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English [Auto] Hello everybody will come to this tutorial in this Hello everybody welcome to this tutorial in this section we are going to learn how to use cage as a program for designing our app interface. This is an absolutely great app for user interface designing and we can use it for making lovely apps. So let's go ahead and open up the sketch. All right. As you can see there is a toolbar on the top and also group and group section and also shape editing tools and boolean functions forward and backward mirror cloud. And we will cover some of these features later on. There is a layer at least on the left if you're familiar with Photoshop you can quickly recognize it. However it usually is on the right side in Photoshop but there is a lot of space here and I really love sketch because it allows you to easily move between your layers and change whether you want on the right side door is Inspector. You can change the position size of your object. And also bear city as well as fields and borders or shadows and in the middle you will see a large canvas that's create a canvas for next. Here we go. And this is the place that we will design our app interface. In fact there is much more that we are going to cover all of them in this tutorial and we will learn how they work and how we can use them to make our amazing app interfaces. So basically it was all about the environment of sketch. And in the next video we will work on our first user interface designing project. So see you in the next video.