What is Shot Composition?

Dale McManus
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iPhone Photography | Take Professional Photos On Your iPhone

Your Online Guide to Taking Stunning iPhone Photography Like a Professional Digital Photographer

01:17:54 of on-demand video • Updated March 2019

  • How to replicate professional digital photography with your iPhone.
  • How to take stunning photos by utilizing shot composition.
  • How to optimize iPhone settings for taking the best photos.
  • How to professionally edit photos with Lightroom (free) on your iPhone.
  • How to utilize surrounding light to propely light your subjects.
  • How/Why the best photographers tell stories in their photos.
  • How to take more impactful photos of people, landscapes, architecture, and more.
English [Auto] The yellow brick road of mediocrity shot composition shot composition is the Make It or Break It between professionalism and amateur hour. You can take the trip of a lifetime and tell your best friend to go stand in front of a landscape so beautiful it could be a Mac book screensaver and take a photo that even your mother wouldn't hang on the fridge. Shock composition is the fix for this. So what is a shop. It's just a frame with objects and shapes arranged to make up a composition so shot composition is arranging these objects and shapes with purpose. Let's face it we're impatient creatures. In the first quarter second that our eyes look at a picture they subconsciously try to gather the most important parts of the image before your brain even has time to catch up. So when you look at an and composed image your eyes take too long to find the subject. Thus judging the photo as bad when you look at a composed image your eyes take less time to find the subjects and gather the information thus saving your brain time. Your brain likes this. This is why learning about shot composition is so important because it helps guide the viewers eyes through the image as quickly as possible. So with that being said here the four basic types of shot composition I want you to commit to memory head onto the next lesson to find out.