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This Lecture talks about the benefits of building your entire stack on Javascript.

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MEAN Stack For Web Developers: Build Websites on Javascript

Use cutting edge tools to build fast, robust Javascript based web applications with MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node

02:09:24 of on-demand video • Updated January 2016

  • Build robust and scalable websites using the knowledge of only one programming language - Javascript
  • Save time and avoid doing repetitive tasks by using popular automation tools
  • Stop wasting money on software and infrastructure by leveraging the power of community and open source software
  • Stop reinventing the wheel by reusing code and tools built by amazing developers
  • Use command line to create boiler plate code, run build tasks, manage source control and even host your site on public domain
  • Remove the pain of database management and schema modifications by using NoSQL database
  • Get up to speed on the latest tips and tricks being used in web development
English [Auto] The biggest advantage of me stack is that javascript is the only programming language you need to know to work with back and front and even the database traditionally applications have been built using a lot of different languages each of which has a big learning curve. A relational database lexical Server or Oracle in expertise and I think siecle queries then the server side conference could be done in so many different languages. Again it takes years to get good at any of them. The only thing that has been a consistent choice more often than not is using javascript for the client side scripting. Most developers will agree that it's going to stay this way in the foreseeable future. Typically of them will have different experts in all of these different fields and they will be able to understand very well what the other guy is doing. Of course there are full stack developers who are good at all of them but it's harder to get there. Now imagine doing all of this in Javascript not just a front end but back and NDB queries as well. Now you only have one language to learn. Once you've done that you can be contributing to any area of the stack and there won't be any gray areas that is too unfamiliar to any developer on the team Another benefit is called re-usability. But you have to duplicate any logic between Fernan and back and you only have to do it once and the same code can be used both sides. So as they are written in the same language as an example it is typical to check for valid form entries on the client side before submitting the data to the back and hand it is mandatory to validate user data on the back end before saving it. I've seen teams struggle to replicate features like this are both front and back and but it is vizir difficult to use the same validation code at both ends. Another good reason for using javascript so aside is that it does not need completion. The code is ready to use again the moment you make the change charbon job applications need you to compile them every time you make a change for big enterprise systems with dozens of projects and solution. A lot of time is wasted in the compiling code to test the changes. With a script you can make the change and tested right away. So if go for some benefits of using javascript for first act of love and there's still a lot of things that you're going to cover on this topic including the benefits of individual frameworks that we're going to use but enough to me for now let's talk to the development of her site and we'll cover all of them as we go along. Working with the code.