came from Japan. Japanese pop culture is huge. Many of the animations comics and games that are loved by people from all over the world were created in Japan. Not everything gets translated either. So unless you know Japanese You're missing out on a lot of amazing things the Japanese pop culture has to offer. And what about the fact that Japan is the third largest economy in the world. Japan has one of the largest electronic goods industries in the world and is the world's third largest automobile manufacturer. It's also one of the highest ranked countries in terms of innovation. Knowing Japanese opens up many business opportunities and knowledge of the language of Japanese culture their work ethic and business etiquette can go a very long way in the world of business. Oftentimes it could even make or break an important business deal. Knowing Japanese then will put you ahead of the pack. Japan has one of the fastest growing tourism sectors in Asia and actually Japan will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. We should add that the majority of the Japanese population can't speak English. So if you're planning on making a few friends in Japan being able to speak at least some Japanese will get you a long way. There are many World Heritage sites for you to see and enjoy in Japan. Perhaps the most famous one of all. An absolute icon of Japan is Mt. Fuji the highest mountain in Japan. And that is spot that I really like is he Magic Castle. It's one of the finest examples of Japanese I could picture you having a period of few days in Japan. Japan has a colorful history that spans thousands of years. The feudal period of Japan the age of the Samurai lasted for nearly a millennium. Most notably the country saw an unprecedented two hundred fifty years of peace and prosperity giving rise to artistic cultural and social development. All of which you can see and enjoy museums across Japan today. So clearly there are many many reasons why you should learn Japanese. OK then we've talked about why you should start learning a language and why you should start learning Japanese. But how should they get started Reesa. Well it's as simple as learning your first word in Japanese and building up from there. The good news though is that you already know some Japanese sushi somewhere and I cannot get. These are words that have made their way into English but the reverse is also true. Many English words have also made their way into Japanese. I scootin beat it up. In fact 10 percent of all Japanese words used today come from English. This means that you already know a little more than 10 percent of all the words that exist in Japanese. Let's teach you something you might not know but is very useful. All. It means thank you in Japanese. That's a useful phrase. Can you explain a little bit about what these characters are though. Sure that's actually the Japanese writing system code to Kanneh. And it's not as hard as it looks. Doesn't use alphabetical letters in its rating system like English does. Instead we use a set of characters code kana. You can think of each character as a syllable. We got though. You'll learn the Japanese writing system eventually but for now let's put up some romanization to help get you started. This romanization is called low energy and it allows you to read Japanese before you become familiar with Japanese characters. That certainly makes things much easier to learn. Well ok then. Now listen and repeat after reset arigato. Now you try arigato your turn again arigato Well done now you know how to say thank you in Japanese. We've covered a lot of things already. So why don't we wrap up the first lesson and recap on what we've learned in this lesson you learn that studying another language has many benefits such as providing new job and business opportunities. Japan has a colorful history with many things for you to see and learn and to say thank you in Japanese. It's all in the next lesson. We're going to demystify Japanese pronunciation by taking a look at the sounds of Japanese. So be sure to watch the next video. See when the next lesson. Bye bye.