Here Is How to determine If You Should Have a Meeting

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Learn How to determine If You Should Have a Meeting

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Leading Effective Meetings - You Can Lead Effective Meetings

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English [Auto] When planning your meeting the first really big thing you need to think about and contemplate is do you actually need a meeting at all. Could this perhaps be done with a simple email. Could you perhaps just get one or two people on the phone and have a quick 10 minute phone call. So many organizations the default mode of thinking about things is let's hold a big meeting. Next thing you know you've tied up dozens of people and 50 or 60 man woman hours of corporate or organizational time time out ask yourself what is the worst thing that would happen if we don't hold a meeting on the subject if the answer is not much. Maybe you should opt in favor of not having the meeting. One of the things that makes meetings really effective in most organizations is the sense that it's truly about something important. That could only be dealt with in a meeting if you are too promiscuous in holding meetings all the time. They will lose their luster. They will lose their effectiveness so that's the first big question. Could this issue be dealt with in some way other than face to face meetings.