Urgent vs Important: The Simplest Way To Stay Productive

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Leadership: Stop Mistakes Start Doing the Right Things Vol.4

Improve Your Leadership Skills - Learning How to Avoid Procrastination

50:39 of on-demand video • Updated October 2017

  • ORGANIZE your life, doing more in less time
  • CREATE a great, achievable week planner
  • REDUCE unnecessary stress
  • DEVELOP discipline
  • LEARN how to be assertive when you want to say NO
  • STOP procrastinating and feeling frustrated when you don’t keep your promises
English [Auto] Welcome to a new course I'm really happy that you join me in this course. I will help you. So postponing the most important goals in your life is that if certain goals are very important for you then you should be constantly working to make them come true. But what happens most of the time the laziness distractions denial or willingness for security and external crisis we put important things at the bottom of our To Do list. So these cars will give you the power to say yes to the most important things in your life and no to peer pressure and less important things that just distracting you. I'm pulling you down. First we have to clarify and understand we're origin things and important things to us regarding to the time what they are expected to be accomplished on the level of importance in your life. Important things should go first according to your personal goals and mission in life. Most of the time there aren't. It's a simple task but they have a lot of impact in your short term or long term future. So you must do them and do them fine Argent things are the ones which have to be done as soon as possible require your presence demand your immediate attention and tend to be these little tasks that you respect little less time that they actually do. Shankar explains what kind of person you might be depending on where you put Cassar-Daley most of your energy into this is between important urgent things that in the next chart. So first it goes up procrastinator is the one that has important things but makes them Argent is the one that has a test tomorrow. It's always late his car breaks down. He has lots of stress. Next we have the jazzman is the one that takes Arjun things but they are not important is a while who is always texting Hospira pressure. He pays attention to other people's small problems. He has a lot of destruction. Does Lucker here that is not important. There are things he knows everything about social media. He's a time waster. He has a mindless gossip. He has more time for hobbies than for starting on working at last. We have to prioritize or where we all want to be. He's the one that takes important things make them in time so they are not Argent he's great at planning and goal setting. He works out. He has great relationships. He also relaxes as you might have figured out very well we are constantly focused on the origin. Things such as Skull's messages interruptions others problems unexpected bits and so on we forget about the important things that require our time and concentration. I invite you to do a personal analysis and figure out what type of person you tend to be most of the time in the next video. I'll explain each one of the quadrants that will help me understand why you could be active in a specific way. How can you improve your time management.