What is 3D?

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In this part you will learn, what is 3D, which are the most popular 3D softwares and more.

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Learn Cinema 4D from Scratch Fast and Easy

In this course you will learn in a fast way, how to create your own 3D models, Texturing, Animation and much more!!

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  • At the end of this course, you will be able to create 3D modeling and scenes and you will be able to animate it, texure it and lightning. In this course you will get the basic knowledges in order to start creating very good 3D designs in order to get more clients and work in this fascinating industry!.
English [Auto] Hello welcome to these new BDO in the Quran. So in this chapter we all will talk about what east three. So let's get started. Explain a bit about dimensions in a truer So there truth dimension is one d day one the what this means. This means that only one property can be visible. For example with a year you can see with so example a shallow but we have to the sort we have to the into the we can see that we have with an Hey. So these two together form to the dimension. OK. Here you can see. So cartoons that you see in the for example you can see all of these are into the because just half the height and I'm with these two Propert. So we have 3-D. Let's the some for your greedy that in 3-D. We have trees for property. So with high and the we can see that in the market for example we have the right here we have why in the mean do we have. See that is the one tool tree. We have treat the. So when I have add to the element and I am the. Accu and this is 3D. This is 3D so because of that is Coale 3 D because high white and the gray so you can see that the software is called cinéma for the. And you will ask what is 4-D. Yes there are four dimension that is the time. The time is a dimension number four. So each side in an A or B you can do any major to you can you can do really mourner's and animations. So because of that the software is called TDMA or the so now let's talk a bit about some software 3D software. Use it in the industry to be the so it's important that the you know in these kind of software it because it's important to know to know about the things that you like. They like to do this on for example we have x me looks make these a little bit in Tiger OK. We have to the studio Max VDX we ha Maja we how they're Reno. All right no stereo we have wait we have sauf you match so immersed CDMA or DE and no other really software other than there are in the news. So in this case we will also see enough for the. So this is all or these lation. And then I will see you in the next step. They those programs Soulforce are so professional or very good but it already is so professional too. And it's very easy to use. It's very user friendly.