[For Linux/Mac OS Shell Newbies] Path and other Environment Variables

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If you are unfamiliar with softwares that require working with a shell/command line environment, this video will be helpful for you. It explains how to update the PATH environment variable, which is needed to set up most Linux/Mac shell based softwares. 

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English [Auto] A lot of the times when you're working with you and so there's that you need to learn from the Shen and then you have to set up a rated R rated but in this way you. Let's try and understand what the pathway is why it need it and how you can set it up whenever you're working with any UNIX software installed. Some Unix Linux based software you've gone through the installation instructions. I know no one to type in some command shell on the ground when you're typing that out but the Sheldan might not found it. If you ever Angolans such an edit it is very likely that the fix is going to be to set up a fight with him and the reason you're gonna get this error is because Yushin is not able to recognize this command or it doesn't know where to find the software. And on this command. One way to make this work would be to navigate to the home for the radio of install the software. So here I'm just navigating to the home for the big software. And once you get into that the earth if you list the contents of that for the most likely you will see back in the context that is a folder quite a bit. This is before when I saw this come on Saturday available. So if you wanted to run the beef Camargue For example if you tried it on it now from within the home folder of the big software by also specifying the location of the big mind as been slash bake then the shell is actually able to find and recognize this and execute it. So all you need to do is basically navigate the big home directory and then try to run the game on. The onus is on you to remember the part of software and addictively. Now let's say you didn't want to remember that all the time and you didn't actually set up a variable with a name that is easy to remember. I'm going back to the software home directory. The export command creates a variable called big hole and assigns the value of the big software home directory BlackBerry for whenever you want to refer to the sediba later on you will have to use Dorland peacoat. So here we are just bending the volume of the radio. This work on the screen using the bike. Now it can be a series of steps. We've only been navigating through the big home directory. I think they've been slashed Big Mac. So I did one step in the Internet we don't have to remember by Harke though home directory spot. But this is still a little tedious. Every time you run from the big guy you have to navigate in the home that has to be off topic so that this is where the creativity comes at the bottom to basically consists of a list of directories. Whenever you Donica Mangini or shell the shell can look in that list of good activities specified in the box waiting for that particular market. So all we need to do is do I. The big hole Slash has been directed me to this spot where the produce list we do that by finding that location to the bottom. So here we're setting the bar where people are using that expert mind again to assign a value to the. Let's look then if can be written on the site what value is being assigned to the factory. First we've got the current value of the part where the dollar but just gives us this string which is containing the cardless under the trees inside the bottom of the barrel. Then we use a colon to bring another stream and to act as a separate grid. Read the original manuals. And the new strain that is being up and finally have the home slashed been with just the location of the minds of state I guess is being appended to the list of directories in the bottom of the bill. Are there any dust clouds. Let me also show you another phase in which you can take the back a bit. Here's one example in this example we are being made that news off first location at the beginning of the list of directories in the previous years we were bending it at the end of the list. You have to also choose to enclose this entire string in quotes. This is optional in this case but in case you are bending some street which spaces within that street and of course would be helpful. So once you set them this where be free and updated. You can just directly type in the command speak of the command without navigating to automatic to be off key. And it runs just fine. So not a mover on that because I'm getting key from this come on. How long would the fix establish. Daniel what I am for that is the next time you open your shell that is if you close this shell and open up a new shift in that new shent when you applied do look like the big home going back to the Audi if you tried to become like again they were not what this is because any changes to where it was that you make in your mission. I really I only thought back sessions so every time you open up your shell you'll need these two come. Setting up the big call that actually there isn't a big box really. Luckily in Linux I'm in my office and that is a good product the bash profile it doesn't run every time you open up your --. So any commands that you wouldn't include this could it get done every time you open up the machine. This is the address of the Bashkir fight to get your home ready it could be. I'm. Bosh underscored refine is the name of the script in my book online that's the name of the script is dog bash Azzi open up the script using ex-editor I'm using the non-rhotic sniggered. And once the text book does opens the script I then both Stuka mind setting up the Holmberg doing OK so that I update the background and. Once you are done if you are using them not extend good Desprez come through on X to exec and just like to save your teachers and this client you have just added so much use apostrophized. This doesn't mean that those commands have already been run. If you go back and drive to the big command again you will still get the command not long after. That's because the bash profile hasn't yet been run. So either you will have to close the dominant and on and on again so that the bash profiles will come when you on on the net or you get my money from the boss to refine your sentence using this or something that when you're trying to run the big mine it grew up just fine. To summarize whenever you have a Unix or Linux or macros then be so bad that you would run from your Shange you might have to update your clock and you would update the box like everything you aren't Bosher fight one to a degree or dash predefined. Either run the batch file money released or the open you are dominant and that combined with the other for you is one of your check.