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Sample TestProject is created
Java TestProject is developed using Dynamic Project settings in Spring Tool Suite

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English So if I open the spring to see it I will firstly create a new dynamic web project. So in order to create a web application archive file folder I will say dynamic projec. So I will say it like test project. So this is only for showing you how we can create a web archive folder so you can easily understand the general structure of Java Enterprise Edition programs so you will learn how spring is coded. So because spring is based on Joe entreprise edition specification therefore you Van you are calling a sprinkler application. You are even using the Joe Enterprise Edition specifications so it's based on Joe entreprise edition specifications So you're adding some more functionalities using spring libraries such as jar files external jar files. So. But it's all based on Joe entreprise edition specifications so therefore I would like to show this to you. So if you say dynamic project you will keep those like as it is and just project name. You can say test project just say next. Again it will say the source folder. You don't need to say anything just say next and it will say it will ask you to Web content. You can't click this one. Generate XML deployment descriptor. You will say finish. So by using spring to see it we will be able to create a dynamic project. This project will be based on general structural and presidential program spec.. You will be able to use this application in any other application server. For example you can run this on or put Tom Cat or Jubal's application server. So in any java application server you can run this application so it ask us Do you want or point joined price edition perspective. Or you want to keep the same. I will say yes. OK this is a test project so I would like to show you hands. This is a group space created all day. Why would the structure which is Chaudiere could be different than the normal implication Archerd fi source. Normally like spring to see it or Eclipse space integrated there will be Wybert shows these folders in a different format in order to visualize the folders to users. But normally we can't check this. For example when we click right click this one you will see here the location of projec the location of the project is under this folder. So it's under tuner documents and workspace test project. So if I go there if I go there so it's under here workspace. So this is our sample application which is called spring game you see angler's JSH Timofei and this is the other test application created using spring to seed. So if he checked his FOD take it check this file and you will see there is a source folder. As this is Eclipse structure it project this is different than the publication archive file. So in a space projects you'll see the projects in this format that would be that project that class part that would be web content that would be source codes which is empty now. But if you create the page which you will see the pictures here it shows us the Web content to build folder is used for showing the classes. I mean the compiled classes I will show this with an example here. So is sideway content there will be a plan a folder and libraries you can put just files here. So this is the structure of enterprise edition Joe and price edition programs at the Library of folders . If you put here this spring jar files D-pad disease than using the Wyburn XML file these file people say this joy application will be spring based but is based on Jowa Enterprise Edition spec.. Nowadays like provided by Oracle or in the past it was provided by some. But its a specification. So for example Sias sort of a face is also based on Jowa prostitution specification or in the past Trott's was using this specification as well. So for example there are other frameworks such as play framework is also based on Java Enterprise Edition specifications so it's provided by Oracle. In the past from Sun. So spring is also using this this one. So if you open the big XML file Kirkley we can see only the project name it says display in a test projec where compile a list. I Murshid this before it can't be indexed that is the amount or if you can say maintenance maintenance hasty fire or Welkom hasty file or you can even say good M-E course you Demy course based there on fire . So this is the structure of the big Z-Man. If you are using just standard text editor it is not easy to use tax because you don't know. There is no autocomplete functionality here so it's always better to use some tools such as spinto seed or Eclipse or any other integrated they will. But then why will so I'm not going to save anything inside this file. I will close this safety changes. No. So this is the structure for space applications. I will go to to see it. I will say just go to show or resources just go to here. Just create a new package here. OK I will see a package and I will say a new package name and I will say spring that ABC sold it. So let's OK. There will be Peche like that and it contains. So it's OK. It's here. I will say. Hence we are using spring to see it. It has some benefits like that you don't need to memorize the syntax. I will say I will create a syntax. I will create a so that I will say rollkur controller OK is under the whole package so lets you will say welcome controller. OK the name of the pig. OK how does this work. It will be mapped where you know we will say welcome curb controller will be called this it on application server server. So we hardly call this your. It will call this Solet on the back side on the application server so I will say yes create do get the post Matt OK. We can't call use a get method or we can't call using POST method. I will say finish. OK. Now I will say Colma this won't come without this one. I will say a system of food. I would like to show you. OK. Do get inside Welkom controller is called by the way you will understand this Vulcan controller is based on Hastey posole let be recalled from a hasty page or just a page and you will understand to get inside Volcom control school. But in order to call this do get murdered you should create just one page on their web content. So I will say this one index GSP file or just say yes. Now you can say indexed just be file. We can say the course is a title. This is a standard GSB. Hey Steimle page. You can say how we would like to call the the Bacchante so that we can say ATAC and the girl you can define here. Page reference part. You can say just call. OK Wellcome controller can Trauner call Welkom controller. OK this will be. Will call the R application. OK so here but before that you should say like this. OK you will say like this riggers that get contex parameter here. If you say reggae's get context parameter here then it will get the application name which is test projec . So after that we will call outcome control RI which is also mapped. Here you see the Wellcome controller is mapped to here. So it will call Douget method on the application server. If you save this one and open the XML file just go to source here you will see the first. Firstly the index file will be shown which is here. So we mentioned here that 10:5 list can be defined here or so solids can be defined here but as this is based on the specification of current circlets specification you don't need to define inside the A big XML file but in the past. Also you can use now in order to create solids you can. This is based on the three point one version but you can also define. Here for example Solet. OK you can say so let just say some sort written name will come so late. OK you can say like this. So let. First you should say Solet name. You can say row come well come so late so late. OK and then you can say Solet class Filby spring. Emily C. So let's. Well come round come control or so. This is the previous version of Solet definition. So in order to use this definition you should comment out this one because this is based on the news . This question is using instead of defining inside the example they use notations. So inside here you can define saltless like that you can define also mapping for this one. You can say so let mapping and you can define mapping here so you can say for example Solet name will be welcome Solet OK and then the world pattern will be Welkom controller. And it's the same as here OK. If will be welcome controller and this Eurail will be same as here because we are going to call the circuit through this Ural. I will comment on this one and run the program in order to run this program. We will right click this one. We will say run this Ronald server we will Selek integrated application server which is called TC server . They are all over EDITION. We will say always use this server so next time it will use. When you say run is it will again use this server and just click next and it will deploy the implication to server and just click Finish. Just say hello access. Again you will say in Access. You see here the implications server is started and there is a link here and this link is mapped to this. So it is based on Douget calls so get call with the call so this will be shown inside the console and the title is you then of course just call call it and you can see here get inside where controllers called