Immediate Mode Vs Differed Mode Of Script

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English [Auto] Hello everyone in this video let us see video more of execution. Basically there are two more the question when is immediate more and that is different. Now what does this mean. Whenever I execute my application or whenever the page gets loaded and javascript code gets executed immediately recall that more and more default mode is something where the bid gets loaded and gets executed after some event like a button click or on Moldova or keep press key don't keep up something it does not get take the cure there as soon as the page there's a lot it gets executed. Whenever we perform some action or whenever we perform some event. So here we have two types of action. One is immediate more off the action. So what we have seen below was immediate Mordovia discussion we have been looking at sample code and we saw that whenever the script was getting executed for more. So we will see co-creative before and more. Basically we need to perform some event. So we will take an example of button click event and we will understand events in detail or we'll try to implement events in detail when we go for events. So if not let us see an example with the help of button click event not to see more for the media and for more. So our last example was immediate more. So we wrote javascript code here and in my script file and we were reporting that all were here. Now what I'm going to do. I don't want to have these teams do different fights and I want to make it a little simple for the immediate. What you need to do. You need to write your script tag in the back simple. So when one of the bills gets loaded it did window and going to have the script tag and it will understand from your own words we have javascript. Then I'd really like to combine this line of code or in this line of code in exactly now. I see that as a wife or is the executive to this as when I asked the basic gets laundered accessible complete and just fine. And this is immediate more off execution. Now what they do in the body I'll have a put and here and just say that you asked me so know what I did this then I want it to perform something. So I need to record the event that is nothing but on piggyback. I want to execute a line of code say I want to execute or not. So normally what we do we call it midterm we call it function. So as we haven't introduced functions here so I'm going to write schematically We're here from Boston so that's you know let me ask you this. So this is immediate mode of execution. Now here I have the button kill button next door I get here. If I fine. To know if I click on this I should see a ballpark on occasion. So I hear an alert high from so at the Florida beach. This is sort of skipping the question. No I don't. This is different. More so as many times I click so many things that pop up. So this is simple. The difference between you and the immediate order before the off script execution. Thank you very much. Oh.