What is Katalon Studio

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Lecture description

In this video we will learn:

1. What is Katalon Studio ?
2. What can you do with it ?
3. How can it help in your Test Automation ?


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Katalon Studio - Step by Step for Beginners

Learn automation testing with Katalon Studio from scratch

10:24:47 of on-demand video • Updated October 2019

  • Install and Run Katalon Studio
  • Automate web applications using Katalon Studio
  • Create web ui tests for multiple browsers
  • Learn record and playback
  • Find objects using object spy
  • Execute web ui automation tests on multiple browsers
  • Results and Reporting
  • Send Email notification with results
  • Integrate with Jenkins for Continuous Integration
  • Integrate with Git (Version Control System)
  • Work with Katalon Studio for personal and enterprise projects
English [Auto] Welcome to the very first session on get a long story you really are going to learn what Apple wants to do is what all can you do with this tool and how can it help in your estimation. Estopped got to do is a tool that helps you automate your web and mobile testing so it uses selenium and APM libraries. This tool is available for Windows and Mac. It has a very good wife Chumby as you can start creating and managing your test cases. And above all this is a free tool so you can start downloading and using it today. You can go to that long web site. Let me go to my job search and I'm going to get launched toward you and the very first link I have caught is this catalyst would you let us go here. And disestablished set for Catalona told you you have this link to download this tool and all the useful resources one of the major features of Catalona to do is that ease of the ocean of test cases. So if you are a man or a stud or Typically most men are as terse you can start to using this tool and start talking in your test case history. It also has integration with selected Jenkin's and it just see what all you can do with this tool. You can automate or have been moved into testing. We can do that. So with this EPA testing or commission as well we can create very quick off commission using this tool. We can record and play back and there is support for various Prozess as well. So let's go to the c section and if you go here on the features we will find that all these features you can set up the project you can create your test cases run your test cases do the reports and then in your test cases. You can look into this in detail in the coming sessions and we will learn all these features step by step. Again very good features that it has is the integration management tools like Jira and dust it has integration with motion control systems like that and then integration with continuous integration tools like Jenkyns. How can it help in your test automation. So because of the ease of creation of testing you can very quickly create your automation as using this tool as support for that testing while testing and EPA testing because of the ease of creation the bandwidth States can start using the right of the learning curve is very short and it has good features for test creation execution and deporting and in indignation with selected age and kids get access to the next session he can download install and stock. I think that the last one I hope this session was useful East subscribe to this general subscription gifts. It will be mission to continue in the sessions for you in case you have any doubts or questions please to write and a comment section and I try to reply as soon as I can keep learning. And thanks for which.