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English [Auto] Welcome to general basics. Let us understand what is etched Yemen. So hatched Yemen stands for hypertext markup language. So what is hypertext hypertext is basically while the images videos text and all those data that is being transferred or what the Web is called as hypertext. Okay and what is a markup language markup is a language using which you mark the content. You mark the purpose of that content using the markup language will understand how the achievement is written and what markups are there in the team. But for the full form of the achievement each team stands for hypertext markup language. So in order to mark your hypertext you used a markup language to understand what is the purpose of each team. Well hatched Yemen is used to describe the structure of the webpage. So if you look at the website all the structure like you haven't heading you have a paragraph you have subheadings. Then you have a photo then your header all the structures is being defined using each team. So the purpose of achievement when you write achievement is basically you are describing the structure of the page and the e-mail is used to describe how the content should be displayed on the day process. So when you're developing a website each team will give you some tags using which you can describe how those contents should be displayed on a web page. So that's the purpose of the HDMI. Well we have made these two gentlemen Jim from USA and Bob in Australia. In the basic section if you haven't covered that the basic section and jumped directly to each team and section then won't be covered in that. The basics we talked about Jim staying in USA and he's a buyer and is thinking to buy a phone for a cheaper price. Bob in Australia you want to sell a phone for a cheaper price and he want to sell a phone right. So Jim being a buyer and Bob being the seller they want to exchange information. So we discussed about all those things. Indeed the basics. So if you want to understand more about what we discussed you can go back to the basics topic to let us understand how an information can be exchanged between Jim and the bull and how its chairman basically help us to do that. So in that context will understand what is the purpose of the team and what role does it play. Okay. So we have discussed about line site and the server side is let's do a quick review. Client side is basically Jim opening up a browser and typing Bob dot com. Then the request is sent to the Bob dot com to fetch the data. Robert com receives that request. Sandy responds with the data to the browser. Right. And one who is initiating the request is called a requester and one who is responding the request is called this provider and provider basically is called a server side which actually have all the hypertext which has the images video music files and text everything is available at the server side and from that line say do you initiate the request to fetch those details from the server let's understand what is the purpose of each team and what is that job that each team does in decline server technology so imagine a situation where in browser is trying to send a request and said What is sending the response. The first thing that happens is Bob will type where you are right it will type thing that created or attached to him and that's what I want from the Bob protocol. And this request is sent to Bob dot com to Bob dot com. Basically have a patchy email pitch. Okay. This is where you will drive your achievement page and call it as a page dot each team and that is extension of the HDMI speech. And in this page you will link all the resources on the server. Okay. And once this page is written and then linked to all those resources that page is sent back from the server to the client and what is written inside the next page the achievement page is basically connecting all the resources on the system and it is displaying the data on the browser. It CML is used to describe the content on the browser. Remember the definition of HDMI. So if you want to show any of the hypertext content sitting inside the server you write an extremely page and you link all those resources into each table page and then anybody request for that each table page that each table page is sent back as a response to the browser and browser has the capability to display that achievement code into the browser. So when we write and run an external page we'll try to understand how the content has been displayed on trivia process. But from here you have to understand the purpose of the HDMI is to embed all the resources from the server. And second purpose is to display the content onto the web browser. So in short the main purpose of which general is to embed the resource on the server. The resources could be video image text data. Anything that is sitting on the server you want to display that onto the client machine onto the browser and you create something called attachment page and you write. Each team will coordinate and that code can be used to display the content from the server onto the client machine will match to email users something called s markup language and you can use the markup language to mark the content on the page. For an example you want to display an image you mark that image as an image into using the markup language and you see or hear I want to display an image if you want to display in video from a server. You basically mark that up into its HTML page say Oh at this point you should be displaying a video. Okay so all the things that you're doing in Yemen is basically you're trying to mark up the content on the page. That's all you're doing in each team page and how the markup looks like. Let me show you an example. So this is a markup if you want to display a paragraph that you want to write a paragraph of text. You mark it up with something or less markup a markup looks like you have an less than symbol greater than symbol. Then you have a tag name that is basically the name of the markup. Then there is a starting point and an ending point the starting point will have less standard then and then the name of the tag and the ending tag will have the forward slash. That's nothing but the slash. OK so this is a starting point as an ending point and anything inside is. You are marking it up your marking up and saying this is a paragraph OK instead of that you can even mark up an image. You can mark up a video you can mark up and heading and then say this is basically it. HEADLEE Well this is the instruction that is given in the hedge table. So when the web browser teach this instruction it knows how we'd need to print those data on the process so Hatch G.M. is really marking up the content and telling the browser How do you display this data onto the process. So let's take an example on the right hand side on the server you have this fight like page or the general dog wonder or GOP agenda. And P.G. we have a video. You have a image and then you have a general file so all the things that you do in T.M. code is you will write markup language you will mark all the contents onto the server okay if you want to display an image you will use an image tag if you want to display in video you will use a video tag. So you're basically telling the browser OK. This is the image in the parties here please print it. This is the video the parties here please print it to dance the job of an etch team and you are marking up the content and those contents are sitting somewhere in this advert okay. It is embedding all the resources in the Internet. If you want to link pages like one page to another against human call you will see you can nominate someone click this please go there. Well that's the power of the estimate. OK. And when each chairman is displayed in the browser it reads all these hits table code and say Oh now you're asking me to prevent heading. So I will increase the font and make it more bigger so that anybody can see the heading and then it says OK you want me to discipline emails let me disciplined image and basically resource the resources going back to the server and say the file is somewhere here. Then your display video. Then again the path to the video is being given. OK then you see there's a footer and then there's bricks basically some paragraphs in it to try to realize this that hedge T.M. code is a markup language. Your marking up the content and describing the structure of the web page. And where do you display the team page you display the edge T.M. page on the browser and browser understands each table code and try to display the markup language that has been returned to display the content only the process. What are the markup language. How they should write it. This is what we learn in this section. All right. So let's do a quick summary of what is each team and its dismal is a markup language use markup to mark the content on the web page markups are used in a similar page to mark the content it's to email is used to describe how the content should be displayed on the process. That's the purpose of each team. It is an instruction to the browser to see display the content like this. That's all is GM and all about one of the most powerful thing about each team will let each team page helps to link all the resources on the server. So if you have to connect all the files are on the Internet you can do it where the team at each dismal has that power that it can connect any resources sitting under any server which is publicly available to access. You can mark those things inside the HDMI okay. It's really connecting things together in the Internet. That's the power of each team. And how does all these things happen. The plain browser sends the request to access that achievement page remember it's T.M. pages sitting at this network right. And someone has to initiate that request so plain browser send a request to access that HDMI page in server sense that each team will page to decline browser then the Glenn browser understand that markup and display that content onto the web browser. Okay. That's how the whole Hatch dismal scenario works. And that's so all the resources on this server with access to buy declined while using this client server technology. And I understand what this achievement HDMI is a markup language which is used to describe the content on delivery process and that's all about what is actually a man. Let's build some HDMI pages and understand in detail.