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In this lecture you will learn that if you really want to understand keywords. You need to take on 3 different perspectives. Those perspectives: SEO perspective, Customer Perspective, the Industry Expert Perspective.

This video lecture includes the overview of the 3 and the SEO perspective.

You will learn how SEO people view keywords and how it will help you understand them.

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  • Understand the ONLY things you need to know about keywords to ACTUALLY DO MARKETING. No Fluff Here.
  • Learn the 3 Perspectives to understand Keywords
  • Understand how SEO people see Keywords
  • Learn how Keyword phrases are BORN from Customer Experiences
  • Learn how true Industry Experts understand the Power of Keywords
  • Learn the relationship between Keywords, Search Engines, and the Information that makes up the internet
  • Learn how your industry is not defined by 1 WORD
  • Learn the most comprehensive approach to Keyword Research that breaks down your industry into every single keyword phrase that people use to research your industry online
  • Learn how to extract keyword phrases from the 3 places on the internet that the Best SEO EXPERTS have been using for years.
  • Learn an amazing process that MULTIPLIES all of your keyword Phrases, and yields what people are actually TYPING IN THE SEARCH BAR
  • Have your own Organized Document that is filled with EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT KEYWORD PHRASE right at your finger tips
  • Learn the Secret Truth about Content Strategy that everybody is too Blind to See
  • Learn exactly what is happening on the internet when an industry "GROWS"
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Producers and Consumers of Information in your Industry and how they contribute to your industry onliine
  • Finally know, what your role should be if you are trying to make a lot of money online in any industry
  • Understand the 8 Unique Individuals in your Industry, Who they are and how to Work with them to grow your company/project/ or website
  • Learn how to get all the personal contact information you need to start building the right relationships
  • Learn how to STOP going out of your way to research your industry
  • Build your own System that automatically Delivers your Research directly to you
  • Become an Industry Expert by having your entire industry at your fingertips and the knowledge packaged neatly for you to access at any time
  • Learn the power of Buyer Personas
  • Learn how every company who thinks they make money on their product is WRONG
  • Learn how to make every person who visits your website FEEL like you are talking to them as an Individual
  • Learn the 1 MISTAKE thats costing you relationships with your visitors.
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  • Learn how to adopt the vocabulary of your customers to talk to them as individuals and make all of your content extremely relatable
  • Learn how to compile all of the vocabulary of all of the vendors in your industry who are succeeding to sell their products and communicate effectively to their customers, and Use it to your advantage
  • Learn how Blogging is not a stupid BUZZ WORD
  • Fully Understand how the world of business has already changed and how "Blogging" is the METHOD to becoming the biggest company in the world
  • Understand that in the Physical world Monopolies can't exist, but on the Internet, Monopolies can be built
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English [Auto] Are welcome guys. I'm really pumped that you guys took the time to take this class. Something we're really excited to launch at Code mightest and really share the knowledge that we've compiled from consulting for a while and taking all of our different perspectives on how to do this really well and coming up with something that none of us would have be able to do by ourselves and we're sharing it with everybody because honestly the more companies that have successful market the more products we're going to see and industries will grow and people will make money. But the the world will be a better place. So my name is Mark Espanol and I'm one of the senior partners at Code mightest and I'm going to explain to you all of the lectures that go along with the processes and screencast that Chris you're going to meet. He is the one who is going to show you the exact step by step process on doing a systematic step that's built into this entire process. So now we're going to start with keywords keywords. It's our favorite class because it's the foundation and we're going to hear more about that as we go on throughout this lecture. So to give an overview and we're you're going to learn the three key word perspectives and then you're going to meet as CEO Jack customer Cathy and industry expert Eddy and they're going to explain the other three. Now it's really important that there are three because many people only view key words in one perspective the CEO perspective and you'll find out why that's very limiting. And finally you're going to hear about in the industry expert perspective and that's something that the code mightest team developed to fully understand the power of key words. And finally we're going to wrap up the class. You're going to learn how to build your crystal ball. I know it sounds funny but it's the first step out of all this systematic process. And it truly is magical. So there are three perspectives. The CEO perspective the customer perspective and the industry expert perspective starting with the CEO one. Many people understand his perspective but it's important but it's very limiting the customer perspective fewer people actually ingrain in their business practices more people know the CEO perspective fewer know the customer perspective. And it's very important to know the customers because perspective as well and in combination with the CEO perspective the customer perspective gives very unique insight in understanding the story behind key words. Finally the industry expert perspective uses both the CEO perspective and the customer perspective together to gather insight into everything you need to know to launch ridiculously successful inbound marketing campaigns. So starting off with the CEO perspective it's kind of like science. That's kind of the way we like to think about it. I code minus because all the insight is derived from looking at data on keywords that are on spreadsheets you're going to find you're going to see things like search volume monthly average searches cost per click. There's a lot of fancy jargon in this perspective. It's based on Google's search algorithms and this is before we go any further. I really want to let you know that we're only covering the information that you actually need to get marketing done and to execute the system that will go that will get you from zero to a full scale inbound campaign correctly efficiently and effectively. And this is extremely important because when we started out we were passionate about learning everything about digital and internet marketing. But then we realized we spent more time learning new vocab and new explanations of updates than actually doing marketing. It was such a problem for us that now as we teamed up we now said code minus less talk about marketing and more doing and we hope you adopt the type of methodology. So who's going to help us explain this. As CEO Jack and he's a caricature of the perfect hilarious guy that encompasses all of the activities and habits that real expert SEO specialists embody and he's going to help us get insights on how they think of keywords so we're going to be seeing keywords in the eyes of you Jack. And every word we chose in this presentation has gone through many iterations of the leanest model of teach. We chose the word seeing because it was a word that students kept on telling us that's the word that embodies that perspective it's an observer's perspective a very technical science see observing perspective. Now here these are a bunch of terms that all are different names for keywords and Umbrian up because you don't need to know the details of all the different names of keywords. We're going to go over a few of them in this class but don't spend your time learning unnecessary vocab. Spend more time doing it. So what does SBO Jack do in his free time. He uses fancy tools like scrape box. Uber suggests Google Trends Google Keyword planner Google Analytics. And he also studies Google's algorithms like Google updates and the reason why I'm showing you this is because our process encompasses some of these tools because you need the best of all the three perspectives to produce a system that gets results on producing really great campaigns. All right. So now as you know Jack does something really important that you should learn from you know his perspective. They organize keywords in different categories. And just like how are we going to understand how to organize them. We're going to he dissects keywords and we're going to dissect key words just like how we're going to dissect this dinosaur. Starting with head head keywords. It's a single word that is heavily searched and to give you an example it's one word. We're going to be using the yoga industry throughout this entire course. And in each of the process videos you will and Chris he will be using the yoga industry and we're doing that because we're building a real campaign side by side with you. And just ahead at home how real it is this work is being submitted to one of our friends at you know the many co-working spaces we pop into from time to time. He runs a yoga mat company and we're helping him out and we're delivering the results to him so that he can benefit from this system. So ahead key word for the yoga industry would be one word yoga and it's heavily search because it encompasses many things within yoga such as yoga poses yoga exercises yoga clothes or even our friends companies products yoga mats. So the reason why has such high search volume is because it has to include all the intent that all the number of searches that have to do with products that are more than just the word yoga such as yoga exercises now for body body key words are two two or three words that have decent search volume and it's more specific than headword. So as a rule of thumb as you add more words the searcher is looking for something more specific and the more words decreases search volume. So for the head keyword we had yoga for body keyword. Let's go with yoga mats and for three word body key phrase men's yoga mats. Try to visualize in your head how the number of the searches goes down as the words go up in the phrase. Think about for yoga the headword everybody's interest in yoga. What could they possibly be searching right. It encompasses something more. And that's what we go to body and it's a yoga mats a percent of those people searching just the word yoga a percent of those people are searching yoga mats and then to just even break that down further. For Men's yoga that's a percent of the people who are searching yoga mats are searching men's yoga mats. So for example people who are searching for men's yoga mats are not looking for pink girly yoga pants. Right. So girls were are searching for yoga mats and men are searching for yoga mats but only possibly men are searching for men's yoga mats or wives or girlfriends who are buying their man a yoga mat. You see how that number of searchers kind of goes down in desire of that product. Now to the last category long tail keywords. They are the most important key words phrases. They are about four or four plus keywords that have lower search volume but they are extremely specific and relevant to search intent. Now all of our mentors that have taught us what we know today and all the experts that we study and that help us they attribute all their success of their digital campaigns for their clients and their own products to long tail keywords. And the reason why it's because it's so specific to search content that searchers actually do what you want them to do when they land on a page when they click on a page and they they want to buy a product and they learn the thing they wanted. So for an example of yoga for the head type body keyword phrase yoga mat for body men's yoga mats for body. And how are you going to make this longtail Hagley make it more specific and relevant to search. And 10 how about yoga mats for tall men. As you can see the jump from men's yoga mats. Now the searchers were searching yoga mats for tall men. It's a smaller portion. It's longer tail and it solves a more specific problem. And this power of the longtail if I'm a retailer and I have long yoga mats in supply I'd want to rank for yoga that's for tall men because it is a phrase that reflects a really specific demand in yoga mats. Right. So the rule is being close to researchers intent equals it's easier to get the Vizard to do what you want to do to buy your product to download something to give them your email address. Now to sum it up for us here Jack he knows a ton of different names of keywords really don't go off this class and go study a bunch of keywords. Don't be an academic really get things done. As CEO Jack feels like a scientist. He loves longtail tail keywords because it's close to searcher's intent. Which means that he can monetize it and he studies Google. Update when Google updates changes in their algorithm and he wants to pay attention to strategies that are being paralyzed and things like that. And then finally as CEO Jack is actively looking for keywords observing on spreadsheets and tools remember that word using his eyes see.