How to Audit & Correct I-9 Forms

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What do you do if you already have I-9 forms that might be filled out incorrectly? You audit them!

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  • Set up and manage employee related records so it's easy to find documents
  • Complete the I-9 Form for all new hires the right way so you don't have to worry about passing an I-9 audit
  • Audit existing I-9 Forms and make corrections the right way so if you are audited everything is ready and organized
  • Decide which positions must be paid overtime so you can avoid fines, penalties and back wages if you're sued
  • Organize your employment related records to create a Record Retention Program that will keep you ahead of legal requirements and reduce your stress levels
English Welcome to this section of our H.R. 101 Compliance Made Easy series called How to Audit and Correct Your I-9 Forms. In this module we've broken things down into clear and manageable guidance to explain how to audit, which we call Phase 2 and how to correct your I-9 forms which we call Phase 3. If you missed Phase 1, be sure to check out the previous section called How to Complete an I-9 Form. If you have any questions beyond what we cover here you should thoroughly read the detailed instructions in the Handbook for Employers issued by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. And remember if you're ever served with a formal audit notice we recommend that you consult with an immigration attorney immediately. Here's what you'll learn in this section. We'll pick up where our last section How to Complete an I-9 Form left off and begin with phase 2 of I-9 compliance. So we'll show you how to audit your existing I-9 files step-by-step and in phase 3, you'll learn how to properly correct any errors you find so you don't create increased liability. And of course you'll learn how to document all your self-audit findings to close the loop. And finally we will highlight a few final red flags that you need to be aware of. Whew! I know it may seem like a simple form, but depending on the type of document that the employee presents, it can be pretty confusing. So always use the most current version of the I-9 form. And if you're still not sure about what some of the acceptable documents look like or how to read them make sure you refer to the Handbook for Employers that was created by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. We've included it in our Resource Section so you have immediate access to it or you can download it at the USCIS Web site.