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Java 8 New Features In Simple Way

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  • Student can learn complete picture about new features introduced as the part of Java 1.8
  • 1. Lambda Expressions 2. Functional Interfaces 3. Default methods in Interface 4. Static Methods in Interfaces. 5. Predicate 6. Function 7. Consumer 8. Supplier 9. Method Refernce & Constructor Reference by Double Colon(::) Operator. 10. Stream API 11. Date & Time API ( Joda API)
English [Auto] Now I will explain the poster topic in the Java one blind date watch a new feature s lambda expressions. Have you Upjohn. What is the topic name Sam Lam the lambda expression. Sort of what is before talking about this lambda expression. Let me top few minutes. You're both on this lambda and you were mathematic somewhere. You may hard about lambda calculus that something like they know something like lambda x plus X is equal to one map something that suddenly better political calculus in Piccadilly calculus next lambda calculus like the number of mathematics we will use Adam Lambert calculus concept lambdas is the big change in the mathematical world. Forget about programming so whenever the mathematics is dead in the yarding lambda calculus in the mathematics it is a big change. This was happened in 1930s I hope. 1930s poster time lambda calculus came in the mathematics who all said it was a big change in the mathematical world and number of benefits. The mathematics of God with this lambda Celtic less like a big big problems also solved very easily did this so slowly because been benefits up this lambda calculus. Slowly the program was also using this Lambda Lambda expressions I mean lambda calculus in programming world also do not I don't feel Java use the language which you just lambda expression very unfortunate in Java years lost the language which uses the lambda x some time in the recent language in which to use this lambda expressions like you know set up the language the past the language. Would you use this lambda expression. Is this possible. What it along with list police PS one programming language that I took this piece of the programming language which uses lambda expressions OK lambda calculus it's a big change in the mathematical world because up in for itself lambda calculus slowly the people have started using in the programming world. So Lisp is the positive programming language which uses the lambda expressions the next a bit are other languages also. There are several other languages also use it to see language C++ language object to see getting object to see you are to see shop not that OK see chopped up that next to scalar have you up top scale up next the Ruby Ruby scale up ruby like. There are yet number of languages already started using lambda expressions. Finally Java all so are getting finally Java also right like so make sure if any person is asking at can you please spell on the specialty of you want to jump then don't. The specialty of Java the lambda expedition lambda expressions are already there in all other languages. Also finally lastly are people very lately Java people started using lambda expressions yet for a lot of it and so a lambda calculus was a big change in a mathematical rule because of its benefits. Slowly programmers are started using in that Gallup porting also next Thursday not at least beat the post to programming language which uses lambda expression these are various languages already using lambda expressions like even Univac. Python also OK. You might hard to know currently the most popular language by town by town. OK. Like I said last up finally Java game. Even in Java. Also if we started using lambda x but something said okay. Ready would be top level can you please explain what benefits are there to use. If I use the lambda expressions in Java. Okay buddy but a simple step we can. The biggest benefit if I used to start using Java lambda expressions what benefit is in the past the book has been fair to any functional program to enable functional programming in Java. Functional programming in Java. Happily you can use proceeds basically as a variable you can do the policies. You can send the proceeds that at the argument together you can send people forget about argument hold these things that are possible just with the lambda expressions. So the main object of lambda expression is to enable functional programming in Java. So to get the functional programming benefits. We have to use one lambda expressions next. There is another set with the retort lambda expressions with lambda expression I will show multiple examples in the next video. So I don't want to use lambda expression. How many lines have the code adequate. I want to use lambda expression. How many lines out the code adequate to give us some more concise with very less code only we can able to meet about requirements and so on. Too late. The more we get to write the more readable more readable maintainable maintainable maintainable under concise code viz. code to go to court to write the morally double maintainable and clean concise core to lay these lambda expressions he's going to help like anything set next down after that bit are somewhat advantageous up there to use EPA to use the API very easily and effectively lambda expressions is going to be very helpful. OK to use Yippie ice to use Yippie ice it be ice the easy lead very easily and effectively and effectively we can use lambda expressions anyway just after a few days once after a few videos once we started using lambda expression and so on. At last I will tell what that various benefits today is to keep in mind only even pi. What the need of lambda expression lambda expression to enable functional programming to relate the very readable maintainable under can corn. It's a very helpful next word to use the EPA very effectively. This lambda expeditions are going to be helpful. Are you in a position to understand a next to even to enable parallel processing also to enable parallel parallel processing. Also these are lambda expressions a play that role. OK but what is the meaning of that. Don't worry about just a bit terminology. Slowly other concepts are going on from Pastor topic to last topic everywhere you are going to see lambda expression that benefit. You can able to see Sir how much land up the court is going to pretty slow to enable parallel processing. Next and after that you know hope enabling function programming job. All these things we will discuss in detail. So what makes your so brief idea about lambdas. Are you getting. So lambda calculus is a big change in the mathematical world which came in the. So because it benefits us slowly programmer so I started using lambda expressions of lambda calculus n in programming world. So can you please fill our keep the positive programming language which uses the lambda expressions on lisp but use the positive programming language. Next almost all other languages also using not only jab us at dawn pilot anywhere Java also gets the unique feature is the lambda expressions so no really lyrically yes at least feature game in Java already. Almost a lot of languages already using this feature play next to what are the various benefits are lambda expression to enable functional programming to write more readable and the more readable maintainable on a concise gone. Next up to you once I get b A's very easily and effectively next hopefully enable parallel processing compulsory we should go for lambda expressions at the very top level I'm building sir in detail v examples you people are going to see in my next up videos. Here for a lot today. What d lambda expression of course that you study up brief for description of lambda expression like in the next step with you I will explain how to write lambda expressions. OK. That's a thank you.