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English [Auto] One of the questions that I get asked quite a bit is now I'm really starting to try to build out my photography kit for my iPhone. So what is that equipment and what should I purchase. So I'm going to do right now is going to show you some of the equipment that I have and walk you through what are the benefits. What are the things that I like. What are the things that I dislike so you can start making your own decisions about what you want to purchase next. And for a lot of these what I'm going to do is I'm going to provide the links so you know what to purchase where to buy them what the costs are. So we'll start with one of my favorites. This right here is a clamp. And what I really like about this clamp is I'm going to show how I used the same little piece here is for this clamp you can pretty much set this up anywhere so if you want to take a photo of yourself you want to take a photo of a whole group. This is really nice because this clamp allows you to clamp it on to anything so if I was sitting at a table and I wanted to quickly clamp it on I would clamp it onto the table and you would be able to take that photo. That's what I really like about this so this is actually pretty affordable. I think this one costs me around $15. So really easy to use and I'll show you how it works when you actually put in a phone. So the nice thing about this is you can easily put the phone it's movable So if you need to you know adjust it for different lengths different purposes they sell these some that are a little bit longer which is nice because you can kind of be very flexible and put it anywhere. I've actually even clamped it outside of a window of a car to take photos as I'm kind of moving along. So this is really nice. I really like this device very flexible. The next one is this is just a little mini tripod. This one costs me I think $10. It is a Polaroid brand but very similar. It has a little clamp here. And what's really nice about this one is you can just carry it around in your pocket. Doesn't take up a lot of room and exactly the same thing. You put the iPhone in here or your phone or whatever smartphone you have. And what's great is it has these little tiny legs to kind of make those adjustments so it's really nice. They're easy actually carry this around with me a lot. It's very durable. I've dropped it a bunch of times and there is no problem. That is what I really like about this tripod and it's also hard to beat for the price that you're getting it out. And then lastly this is kind of the more traditional tripod. This is a little bit more heavy duty. This I use this typically if I'm going to an event where there's going to be a lot of people moving around or I'm nervous about leaving something if I want to do a time lapse or something. This is very sturdy and it gives you a little bit more flexibility. So for something like this if you need to get a shot where you want to tilt something down. It's very nice to do that if you want to do something where you're tilting up. It gives you that same flexibility with this arm. And the great thing about this is this can get very tall. I can put this on the ground. I can get a very very high shot of anything very flexible very nice. I think this will cost me around $30. Again I'll include the link at the bottom. But these are three of the tripods that I really like that I always recommend to folks when they're asking me How do I start taking a little bit of better photos with their phone. I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or you want me to talk about any other equipment.