Installation and Setting up of Arduino IDE

Venkatesh Varadachari
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Lecture description

This lecture will teach you:-

a) How to download the Arduino IDE.

b) How to connect it to the system.

c) Configuration your Arduino IDE settings.

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English [Auto] Now let me briefly describe you about Adreno idea before you can start doing anything with the agreeno. You'll need to download and install the Adreno I need interrogated devlopment environment from this point on we will be a referee who the Adreno ID as the Adreno programmer. The agreeno programmer is based on the processing ID and uses a variation of the C and C++ programming languages. Let's start to install the software. W w w dot Adreno dot CC. Click on the download down here you can see the Windows install the link click on it and then click on just download download will start up there it gets completer click on the file to install into your system. Once the solution is done open the Adreno program. Let's see how to connect the Adreno to system. Connect the Adreno to your computer's use before. Please note that although the Arduino plugs into your computer it is not a two years device. The board has a special chip that allows it to show up on your computer as a virtual serial or when it is plugged into a years before. This is why because important to plug the board in when the board has not been the virtual serial port that the Arduino operates up on will not be present. Since all of the information about the lips on the Adreno board it is also good to know that every single Adreno has a unique virtual serial port address. This means that every time you plug in a different Arduino board into your computer you will need to reconfigure the serial port that is in use. The Adreno you know requires a male USV to me us the cable setting up the Adreno environment before you can start doing anything in the Adreno programmer. You must set the board. I am single all set to boot go to the following tools for then use whatever combo you are using. Select the version of Word that you are using. Since I have been Adreno you are not in. I obviously selected Adreno you in no kill the Arduino plug in so that you can program it.