Face to Face Meeting Versus Skype Versus Phone

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English [Auto] Next big question let's say it can't be handled just by a simple email or memo but does it have to be a face to face meeting. These days it's very simple to use some technology Skype. Go to Web and are some form of video conferencing where people can stay right at their desk because if you have a meeting even if everyone is in the same building several things happen they have to walk to it. Some will get there early. Some get on time. Someone toe stretches along the way and when you're in a room meetings tend to last longer than if it is done in a virtual environment. So always ask yourself Is this potentially a meeting that could be done through some video platform especially when you're talking about flying people in from other locations. You dramatically save on money and even more dramatically. In most cases on the amount of time you're taking for people if someone has to fly from another city for an hour long meeting you're essentially taking two days out of their life their productive life. If the whole meeting is done through live Skype video you're taking just one hour. So that's the next big question you have to answer.