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In this video you will learn how to upload CSV file as dataset

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English [Auto] In this election we're going to discuss about the basic analytic dashboard the very first step of creating dashboard is to look at the data for our example. Today we are going to look into the life data provided by the Singapore Government which is available at the website. Dieter da DV Da Ji if you go to this website we can see that various public data is available and for our example we're going to look at the one which gives us the Singapore resident by ethnicity and gender for our data. We are going to first download this file as a CSC once it is downloaded let's open that then we are going to look at the data. Over here the CSC has got four columns year Level One Level Two value. Now we need to my size the data so that it could be inserted into Einstein analytic the year we wanted to be in a deep format for example it has to be either d d m m y y y or m m do you read by y y so very first step would be to replace the year in a date format then we need to now look at the column header value is nothing but the population level 2 is nothing but each group and Level 1 is type of resident. So now what we have done we have matzah study does so that once it get into inserted into i e analytic we can run dashboards on top of it after saving this at a C yes we know it will go back and inserted into analytic to do that will go to Data Manager within and it takes to go up we'll go to data on the left hand side will say create data set we are going to upload the CSP then next say next or here. Now we can specify that type of the column for example the first year is so detailed resident type is dimension dimension is nothing but the data on which you want to do grouping that will become dimension. Each group is also dimension and population is measure because you want to do calculation on top of it and then we'll go in upload stuff like what this is doing it is going to upload this yes we as a data set into Einstein analytic to recapture we went to the live Web site got the data that data looks like this then once we got the data we then massage studied art to meet the requirements I spent analytic we changed the data type or there we changed the column header and at the very end. Now we are uploading it at the CSP now let's go back into that data manager if I look at the data this is the data that is uploaded by us few seconds ago now we can explore the data exploiting the data means we are going to now create analytic on top of this data or we want to create length on top of this data we have we are exploring it.