How to edit and run code in Chrome?

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English The tool to use dzong the course to write code in and execute code in is actually just Chrome is actually the chrome developer tools. So if you wanted to do the same. Just open up chrome and then you can get to the developer tools by just right clicking and going to inspect. And then this opens the developer console. If you go to sources this is the main page which we use within the course now you can hide and show the debug toolbar. Pressing escape hides and shows the console at the bottom and then also you can hide or show the navigator on the left hand side. There's a couple of ways of writing javascript code from within this editor. If you look at a navigator on the left hand side you can go to snippets right click new Give it a name maned or J S is a good one. And then you can just start writing code in the main section in the middle or how you actually execute it. Well there's two ways one you can just select the text and the command then enter and then you can see now it's printed out the content which I selected or just press the triangle button to run the snippet . So that's how we use the crime developer tools on the course is a pretty good tool. It's not necessarily the tool I would use to write my javascript in day in day out but just are playing around with short snippets of javascript. The chrome developer tools is actually pretty awesome.