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Do you want a 6 figure business? Do you want to take your business to the next level? Find out how instructors Joeel and Natalie have used THIS process to quantum leap THEIR businesses. Are you ready to quantum leap?

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English [Auto] Well first of all I want to welcome to Quantum Leap your business in six weeks introduction. I know that we'll be able to give you a lot of resources and a lot of good foundation that will help you accelerate your growth and your business. But before we get into content I just want to introduce myself. My name's Joel Rivera and a little bit more about my background and what got me here today. Part of it was a lot of the challenges that I faced in my life have helped me give me a different perspective to want to create success in my life to also be an example to others. All of us go through different challenges. But I'll tell you a little bit about mine and what drove me to find business success. First of all I went my first year of college as a psychology major and I got straight US didn't do good at all. So my confidence level was very low as far as education as far as my capabilities. At that point in my life I went back to Puerto Rico from Pennsylvania and I had a brother who passed away in a car accident his car accident transformed my life in a way that I could have never even imagined at that point in time. I dedicated my life to trying to figure out how to be more successful and eventually be able to open up a counseling center that would help youth go through some of the things that we went through and some of the struggles that we went through that got us to that place where he ended up passing away from that experience. I ended up going back to school with a commitment and it really when we talk about commitment you know that's going to be a major part in business success especially when we talk about quantum leap in your business. So I committed to making a difference in my life. And as I committed to doing that I went back to school and got my Sosia with a 3.7 basters with a 3.8 masters were 3.9 and pretty much finished my Ph.D. with a 4.0. And I tell you this not to brag just to point out that you can quickly transform your reality and your capabilities just by knowledge and just by creating a solid foundation. And that's a lot of the material that we want to share with you today. How can you take some of this knowledge and acquire it and actually implement it. Because you don't think that you acquire and don't implement pretty much worthless and a lot of different ways because it's just knowledge to have knowledge. So how can you apply it to your daily life whether it's psychology whether it's you know the business and success of we're going to show you. But out of those challenges I realized that if I can commit myself to anything if I threw my whole self into whatever I wanted to do I can create success. And at one point in my life I started looking as I got my bachelors into learning more about business what creates business success and I became so consumed in learning about it that I stopped listening to the radio. Everywhere I would go I wouldn't listen to audio programs in the car. I started reading a lot of different books and really started studying some of these business people and what made them successful. What made them different than any other person which made a huge impact in my life and my reality and what I perceived to be true. So what ended up happening is that I started applying this knowledge and what I realized with time is that I had created along with Natalie. She has her own story of the things created. But we have both created many different companies whether from a importing business with sandals weather photography company T-shirt company Cassy's center youth center consulting with different hospitals or organizations have all been programs for different agencies in the community you know magazine publication book publishing company holistic center. And I can go on and on and on because really our passion is creation and what I learned from this process is that there is techniques and there's an actual process that we've been using to create everything that we had that I've been also using from an early age when I started delving into entrepreneurship and that's really where this six weeks Quantum Leap your business program comes in. It's because we're teaching you the processes that we've utilized. Time and time again just like you realize that in your business you have a process that you utilize and it's learning that process. Being able to tweak that process to truly create success that you want to create. So again I'm honored to be here with you today. I'm inspired to be here and to be able to help you and teach you and give you some of the tools that I've learned and being able to help you grow your business. So I hope you enjoy the introduction and I hope that he provides his tools if you chip away at it and you follow the process or we're about to give you. I will let you know that you can quickly transform any idea that you have for any business that you currently have or think about having in a very short period of time to create a solid foundation will create success long term. Thank you. Hello everybody. My name is Natalie Amsden and as Joel was saying we're here to show you the six week process that we use to create businesses. And as he mentioned we've both used this over and over and over again. And the amazing thing is we didn't realize it was a process until after the fact and we would always have people asking us how do you create businesses so quickly. And we're like hmm. And we really thought about it and we realized that there was a step by step process that we used every single time. And so what we've done have we taken this process that we've already proven and we've put it down on paper for you. So I just want you to know that you're in the right place. This is something that really works. So just like Joe was saying that you know we all kind of have a story and that actually is something that we're going to talk about later and I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story and how I came to be here and why I'm an entrepreneur so my story to entrepreneurship was really about overcoming disappointment. So when I was young I was very against this typical notion of you know you have to go to school and you have to get good grades so that you can get a good job and then you work at it until you're 65 years old and retire and then statistically three years old three years later you die. And during that three years of retirement you lived in poverty so it doesn't sound very appealing. So even when I was like 13 14 years old I kind of saw this trajectory that most adults say you're supposed to take in your life and I was like No not very appealing. But of course what I did is I went to school and got good grades and I went to college even though I was kind of stubborn about it. I dragged my heels I still went because I knew it was something that was important. And although we value dedication they just I resisted the whole process. But sure enough I ended up sticking myself in one of those corporate boxes and I tried it out but I realized that I really don't belong there. I can't do it. I'm a terrible employee partially because I'm such a good employee I'm really good at what I do. I know it. And that doesn't always go over well when you're an employee. So it was kind of destiny for me to become an entrepreneur. So during that process that I was trying to fit in the box and that was fitting in the box you know with my job and with the rest of my life. I developed chronic fatigue syndrome. So for about 10 years I just felt tired and like bad and exhausted and fatigued and out of it all the time. And so after I had my huge life transformation where I quit my job and I retired at the age of 23 and ever to go back to employment again and I had a marketing and design company that I started when I did that. And that's what got me out. But really it all came down to one day I woke up and it was like I just I can't I can't live this way anymore. And so sure enough after some time away from employment you know my chronic fatigue syndrome started to go away and then that led to me making more changes in my life to live more in alignment with who I really am and eliminating all these things that were holding me back. And then on the end on the other side I came out feeling great. Lots of energy. So that's my story. And so as Joel was saying between the two of us both separately and collectively we've created many different businesses. But in the last three years I've been running transformation services which includes a magazine and a publishing company an event company and we also do coaching and in these three years I've been able to create freedom. I've been able to create residual income so that you don't have to worry about working for anybody else ever again. Not that I would anyway. I would rather be homeless to be honest but it's just really secured that for me and I've been able to create a multiple six figure business in three years. So that's what we want to be able to give you is that this model that you can use to do the same thing with whatever it is that you do that you're passionate about so that you can create whatever it is that you want and however you want to contribute to the rest of society. So thank you for doing what you do and thank you for joining us. Well as I mentioned before one of the most important factors is commitment. And many people say their commitment to their life their commitment to making a change making a difference whether it's in the relationship financially whatever aspect that is. But you sometimes question that commitment. Are you truly willing to put that extra effort in or you want to put you know the time outside of Facebook and really dedicated more to your business or watching TV shows or movies. And I'm not saying there is a balance because one of our biggest things is finding balance in your life. But there are times that you really have to say take a stand and say I'm committed to this. And part of that is committed to making a decision committed to being right or wrong. That decision it's OK as long as you make a decision because what tends to happen to a lot of people is that they sit on the side of the room waiting for something to happen because they don't want to make a decision because they're afraid to take the next step. And one thing that I've learned that makes the success of my life and all the entrepreneurs studied is that they're quick to make decisions slowly to change them. And what I mean is that they have a business idea. They understand is a good idea for them and they do their due diligence right away they take massive action and we'll talk about that as we go along. But they take a quick decision in it and they're committed to that decision to do what they need to do to follow it through and dedicate themselves to that decision. What doesn't happen again is that some people most people sit on the side of the road and contemplate and wait for everything to be perfect to dive in into that decision or idea. And I will tell you this whether you're making a right or wrong decision it doesn't really matter because your GP will turn on as soon as you start moving but the GP can't tell you which way to go. If you're just standing on the sidelines if your park your car on the sign is your GP doesn't know if you're facing south if you're facing north or which way should tell you to go. But as soon as you start driving it will make the biggest impact because that GPS will tell you and you will find out by doing the research and by doing things that you need to do because it gives you more clarity so commitment to making a decision is vital. So with that said I will tell you that this journey is for you as far as quantum leap in your business and this process is for you if one you refuse to live in a box corporate box. What I mean with that is you won't settle. You will do what ever it needs to be done to be self-employed and to be successful doing it. There is no ifs or buts in your mind. You want that change you want that transformation and you'll do anything to create that in your life as long as is ethically and morally right for you. So what I mean is that you refuse to be in that box if you want to fulfill your purpose if you know that you have a greater purpose in your life and you want to fulfill that. And you know that as a heart centered business you want to make a difference in people's lives. So that's another aspect you want to make a difference to people's life. But at the same time you want to be rewarded for it. And sometimes when it comes to hearts in our businesses what tends to happen is that people do not believe that they should be rewarded for it. So I deal with hearts under businesses that do very similar services and some of them make $50 an hour. Well some of them make two thousand dollars an hour providing a similar service. The difference is that they've done their due diligence and know their value and we'll talk more about that as we go along. But again it comes out as you know you want to make a difference and you want to make money doing it so. Secondly third of all again you want to fulfill your purpose you know you have a higher calling. Part of it is also which is truly one of the other aspects is that you may be tired of being the best kept secret. So again you know you're good at what you do. You know you have quality product the services but you're tired of not being able to connect to the people that need to connect to you to be able to be successful which again is part of the things that I. Dealing with businesses is that I see those people struggling in and the last aspect is that you're truly truly ready to quantum leap yourself and your business and your reality. And what I mean with that is that you're ready for massive change and you're committed to making those changes. So if this sounds familiar to you and these are some of the things that you see that are part of your journey and part of your path you're in the right program and I will tell you that if you follow the process you will create success.