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In this episode we'll talk about the difference between Designers and Coders in terms of HTML5 Banner Ads.

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English Alright in this video we're going to talk about the roles of designer and developer when it comes to HTML5 ads. So there are going to be times where the designers only need themselves and that¡¯s it. So if you're going to say the ad works network which is pretty easy to do you just need yourself, design it, add a little bit of code which we'll do at the end of this in publishing. And that¡¯s all you don¡¯t need the help from anybody else. If you're putting it on your own site it¡¯s the same, you can do it all yourself. If you're going out into some of the bigger networks, ad networks. Like Google double click or sizmec what happens is there are lots of different ways they can measure your ad and you might be paying for it, it used to just be paying for impressions, how many people see your ad that¡¯s how much you pay. Now there's lots of crazy things where you can do bits where only they're interacting with it, only if it¡¯s viewable on the page at that time. So there's lots of little measurements that can be done. So quite often what happens in those bigger situations is that you'll need your designer to do the visual communication side of it, designing the add. And then often you'll need to pass your adobe animate file on to a developer for them to add a little bit of metrics that can be quite complicated for somebody who¡¯s not a code based developer, so often that¡¯s what happens. So some of the bigger networks. What can also happen is that some agencies, what they're doing is they're getting the designer to design it then they're handing over the adobe animate files and the developers pretty much not using it at all other than just as a visual, they're not going to use any of your code. They're going to look at it and pick through the code and pick out your images that you¡¯ve made and they might pick out little bits but they're going to actually rebuild it in something like green socks or do it themselves in createJS so just find out what the process is going to be for you at your job whether you're the all person or whether you're going to get help from somebody or send it on to somebody else to pick through. Another thing is I'm talking a little bit fast, I told you I had a coffee in the last one, it hasn¡¯t worn off because it's only been 2 minutes since the last video. A good little tip though is in these videos they¡¯ll be a little gear icon, I can't remember what side it is. They¡¯ll be a little settings icon and you'll be able to play around with the speed so you might want to slow me down, just because I talk naturally really fast and coffee doesn¡¯t help. So yeah, you can slow it down to maybe half speed if you're finding it a little fast. If you're finding you want to blaze through this you might speed it up to 1.5 and I can talk like a chipmunk. Alright, ill see you in the next video.