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English OK before getting into the portion of the html and Css we have to first deal with the key word Web Development ....Web Development is the portion of computer science in which we build maintain and manage websites. And this maintenance is done by the computer developers the web developers so web Developers divided Web Development into two different portions. Number one is the front end. And number two is the back end web development. So the question here is that what do I mean by the front end and back end Web Development. Front end Web Development is the Portion of Web Development in which we only deal by the front end of the website. For example whenever we go to a specific website we can see multiple images,videos,audios and text. So what are we looking at is the basic structure of the website the front end of the Web site which is seen by the casual users. So that is you know a portion of the Web site which we are seeing the front end. So the question here is that what is the back end. For example if we go to a Web site and submit some information or click button. So what is happening is that information is being stored by the website into a Data Base. Present on the server so that portion ..that process is done on the back end side of the Web site so that is not seen by the users which are using the website so that is the back end portion. So the only difference between the front and back end is that front end is the portion of web Development which is seen by the complete users and backend are the those portions of web Development which are not seen by the users but the process are being processed behind the Website. So these are the two major portions of web Development. Now html and Css are those tools which will help us in designing only the front end of that development only the front end Web Development of the Website we can only deal front end by using html and Css not the backend .. Html and Css does not deal with the backend of the website. So what are we waiting for. Let's study the basic fundamentals of html and Css and start building and designing our Front . End of the Website. So Let the Fun Begins!!!!!! Ok Now Students let me give you a quick demonstration of what do I mean by the front end and back end web development. Now here you can see that I am having a simple website of Apple and its latest product iPhone X has been launched in this website you can see the front end of the website that how it looks now front end means the representation of webiste to the user. Now what I'm seeing here is I'm seeing pictures I'm seeing this top right over here and here I'm having some different options right. And here I am having picture of iPhone X maybe something as I go on then I am having Iphone X and I am having some beautiful text right here. So this is just the front end of the site. The front end is the portion which is seen by the user since we are visiting this website so we are seeing all the computer portions. So in this Course news you know we will bedealing with these Front End ... how to create these beautiful lay out like you know representing the mobiles the pictures the navigation bar and how to manage text in the site. So this is you know the Front End. the question here is that what do I mean by the back end . Now back end is something which deals by back end processes. For example if I come at the top of the site I click on one of these buttons right over here so something will be happening something will happen behind the website and that thing will be that that it will go into the Database and it will bring that Page ..That website to you So that is a background process. I do not know that what is happening in the back end of the Website. But I know that whenever I click on any of the buttons so this front end will take me to another website So as I Click on TV You can see it at the top there. So it runs and it brings me something new right here. So this is what happened in the back end of the Web site. So this was just a quick demonstration. Tell you how what is the major difference between the front and back end of the webiste . So hope you like this video and I hope that you have now cleared the basic concept of difference between the front end and back end. and so in the next lecture we will be you know setting up the environment for Html and Css and will jump straight to front end designing of the website. See you in the next video lecture.