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What makes you respect someone immediately?


Style is one of the hardest to describe because it's subjective. But I think you will agree, It's being unique and being consistent with that uniqueness.

Take a look and follow my account: @juntopmodel

You might be wondering why my account doesn't have a branded theme.

One of my student asked me:

"Jun! You tell us to be consistent but why are you not using one branded color or theme style?"

If you look closely all my rows are lined up with a similar theme.

However, I don't have to be super consistent because my goal is different now.

When I started, I need to quickly built trust. And so I had a consistent theme. Now, I have the engagement and the followers that shows social proof on my account. Now, I can branch off a little bit more. Be more colorful. I still post only things that realtes to my brand but I have a bit more freedom.

People who have followed me up to now are familiar with me and my style. They won't suddenly wonder "HEY! you just posted a blue theme yesterday and today you are using yellow? What the hell? Oh! You are doing a different project! Ok got cha."

Remember, you can break rules after learning them...

...Because then you will know how to break them the right way.  ;)

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English [Auto] What makes you respect someone immediately style. But what exactly is style. It's one of those words that you know but hard to describe until now. Style is something that's well put together. It is a theme. Take a look which profile is better looking. Which one do you respect more. I'm guessing you are picking the one on the right. Why. Because it's more pleasing to the eye. There is a consistent pattern and the roles match up. But guess what. Look closely these two accounts have the exact same content. It's just arranged differently. The one on the right is organized. The account owner bothered to create a theme. Suddenly there is style. Have you heard of the red versus white napkin experiment. A researcher brought two pairs of napkins to a dinner party napkins that look much like these two white napkins and red napkins. They were both made from the same material was the same size and costed about the same. The researcher left the two piles of napkins on the buffet table and left the party when he returned later that evening. He noticed something quite interesting for the dinner guests who use the white napkins the white napkins were everywhere crumpled up torn apart on the ground and plenty leftover but the red napkins rarely that the researchers found ones that were torn apart or crumbled up. Many that were used were nicely folded up. Some were taken from the original table and not even used and there was also a shortage of red napkins. Apparently some guests took them home. But why. It was the same material same size same cost. The only difference was the color. Somehow people felt that the red napkin was of higher quality. It apparently had style something that a white napkin did in half. How does this translate into the business world. You are judged by your outer appearance. If you want respect you have to dress nicely. It's as simple as that. And how does this translate into the Instagram world. You are judged by how your posts are arranged. If you want to appear professional you must have a theme. Even if you post great content. If your photos or videos don't go well together and form a cohesive unit you are still a white napkin. This is why some business accounts are still look like personal accounts. Their posts don't have a theme and looks random. It looks like bits and pieces of someone's unorganized life not professional at all. Having a theme is paramount in business branding because it immediately sends a message that you are a professional that your profile is polished and you post with a purpose. Just how do you create a theme. Having a theme is all about consistency consistent arrangement of posts consistent use of colors and consistent use of fonts the placement of your posts should form a pattern. It doesn't have to be complicated. The most common ones are based on columns or rows. You can experiment and see what fits your posting style the best. If you don't like this type of arrangement then use consistent colors which means each post has the same filter or border or color tones. This means people will recognize a certain color to be your brand color. What is the brand color of Subway sandwiches. What is the brand color of Pepsi. It is easy to recognize this is a Pepsi product that is a subway product. These companies are always using consistent colors to market their product. In fact I am so conditioned to recognizing yellow and green as subway colors that when I went to Thailand and saw these taxis My first reaction was Oh my God the subway sandwich cars. Are they delivering sandwiches to people's doors. Now that is the power of using a consistent color for your brand. Speaking of consistency if you post quotes or have text in your images you have to make sure you use the same font. Each time it will look like one person one brand created these quotes. If you don't use random fonts each time it will look like you stole someone else's quotes and use them as your own. Horrible for branding. Here's an example I normally use one type of font whenever I add text my posts these two photos in the row has the exact same font and look good together. But this one on the left. It has a different font I was in a hurry the Post chose a random font and published it from a design point of view. This photo looks out of place. It looks like I stole someone else's photo and use it as mine even though it was my photo. See. Totally proving to you that this is my photo remember your visitors are used to seeing one type of font using a different font each time will confuse them. That is the power of branding. That is the power of having a theme. This will make all your posts uniform as if they came from the same family. One family one brand. Since I'm having so much fun talking about themes and styles I'll share one more secret with you. Something I learned from my graphic designer friends. Take a look at how these three rows are arranged. They look nice and well put together right. Well that's not by accident. It's because of one word balance in the first row. The theme is jean jacket but more importantly there is balance. You see both photos from either side facing inwards which draws your attention to the middle. In the second row the theme is black and white photography but more importantly there is balance. You see two full body photos placed on either side of one central closeup photo which draws your eyes to the middle. In the third row the theme is buildings. But more importantly there is balance. You see two buildings on either side with one central photo of me with the Statue of Liberty. I'm sure you notice a pattern. Each row draws your eyes towards the center. The spine of your account. This is an effective strategy to use if you want people to pay more attention to a certain post. Put your favorite post in the center and balance it with two other similar posts on either side preferably facing inwards. If your Instagram account is new or less than 10000 followers then using the theme is even more urgent. You need to be heavily collecting followers and engagement. You need to jump over the hump of amateur versus professional account amateur accounts have random looking posts they don't have a theme and look like someone's personal scrapbook that is not you. You are here to do business. You have a brand and you have a theme and you demand people's attention and respect. Here are the action items in this episode of reoccurring theme is how to transition from the amateur to a professional account. A theme is all about consistency. Make sure you are using consistent arrangement of posts like arranging them in a column or a roll consistent use of colors like choosing one or two brand colors and repeating them throughout your account or consistent use of fonts like choosing one font style and never deviating from that one style. Finally if you want to draw attention to a certain post use the balance rule put one of your important photos in the center and balance it with two other similar photos on either side. Drawing people's attention towards the center. The spine of your account. Having a theme will take your Instagram account to the next level. Take a look. What if I'm with a tier. Does a white napkin apart. You don't feel anything. Even if I were to tear it to shreds you don't really care do you. What if I tear this red one you feel something right. I am tearing this red apart. I'm just tearing and shredding it and it's almost painful to watch. Why. Because you respect style. Always be the red napkin.