Important Terms: IP and Subnetting

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In this lecture you will learn the important terms of IP and Subnetting

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IP Addressing and Subnetting From Scratch

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  • Learn fundamentals of IP Addressing and Subnetting
  • Easily identify classes of IP Addresses & how to assign IP address on a given network
  • How to create subnets and automatically assign IP addresses using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Work with basic and advanced IP commands using Windows PoweShell and Command Prompt
  • Understand networking essentials concepts such as the OSI layer and how data flows from layer to layer
  • Learn how to calculate subnet using formulas
  • Learn basic networking terminologies
English [Auto] Hey guys. And welcome to this lesson on the important terms of IP and subnet. So we're going to learn some fundamental terms of IP and submitting which you be needed throughout the course. So we should have a good understanding of what they mean. So first let's see what a bit and what a bike is. So a bit is the smallest unit of data in a computer. A bit has a single binary value and is represented by either a zero or one. So for example in computer languages whenever you see a zero or a one you load that it is a big so what is a byte a byte is a term used to represent eight bits of data. We just learn that it is the smallest unit of data in a computer. So a byte a bike represents it bits of data one byte can hold a bug one letter one number or one special character. So let's move one to submit mask. So what is the submit mask a submit mask is a number that defines a range of IP addresses available within a network a single submit mask limits the number of valid IP for a specific network each section of the subnet mask can contain a number from zero to do fly fight to the minimum value is zero and the maximum value is to fight fight we cannot go beyond to 5 five in writing a subnet mask next let's see what an octave is. So the 32 bit IP address is grouped it bits at a time each group of 8 bits which is one byte is an offset. So each of the four updates are separated by a dark and represented in decimal format which is known as decimal notation. So the IP address consists of four updates. Moreover let's move one to what a host and a what a network is so a host a host is a computer or other device that other devices can connect to for access to resources which can be like funds or services which can be like any Web site emails or any database and various net group a network is a collection of computers cable routers switch it and other devices that are connected together to access and share resources so a host is a single computer or a device however network a network is a collection of computers or cables Religulous switches and even any other device. So in a network of computers share information and resources together. However of course only connects to another course another device and a single device to access any kind of information or resources. So this was the end of our lesson on the important terms that are needed in IP and subnet think. I hope you guys got a good understanding and now once you guys in my next lesson.