What is Micro UX for?

Greta Galubauskaitė
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Unique & Specific Ways to Increase Your Ecommerce Engagement

Learn The Simple Strategy of Micro User Experience to Build Your Strong eCommerce Identity

01:32:09 of on-demand video • Updated November 2017

  • Increase eCommerce subscribers and registered users
  • Frame effective messages to fasten user's decision making
  • Develop methods how to boost items in bag and wish list
  • Reduce user's cognitive loads and speed up the shopping journey with details on purpose
  • Develop effective and joyful shopping environment and stimulate user's good emotions
  • Reduce user's frustration and bounce rates in failure moments
  • Easily create engaging Ecommerce delivery strategies
  • Build trust image in checkout process
  • Ensure Ecommerce user return after checkout
  • Build an intimate eCommerce brand's relationship between user and a brand
  • Confidently adopt micro ux implementation model to your working routine and gain subtle usability skills
  • Enjoy strategic and creative and fun methods to increase eCommerce conversion rates! :)
English Hey what's going on. I bet you're now asking so.. what exactly Micro UX is? Guess what :) You meet Micro Moments nearly every day. But the thing is that the most e-commercers focused on online/ offline marketing / sales funnels / traffic They focus on big stuff, because big stuff is important. But once they open their eyes wider, get know about Micro moments They feel excited to release their creative thinking and are eager to start implementing these tactics To their working routine. Micro ux are small individual elements of interactive products such as apps, websites, systems or online shops on which you focus in this course. Micro elements elements based on user psychology stimulates users emotions and the courage to make final decisions instantly. Now take a look! This is the world of micro elements. Wow! There are plenty of them! Most of designers and product managers meet them every day but Some of them think that micro ux is just a matter of creativity and are afraid to fail. Sometimes micro details are created randomly without meaningful purpose or copied from another product, that's why do not suit for individual layouts and contents Truth is that wrong tailored elements can mislead or distract the user from the main functions and it usability issues. That what this course is about: the proper micro elements development and implementation for poor particular pages layouts and functions. I wanted to stress that before building Micro UX you have to ensure that your new or existing e-shop has well developed general user experience. Because micro ux will not be able to cover a critical system issues. But as already mentioned the reduced frustrations without doubt :) Now let's see what you will find in this course. What are your skills master and what you will be able to solve.