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Learn how to install HP UFT/QTP i.e Automation Testing tool right from scratch. Also necessary things to be taken care while installing

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HP UFT - Basic to Intermediate

Automation testing with HP Unified Functional Testing

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  • Installation of HP UFT
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English [Auto] Not after downloading the software let's see how do we install HP on your PC or laptop let us see that. So first of all I'd choose the place where I downloaded the software that is 3.40 be fine. It will be downloaded as a zip file. So what you have to do is just first read the file. So I'll just go to my computer just copy this F drive. There's was the oh that was 3.4 G-B. That is you have the 14.00 DVD. Now first of all you have to extract that file and you have to this big stack and this will really be created. So in this fall you have to just double click on this place and if you see it as a second last file name that's set up. That's application file. So what you can do is you can just write all this set the file up and click on. Then as administrator and you can just click on. Yes. So after that you'll be getting a floating dialog box which will give you various options. For example it's it's HP HP Unified Functional Testing the ready it says Unified Functional Testing set up second installation guide. If you want to see the steps how they install you can select the second option. Fancy that's a really guide and the four differencing Unified Functional Testing add in if you want to connect this with some other tool that is L-M you can use the said default option that is given as if I didn't and there's a Filius options which are given. So first of all if you want to install the application select the first one that is unified functional testing set up and if your vehicle that link you'll be getting this dialog box or this dialog boxes is for installing it. You have some pretty good it's what you need to start seeing that dialog box if you see what are the options given as you have been on this and MS access to that 2010 database engine C++ that is 2012. That is Microsoft Visual Basic. Again this Microsoft Visual is C++ 2012. These are all the options. So you don't have to separately install all of them. You have to simply click on OK and one by one all the packages will be installed with that. So I just click on OK and you have to wait for some time. Then all the packages will be installed before that if you see the heading which is given the falling tree because their programs must all be installed before the instruments just click on this. OK Bart. So we'll wait for some time until this all this data. All this because it didn't start. All right so after installing the pre-cleared which are required for you have the automatically that it has an installation part. Now let's see. You'll get a dialog box that says welcome to HP unified function testing set of results we have to simply click on next. Then you'll be getting some license agreement which you have to accept that you have no other option. You have to select this checkbox. I accept the forms in the license agreement. Click on next. Now this is the main part of this Etchberger of the HP of the can be a can or radius environments it can test various applications for example the best applications Windows applications Java based applications Oracle dot net or WPA. These are different environments on which the you have become best. So which environment you will be testing for. So you can only download or you can only install those audience so this space lets see what it sees. Select the features to be installed along with the of the water. Different audience if you want to install So if you see at the bottom it says idence Active-X idence Google big idence. I didn't and so on so many adults would take given to Jawa and in darknet adding. So what we can do is as select some few lines so I'll just click on this drop down and unselect will be installed on a local hard drive and select US DOT net add in. I also select this Java again. Similarly if you scroll on the top there are some options which are given. If you want to install lean you can install even diked also and at the bottom if it is a different audience. Right now we don't need this different audience. Not a specific need of the best application. If you want to test some of the best application you want to learn the web based object properties and values Silbury getting this web ad in which is by default select because you don't have to worry about it now simply after selecting all these options you have to simply click on this next button and select it since you have the configuration. Select any checkbox to enable the options like you don't do anything you don't have to select anything you simply select this option as install now. Click on this install it will take some time to install all the selected Add-Ins selected options which have done that. Let's see if it'll take some time. Now after the installation then you'll be getting this kind of dialog box with CS completed. HP unified functional testing set to visit. Now you'll be getting two checkboxes once it's open read me fight and second this open installation lock. So if you want to select both of them and select click on this finished button. Now know the installation is done but if you observe here on the desktop you'll be getting a sharp curve for HP unified functional testing and second test result. We were there when dessert we were after you exude that cases you'll be getting that as well. So I'll just double because this shark that edge be Unified Functional Testing and you'd be getting a dialog box. This dialog boxes which is the addon you want to use it. So suppose if you are downloaded a few install multiple Add-Ins which I didn't do you want right now for the recording purpose. Now before that you be getting this kind of dialog box with its license wanting. They want to install a license we want to continue or they want to cancel since we do not have a license with this. It's a brand new version for 60 days if we see that the software license in use will expire in six release. So just click on discontinued zoonotic on insulators. If you have the license key then you can use this option. But right now just click on this continue bar and you'll be getting this addon manager dialog box it sees which application will be used pre-testing only those you have to select this. So right now you see there's a Java move by the WB If these are selected by default. If best thing a darknet application make sure you select this darknet and it just selected you like 9. Not do any genius and simply click on this OK button and then if you see I'll get the dialog box LCS allow access and after that you'll be getting this kind of view of the screen that the user interface of HP Unified Functional Testing the functional regression testing tool. This is a newer version so that user interface is absolutely fresh and very new to look at. So these are the menu bars. Then you have the dornbos. There's a stock page and many options there. So the next coming readers will learn how to work on this HP of D and also will be working on some sample application. You be testing some sample application and show two different features of HP of D. So I hope you have understood how to install the HP of the latest version. That's all for this review.