Install the AWS Command Line Interface on macOS

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English [Auto] Doesn't see the process of installing the AWOS command line interface on our Mac or as I view using my MacBook you can see all these steps to install the CLID tool on your Macintosh. This is the document that we going to be having to do this run all the command on our terminal. I will be including this document with this lecture so that you can also refer to this. And this copy and paste it commands and perform this mission. We have three commands that we're going to be running. The first command or the call command will help us download the CNN bundled as toner. Then the second command will help us to unzip the package. And finally the towed command. Run the install executable. Let's not just go to our menu and click on the terminal and expand its size. Now you can copy and paste all these commands one by one since I'm I would be including this document with this lecture. You can do is perform the copy and paste operation the same way as I'm doing right now. It's copy a command and paste that on the terminal and press enter. This will download the folder and once it has been done let's go back to the document and let's copy and paste it. This is a command so that you can extract the contents of the folder. Now already have the contents Donard before. So I got to replace all of these. So this press a l l this Taffer all so that I can replace all the contents. Now since you've been doing for the first time you dord me to go to this very step that I'm doing right now. Let's press enter and this food override or replace all the files. Now let's get done that this all this time in clear the command that you're going to be running. Would be the Suda command to run the install executable. So this would finally complete the process of this installation as I type in my local machine password that I use to sign on and it would take its own sweet time to complete the installation. That's right as you can see the installation has been completed. Now to verify that the installation has been successful you have to run this simple command the command goes as a W is spays dash dash version and present all if you get the output. The voice of the CNI and the python. This means that the installation has been successful. This is the entire process of installing the see a lie on your Mac OS.