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English [Auto] So are living in a world of Internet where Internet is everything. And to access the Internet we have decs that leg and mobile and our work is not inside our mobile. This would mean the Internet works on a simple protocol which is called hypertext grants or or simply at UDP and protocol just as a rule. Because rules are rules. But in the beginning of the Internet Internet are designed to share information between one computer to another computer placed above. But because we are living in in 2017 and this means we need machine to machine ducking and what is that. Suppose you have one machine and another machine bought machine work on a different kind of operating system different language different situations and they have to deal the data between these two. And all of these processes happen without the involvement of the humans. But you know the actual skill of any machine is it's software. So actually Vini software is to. That's cool but do we need the machine to machine talking. Let me explain you actually IMT is the future. And what I stand for. I mean the Internet of Things in the future. You have the house or you have a car and you can access the house or you can open and close the door stop stop Gisele or see something like that. And also that car you can send information about how much fuel that Hamada speed is dead and not only that even a simple toaster can be included in Internet of Things can be accessed by using Internet that cool but these are the broadest Dude the machine. Yeah. That means we the humans can the machine by using the browser and this kind of human. And whenever you request any page via a browser you will get the data along with that as human anti-acid because its intended to design to have the page looks more readable for human by machine with machine related data. So what we have to do with think about ya here comes our abs and what EPA is EPA is application programming interface and interface means connecting any two and that's exactly what we want but what can EPA can do for us if we allow software program to communicate with each other and DECT exactly our sole purpose. OK. Again we look and Web and program API. But in this we are only talking about the vet API. But what VBA can do for us. So suppose you have at the time all you have a mobile app and in mobile app you want to get the weather information and them G-Mac for your user but did your device cannot have a sends or two sends the weather information and it has it contains only that information where the mobile is placed not the information offered. All right but there are some of the upside which can give you the data or the vendor information of any entity in the world. So here is the interesting point. So lets see some examples. Lets go to groomed and open open weather map dot ID I give you the information of whether of every big city in this world. So lets talk about Mumbai to search for Mumbai and you will get them here. And here is the information. Lets search about London and you will search for London. London is here London U.S. sky is clear. Everything is good. But how will I get this information on my mobile app. So far that heroin's our API. So you can see here is the API data and lets get this current weather data and lets search for London. So new Dabb and you will get the data out like this. So actually the same data we have received here is now in a structured way here. So this is actually the machine readable data and this is the human readable data. And I think you got the point to think about API and the video you can take the order from you go to kitchen and come back with the order you have played. Similarly I can get the request from the machine go back to server and get back the data to the requested machine. But what we have to do to create an IP I actually know that there are many developers in the world having knowledge of this kind of languages. So we need a concept or a structure way of creating an API so that everyone in this world. That means every developer can swallow that way. Here comes our hero called rest and OK and not ignore this kind of threat. So you have to go. So babay going to rest stands for rather then additional data transfer and what it mean by that. Its not a slow. Its a concept design or architecture. What architecture mean architecture if you heard this word you will come up like this picture but the actual meaning of the architecture is the Ogger practice of designing and constructing buildings are the buildings the word same is true with the rest. Also we are going to build our data in a structure or a proper way. OK so suppose you have a lot of data you have to structure it. Think about this as the database having many kind of tables having many relationship. And if a machine requested data from your server then you will give the data in a different form and different stand for Java Script object notation and how it's looked like it looks like this. So the machine will get the data in this format as we have seen on the vendor API dot org and you can see that calibrated then query pages and all the information in this page is object. So every area has to follow this way that mean rest of the of creating the API. OK so some of the rest basics are whenever you are creating an IP or even in the rest Flury. That means that if you want to read the data you have to send a get request in Lalita right. You have to send a post request and put for a date and delete for delete. You know that's good but all these information are transferred on a single king which is called SCDP as I have told you and you know same thing is true for Internet that with our website our browsers are an idiot. Everything was on a theme plate functoid you RL route or rissoles or SCDP or anything you can call it. You don't have to create a new platform for the API the simplest form used by humans is used by the machines. So we have seen that the rest is not a web service but let's see what is a web service. It's a collection of open protocol and standard use for extending data. And this is Julie we want that means a machine running on any kind of operating system having any kind of languages. We have to translate it into machines. This means an API created interface to re is of web service because web services are designed to extend the data between two kinds of machines. And this is the conclusion of this episode which says that to have connection between machines we need API there are machine readable form of your vapid to some of the side are also concealing their own API and they need a standard which we call rest. So if you like is a please give it a thumbs up here with the others so that everyone know what is restful. I would subscribe like victims on Facebook Twitter and Instagram Direct.