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English [Auto] Welcome to 7 most likely Regnault we will discuss about what is called landing page optimization and conversion rate of dimension. So in short form what is called L P O and C are all. Now what is a landing page. Is a page from SCMP search engine result page. If I use the search in Google or Yahoo or Bing and they get a list of websites they are in the æsir be and they click on any particular website that link the page the land up on is called The Learning page. For example we take here in Google we search with sales page writing service and we see this is the list of organic results up from here it is starting from here. The organic results. And you see the 7 most result is a top. Now if you click on this particular page so you learn on seven most internal page that is called the sales Speedwriting page it says that you are here and you see this page. So this is called our landing page. Any user from searching your resume page their lending whatever page that page is called a landing page. Now mostly we know the landing pages mostly for any website the home page is the most important landing page and there are certain guidelines that we would follow to develop your landing page. Now there is no hard and fast rule that Google or any other search engines will decide what is a landing page or not. You have to decide. As for your business as for your customers potential customers you have to decide how many landing pages you want to create and what would be your most important learning pieces for seven months. Reconsider our homepage is a most important learning page and we can also create another service we provide that is our online training and also classroom training in Kolkata. So we provide we build up the academic ph as a landing page. So it depends on the business owner depends on the webmaster's what they will decide and what other pages they will create as landing page. Now there are certain rules to develop a landing page. Now take another example. So for landing page what we can see these are the six points that you need to focus while creating you're learning you're learning pieces. Now first rule is a three second lead must taste. Now what is this. This is basically whenever a user they are coming on a landing page from Google search results from SCMP. They are very impatient. They don't have much time to browse or wait on your web page and see everything in detail. So for the first three seconds is very important. In these three seconds you have once or three questions What are you what you do and what benefit you can give your potential customers. So they would ask your potential customers arse who are you. What do you do and what benefit they can get from you. So the very first glance on your landing page you should pro-health this information. Now the first idea that we can see on the screen. So we start from this area from this area. We can start and we can see up to this area. So this is called above the fold area above the fold area. You should clearly have these three second litmus test information for example for seven more so you can see where we have written that the benefit part you can see this is seven most dot.com and you can see the regional marketing consulting is there so you can understand that this is a digital marketing company. You can also see here seven MOSIS a premier digital marketing agency in India. You can see the benefit part here increase zeolites visibility engagement and Ottaway and also in affordable 360 degree solutions. And you can see also be used as you go model here. So the benefit is clearly written over here. So this is clearly signaled it must taste. Nope the other part is called The Heat map John. And what is heat map that means most of the cases most in most of the Internet users they normally start weaving that Web site from this leftmost corner. Then their eyes move to right then their eyes move to move back in early that in a lake this way I'm moving my mouse over here like this way and their eyes then move to the right hand direction like this area. This pattern is called heat map in this heat map. You have to place your most important things. So that's the reason you can see most of the Web sites they have the low when the left corner left off corner and then you can see the most important navigation links are here like digital marketing like testimonials like contact. Now you see the benefit part written over here clearly now you'll see in the right hand side there is a contact form and the orange send button that is very prominent and clear. So this button is called Call to Action button or CTE. So you can see we're here we have written the tagline point in the city at the call to action but now you have to remember call to action button. You should not give more and more options there because your exit funnel should be ready your exit should be in one single point so you have to thoroughly check about your exit funnel. So don't throw away many options away here other ways your potential customers will be confused. So would Wanley one want to most important call to action buttons in the above the fold area take another example. So we see this website full well and or come you'll see again the logo and left hand side you can see clearly that send flowers anywhere it is written over here so you can understand where they are. Now you can see the most important navigation that links gifts to India blogs shopping cart track order log in their customer care and toll free numbers. Then you can see the navigational Megami with all these categories and you can see the moving slider where they are. They have written about the benefit like midnight delivery. Everything is there. And also you can see the call to action button here gift and gift now also request a call here here you can see so this is also being the rule of landing page. They named the first points we have discussed. Now let's move to the fourth point. One is called trust and credibility. Now you have to put you up build up the trust for your potential customers because digital marketing everything is about content. We're not talking with them face to face. So everything we have to present in a candid format so that trust and credibility factory is very important here. So you have to put your testimonials. You have to put your clients. You have to put value testimonials. You can also put some kind of state the stakes for your company so that that will give you the credibility for your potential customers. Apart from that you have to also differentiate your business from the crowd that is called the USP unique selling proposition so that you also you have to mention that on your landing page. And most importantly your landing page must contain the relevant keywords that people are searching for that particular page and you should have a very unique well-researched content on your landing page. So these are the most important guide lines we can see here. So it must test then heat map then this is called English injured eye movement from left to right and the most of the Internet users they see from left to right and as badan now coming into the city about call to action button that we are restrain then. Trust and credibility but then the unique selling proposition the differentiation factors from others and last and most important is the relevant key words from the right to your subject and topic of that particular page. Take another example here. For FNB com we can see again the low with the left side and you can see the same delivery at the Benefit parties on the left hand side you can see the applications you can see the track order part. Then you can see lambic many when Megami new navigational menus over here you can see the USPS here the benefits they are providing here and you can see clear contradiction but no we're here now along with the clear categories here. So this is another format of landing page. Now we see this Web sites to be the dot.com you can see what it does. Again the same pattern the logos on the left side then you're in the right hand side you can see the most important navigational lens and you see the messaging part the industry standard for premium WordPress themes along with three icons that is compatibly for all devices. So in one single line they have described the benefit part. What they do now see with this clear arrow with lots of white space over here it's very clean and clutter free design. See how they have built up the Trott's to see where you were like 64000 Pariset on the stress to your piece teams and they have given to call direction buttons who are here and again they have written here the best of the best among what price premium Cremo. So they are building the credibility now. See here you see the white eugenicists they have given the ADA reason so were here like this way so we can leave the plate or leave the page. So everything is in this page and lots of white space being laid over here. And if you move down then you see the big faces that here. They are very popular. This is again the credibility fact we love thing. Now you see they have repeated again the call to action but so were here. So this is a typical landing page guideline. We can see so far as words for your web site search engine optimization you need a landing page a very good landing page. As for the guide lines this is very crucial for your digital marketing effort. Thank you.