How to Stop Overcome Procrastination, and Finally Get Things Done

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Leadership: Stop Mistakes Start Doing the Right Things Vol.4

Improve Your Leadership Skills - Learning How to Avoid Procrastination

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  • ORGANIZE your life, doing more in less time
  • CREATE a great, achievable week planner
  • REDUCE unnecessary stress
  • DEVELOP discipline
  • LEARN how to be assertive when you want to say NO
  • STOP procrastinating and feeling frustrated when you don’t keep your promises
English [Auto] Are you a procrastinator if you're sure this isn't the next hive it's every procrastinator feel or they to fly with do get up late you tried to be an all nighter and then they your important tasks to the early a.m. finally joined in with a series of energizing jobs which stop when you suddenly realize that it's already the next afternoon. Andrew Arnotts finished ever time is your bedtime. You don't know when to sleep or when to wake up. So you simply sleep when you want to sleep or I must say when you want to procrastinate you don't have a certain time to start working which makes it hard to get anything done. You are getting the active eating drinking or nail biting calms down for a while when you are nervous and stress but you just do it to get away from the boring to the list that you have on your shoulder. When is too hard to give up. Get in love with your new beginnings a new movie to watch or a new piece of cake to it. Just to stress that the only way to get out of the things you haven't finished is to give up you no longer trust yourself. You never keep a promise especially to yourself. Just stop making them because there's no point in promising something that you are not likely to do. And be hard workers. Do admire how organized hard workers are you really admire them. I do want to be the same but deep inside you believe that you can't. Your life is unpredictable to you. Procrastination became a rather habit and you can't predict your day before it begins. You know what you can and what you can to do overcoming your bad habits seem impossible to you or a very long term goal. The last time you hit the gym today gets a go with about sleeping habits. Worry about eating behavior. Getting fit is just a dream. Very good at selling diet plans but you can never implement them. Dear friends always complain they're always late for an appointment just simply don't get along with the idea of being on time you're always in a hurry. Because being early is boring as hell and hard to you have a messy room or a messy workplace. You only clean it when you have an even more boring task to do. It never seems to be too late. You always having to do always having off time or at least that's what you keep telling to yourself. Do I enjoy dreaming about the future. When you don't know how to motivate yourself to work through it daydreaming becomes an addiction. It always seems very easy until you do it. You see people making it and it looks easy but when you try it it is not. This goes from a body transformation to a business plan. Isn't the EXCITED. But never get along with hard work. Do you have no weekends because you don't know when to rest your nights and days are the same. Weekends are when you work on midweeks is when you rest. We're far from being organized Jollof fool RS This means that when it's 751 problems you'll start at eight and when it's eight thirty two you set an alarm for 9. If you have a single wish it is to have more self-discipline and you really believe in dot. So these are common hobbies of procrastinators. If you find yourself having more than seven of them you can be sure you are one of those and you must do something about it. As soon as possible what is exactly procrastination. Everyone put things off until the last minute sometimes but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and deliberately look for extractions. Procrastination reflects on or struggle with self control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we gonna feel tomorrow or the next day. Then he starts a downward spiral of negative emotions. The terror future effort procrastinator's often say that they perform better under pressure but more often they are just justifying the fact of putting things off. Perfectionists are often procrastinators because it is psychologically more acceptable to never tackle a task than to face the possibility of having an incomplete performance. So how can you stop procrastination as you know already. Procrastination leaves things for later until they become ardent such as when you study all night for a very important test. Or when you do not are there to record the little flaws of your own car until it's standstill this quadrant causes a lot of tension and rally. It allows you to perform with your full potential. It doesn't mean that you don't care about your goals you just want dedicate the effort that it requires. Are you hoping in the beginning. Why. Because of lack of time of course. So procrastination generates a lot of exhaustion and frustration. Because you want to be like the others who never stress. But it all starts with a simple choice between work now on a given project and doing something else either working for a different project doing something fun or doing just nothing at all. The decision to work on something is driven by how much you value accomplishing one task. In that moment what psychologists call it subjective value and procrastination is what happens when the value of doing something else outweighs the barrio of working now. This way of thinking is just a simple trick to defeat procrastination. Find a way to both the objective value of working out relative to the value of doing another thing. One way to increase the value of completing a task is to make the finish line look closer. For example we've been imagining a future war for us delay discounting. Working in the project can also be unattractive due to the simple fact that working takes effort. This list is a prediction that people will procrastinate more. The harder they expect the world to be. The scientists show that people procrastinates more with place and time. This suggests that reducing the pain of working on a project for example breaking it into smaller pieces will be an effective way to reduce procrastination. So next I'm going to give you five things that you can do to take control of your time and stop procrastination. Stop procrastination. In this video I will give you an easy step by step Drobo procrastination that will help you to be 70 percent more effective in 15 days or less warranted set priorities. First take a step back and think about your larger life goals. Then decide what the goals are most important to you. Make those goals smart. This means specific measurable attainable relevant and time bound and break them into pieces. If you want to know more about setting great motivational and achievable goals in my course how to set motivational goals and go for them. Are you a career guy to set smart goals. So I would personally recommend you to go or have a local it is with compliment your knowledge and improve your planning. Our last tip the most useful one by on the agenda or download an app that helps you to start organizing your time. For example in this case I'm going to be a single Collender a very user friendly platform that allows or Android to synchronize with it. I personally recommended Very much so first where I recommended to do it's true. What is your words. Our universities Kitchell or in this example both see from 12 a.m. 7:00 a.m. has lips from eight to. She goes to university and from four to 30 she works in the office. Don't forget to order it in and slipping hours. As you can see this kind of schedule is always heard and doesn't depend on you so it won't change for some time. It is like blocking the time from your weekly schedule because you can do anything else in that moment. The remaining hours is a time when do the all your personal tasks regarding your personal relationships. Do these homework and bills when you Bassoul lies. How many hours ave you have totally free. You realize that they are not that free after all because you are supposed to do other things in that time in order to accomplish your to do list. So it is important to be fully aware of how much time do we have every day in order to set realistic goals and fully complete our task before resting are completely relaxing. This will make us able to organize and follow an action plan. Otherwise those three hours will feel like they were five over last and certainly do realize that you had only fulfil two of the five things you had to do or you will find yourself finishing all their tasks stressed and with less sleep. The next step should be writing with different colors. Every task regarding the Importance of Them. For example thats in my in two days Monday and these are the things that you have to do. Study for Wednesday tests trigger room. Buy a dress for Saturday's party. Call your mom. Walk the dog and pay the bills. The caller refers to the importance of the task. Every Kamon breath for the most important ones. For example study for the test and paying the bills are the most relevant things for that day. Why. Perhaps that exam is very difficult or the deadline for the bills is on Tuesday anyway. You must do them the next once in order of importance are the green ones. It means they are important but not urgent and the blue ones are not that important to us. This means that if you cannot do them for any reason nothing will happen you just will need to do them another day. What I must say that we have to be very careful with them because we tend to postpone these little talks until they become Argenter like calling her mom. Imagine your mom feeling upset for her boating talking to her or with long so let's do an example with her to the list. We have to do on Monday so first we have to study for Wednesday tests and we you started with that one because it's breath because it has the highest percent. So I would definitely do it. It is Gadgil let's say from three to four we created event and then we change the color. If you click on they didn't press event and then you get to choose a color so you can save all the same color you had in your previous list. The next thing would be pay the bills. Because Israel also has 20 percent of your energy but lets emollient the bank is gonna be close by down. So what I would do is move this task here that you can do at night and plays the other way. Here is what I was saying about being flexible but realistic you are still accomplishing your task and goals you are being flexible. And they did it. RATH and say how many hours do you have left. OK here's an hour or two more. So next year you can choose the green ones. So maybe after studying we can add another activity like walking the dog that could also relax you after sighting for the test. We are very sad that buying a dress for Saturday's party was not that intelligent do it on Monday because of all the activity. Well read it. But what about cleaning the room or calling your mom maybe the last thing that you can do in this day is cleaning your room. And since it only requires 10 percent of your energy you can live with for the last thing in your day. So this is how you set realistic achievable schedule every day. First love your schedule when you sleep when you study when you work. And also when you eat if you can then place your most important tasks which are the red ones. The sergeant from the one that has the highest percentage plays lasering ones blue ones and the hours that you have left the ONLY are left here is from two to three in the afternoon. So maybe we could place your lunch. So here's an example of how you can manage your time and how you do it. Also I really recommend you to try it for at least a month and see how you manage with it. Be realistic. If you are like most people you are likely to overestimate when you can get done. You may forget that you are less productive when you are tired as you are bound to be interrupted or that you may encounter issues along the way like a printer jam that sidetracked your time and attention. Take your initial estimate of how long it will take you to get a task done and then increase it by at least 25 percent to begin with see how well this works and adjust it up or down as needed. Another thing I personally suggest is to out next to the name of the task. How much of the 100 percent of your days energy and attention it will require like this. The point is to divide all your Monday toss within that 100 percent. I remain realistic. For example study for Wednesday's test for the present. Clean your room temperature and buy a dress for Saturday. Party 30 percent calls your mom 20 percent. Walk the dog chirpily cent and pay the bills 20 percent. That percentage just means the time will take to do them regardless if they are complex stressing or demanding. Like I said in the last point we must start with the red ones always doesn't matter if their percentage is low right now. After identifying which are your rather ones first then are the them according to the percentage that they have with the ones with higher percentage first. So in this case we would be starting from the one that takes more of our concentration which is a starting for a Wednesday test. Then paying the bills because the study for the Wednesday test is 40 percent. I'm paying the bills 20 percent after I finish in the red ones which are moved to the green and blue ones. But what happened here if you realize when you are all the percentages were in our 100 percent of Mondays energy. So maybe we should choose one of the less important things. I'll leave it for tomorrow. Always being aware of how much energy we will have after finishing with one's for example buying a dress is important and takes 30 percent of your energy because you will be alone while trying dresses more so probably it is not the best idea to do it. After starting and paying all the bills because you will be always 60 percent exhausted. You get the idea. So maybe you can leave it for Tuesday or Wednesday but definitely not try the be flexible but remain realistic. This means that perhaps you cannot accomplish your task. Or if you plan to do two different situations out of your control but always keep it as close as your daily action plan and try to accomplish most of your To Do list on time. Limit interruptions limiting. How often do you get interrupted. Is the key to getting things done. Wear earphones closure of his door. If you can't set your computer not to bang with every email or turn of the sun on your phone make sure the kids are entertained during the time that you are planning to work. Our delegates who want to watch them if you can get to work well at home leave the house and work in the library or a quiet coffee shop optimize your environment your embarkment can help or hinder your productivity. Look for the room with better light and less noise. Make sure you have everything you need before you start working and make yourself comfortable. I have a close to you reward good behavior some other reward. If and only if do do what you set out to do. Do not let yourself watch another episode of that Netflix show. Check your social media or get lunch until you complete what you have schedule is set up using this task and distractions to procrastinate. Make them contingent on you actually finishing what you scheduled yourself to do. Drop perfectionism. Perfectionism is an all or nothing set off mine. Something is either perfect or you is a failure. People with perfectionist tendencies tend to wait until things are perfect in order to perceive. So if its not perfect you cannot be finished or if it is not the perfect time. Do you believe you can start this all or nothing mentally can hold you back from Sergeant uncomplete and toss. Instead focus on being better than perfect. This means to still strive for excellence or setting yourself up with excellent conditions but at the same time you focus on getting the job done.