Adding Firebase Packages

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In this lesson, we will add the components and packages needed for firebase to work.

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English [Auto] So will come back again before we could actually use our firebase back in between pools some libraries for application and we do those through our packages. So and then click on the packages on this little window it will pop up. That allows us to search for different new gets you know libraries and galleries. I'm actually looking for Zymurgy in the firebase that high US and in that I'm looking for for teacher or libraries. One of them is called Code. It definitely need that and we need the analytics we need the analytics and we're going to add authentication on database one more time. So our packages we search for Zanla in that firebase that I was on in there. We need to call analytics these two must be added no matter what whatever you want to use from firebase. So cute and analytic are just the default things and the ones we really need are the US this one helps us our luggin our users and this one obviously helps us write our data to our database. So once you select the four of them you say I'd like to just take a little while and I'm going to add those four packages to your application. And once that is done we are now ready to actually read and write values to our database our backend. So for packages successfully that we can check that it's somewhere in your packages they should do it and get myself a little space in here. Yes I have firebase authentication code database and upon instance IDs something that automatically is one of the dependencies for one of these for I'm not quite sure which one. So it actually added automatically. So it looks for everything that it needs and connects all the dependencies. It's very similar to when you use Cocoa pods if you come from West development with Objective-C or Strief. So now we have everything ready to start working with our firebase backend. Let's begin doing that in our next lesson.